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  1. Bobby Brown's still with us. Managed to beat England too... Edit... pretty bizarre that a Scotland manager from the 60s is still alive, while all England managers before 1994 are deid.
  2. I'm guessing they're not too impressed...
  3. Papers pandering to their markets...
  4. Where were they?
  5. We missed him last night anyway...
  6. Nah, we're just a shite team. I don't think anybody else is that bothered to laugh at us TBH.
  7. Absolutely disgraceful behavior by the SNP, according to the Herald...
  8. 9000 crowd. Lot of freebies?
  9. Bannan and Robertson coming on for Burke and Wallace...
  10. I've seen a few calls from some for mass deportations. Any excuse I guess...
  11. Expected to be the worst home attendance since Wales at Cappielow in 1902!
  12. Saw that last night. Pretty poor show from a supposed socialist politician...
  13. He's a Wee Free? Explains a lot thanks!