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  1. UK Government health advisers recommend the introduction of minimum pricing for alcohol...
  2. Phillips' was a pearler. Chris Sutton on MotD (is there a channel he's not on? ) laying into Strachan for not picking him.
  3. Top six Only 3 points off the bottom though
  4. As a comparison it'll be interesting to see how the Sleaford bi-election goes next week in Lincolnshire Vote Leave country...
  5. When's the last time Aberdeen visited Ibrox (to play Rangers)?
  6. I think it was Jamie Fullarton on Sportsound last night along with Keith Jackson slaughtering Ian Cathro, saying he doesn't have the right character to coach first team players. I was quite surprised at the extent of the pelters he was getting from them.
  7. The first series isn't as good as the second one, most of the classics are in there. The reason according to John Cleese was that after the first series was broadcast people who had worked in hotels would come up to him and tell him about some of the situations they'd had to deal with like having to get rid of a rat in the kitchen or a corpse in a bedroom...
  8. A Cameronesque miscalculation from Zac. Resigned over Heathrow, pumped over Brexit.
  9. If Ruth wants to get elected in Wakefield it sounds like she better switch to UKIP...
  10. Died last Wednesday! Maybe John Cleese hid him in a laundry basket?
  11. Mystery manager has come into the reckoning over the past few hours. No name mentioned on Sportsound though...
  12. She'll need to do well tonight then, it's been a Labour seat since 1932!
  13. No representative from the government? Very unusual...
  14. Will he be returning to Eastenders now?