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  1. Used to be my local dunkey's ago. Huvnae been for years though. It's close to the ground right enough.  
  2. Hadn't seen that video for decades before I searched for it last night. Then tonight it came on TOTP on BBC4!  
  3. Always was a good bit of music trivia, now gone mainstream Wonder why George didn't get interviewed? Enjoyed the programme all the same, a bit different from the usual rockumentaries (although the Rock n Roll USA one right after it was great too). Thought the Scottish guy narrating might have been Jimmy Barnes, but saw at the end it was Colin Hay from Men At Work.
  4. The ?!

    Get the mobile view tae feck! Slow as badger, I wasnae even able to post a message from the phone earlier....
  5. 428,000 copies sold a day down to 28,000 I do buy the i a few times a week, hopefully Johnston Press getting hold of it wont mean it becomes as politically skewed as the Scotsman...  
  6. Very interesting. I do remember Shirley and Clare being on it a lot back in the day. Nicola's done it a lot too given her relative youth, but then she was the SNP's goto girl for the programme for years...  
  8. The ?!

    Having tried the mobile site there I agree it's horrible. I may be spending a bit less time on the TAMB, probably to the benefit of my life, and yours'  
  9. Bear that in mind next time you're standing behind me at Hampden  
  10. It's not often astrophysics makes the main news headline on the BBC...  
  11. The ?!

    Do I need to get a round avatar now? I'm ok with the change as long as the new mobile version doesn't devour my data allowance, that's why I give Pie and Bovril a miss.
  12. Captain For Next Campaign

    Skipper 4 times between 89 & 95. I presume mainly for landmark caps, 50th etc... George Young 48 caps as captain! Some going back at a time when we didn't play as many games.
  13. The Decline Of Scots In The English Top Flight

    We weren't exactly rolling in it in the 70s. Several Premier League clubs were part-time. The reasons for the decline are manyfold but for me the main ones would be Bosman, Sky and the Champions League. For more or less the first century of the professional game our players featured heavily at England's top clubs, but that outlet has been locked shut. I don't think it's a coincidence that the strength of the Scotland team has dipped over the past 20 years. Look at the players from 1979, they are the equal of their English opponents in terms of stature and ability.
  14. Good to hear. I was considering trying for a ticket at the last minute as it sold out months ago, but it then clashed with Bob Mould at the Liquid Rooms, plus I'd have needed to swap shifts. So I decided the best idea was to not bother going through to Edinburgh I will definitely try and see them next time they're in Glasgow.
  15. Like the Killie room through the back, great memorabilia. The B&G was the first pub I went to regularly, back when it was the Wee Thack.