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  4. UKIP were the fourth biggest party in last year's European Elections. 10% of voters chose UKIP. I can see them getting a few MSP's in Holyrood next year, Unfortunately they now seem to be the party of choice for a certain part of the population who feel they are not represented by any of the other parties
  5. James McFadden wildly over rated. Brigadoon Kilt Wearing Shortbread Fans "Needing" an Old Firm representative in the dug out for some peculiar reason
  6. Dougie Freedman new manager.
  7. Isn't this part of the problem?? Linguistically people don't even know what to be offended by. There are many other terms which could have been used rather than this particular turn of phrase if offence was intended. The insane part of this is that he was highlighting the issue of black colleagues of his finding it difficult to find particular types of roles. This is where the real problem of racism lies, so rather than assisting in shedding some light on this, people are now berating the man for failing to keep up with what the liberal elite have decided is currently a suitable term.
  8. Interesting take on the situation.
  9. I liked the bit when Ed takes refuge in "Supercuts"
  10. That is one of the most powerful things I have seen in a while. Amazingly inspiring, get it out there!!
  11. Nuj

    I'm not sure if it was my two year old or my five year old that was doing the intimidation. I knew we were being lied to by the press, but I cannot believe how this has been twisted. I saw children with mothers and fathers, working class, middle class, people with obviously different political views mixing peacefully, singing songs etc. If that is intimidation, then I despair.
  12. Does anybody know if there will be any gathering like this tomorrow. I would love to take my daughter to let her see history and democracy in progress. She's learning the word to Caledonia as we speak
  13. That will be this Deutchse Bank: In previous reports, Deutsche Bank has argued that without pre-planning, as reports indicate is the case, the ruling UK government is risking financial stability if it rejects a currency union between what would be two separate nations. This could have negative consequences. While the Bank of England has drawn up contingency plans, Scottish independence would be considered a major negative for England’s currency, the Sterling. If separation took place, the UK would lose its most productive region – and source of tax revenue. As a result, its current account deficit would broaden, deepening its debt wows, and a new border would be imposed with its now second largest trading partner, the report highlighted. Such a vote could lead to a delay in rate hikes and “raising the prospect of a null and void 2015 election." source
  14. Hope you don't mind but I've quoted you on Facebook