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  1. Heard in the radio there the biggest losers will be 11th and 12th ranked leagues (currently Switzerland and Czech Rep) who will lose their automatic spots. I guess if it takes away the opportunity for tonkings like Man City and Moenchengladbach dished out this week it will make the qualifiers a bit more competitive for smaller clubs...
  2. So is that a guaranteed 16 competitive games from 2018-20? The SFA/ SSC are certainly gonna love it!
  3. McCann inherited Macari did he not? Jock Brown was always going to be a deflector shield for Fergus. I mind him on the radio trying to justify replacing Di Canio with Regi Blinker Dr Jo wasn't a great appointment but at least you got Lubo out of it...
  4. Will it be the death knell to Platini's "Champions" qualifying route to the CL?
  5. I think that was because the English champions were unseeded due their low ranking following the 5 year UEFA ban?
  6. Cheers. I may well revisit Only A Game. BTW I thought tonight's programme was being narrated by Alex Norton, but discovered at the end it was Ian Hanmore.
  7. It said they were previously unseen but i remember watching it live on Grandstand. Anyway I thought it was a good watch, decent contributors, some interesting old clips and memories. I'd forgotten about that daft Hibs shares advert The newspaper clippings zipping about the screen was annoying as feck though...
  8. Surprised to see the P&J has more readers than the Manchester Evening News. Second only to the Wolverhampton Express and Star.
  9. Ah right just put 5 Live on. The guy said he's "got a problem with his balls"
  10. It's certainly been a strange omission from the Olympics over the years. Maybe because it's not the best suited sport for spectators?
  11. Normal service will resume shortly
  12. That's the Nations League I believe. There doesn't appear to be a draw for you to watch there unfortunately... "For the 2018–19 UEFA Nations League, teams will be divided according to their UEFA national team coefficients after the conclusion of the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifiers, with the highest-ranked teams playing in League A, etc. Each division will be divided into four pools of three or four teams, so each team will play four or six matches within their pool (using the home-and-away round-robin format), on double matchdays in September, October and November 2018." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018–19_UEFA_Nations_League
  13. Given that it only focuses from 1986 onwards the better days won't take up much time I'd expect. To be fair to Archie I think he'd have featured in it no matter what side he supported in the referendum.