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  1. The problem (for this team) is both McGrain and Jardine were primarily right backs. Good shout re Arthur Numan, I'd forgotten about him, unlike the HMRC.
  2. As suggested earlier in the thread the home points may be needed if we somehow qualify for Euro 2020 and have a reduced allocation for our games at Hampden.
  3. See the trend in the polls below. Maybe not quite as big a jump as 25% to 45% although definitely an upward curve...
  4. Was that the story about the hearse? He was on the Late Show on STV2 last week and told that one.
  5. Maybe in seasons gone by, hard to compete with the global multi-million pound squads that the top EPL teams have now though.
  6. Grant Hanley
  7. I'll go with Lekovic (had to get a Killie player in ) McGrain Malpas Miller Butcher Lambert Gascoigne Moravcik J. Johnstone McCoist Larsson Bit of a tough one leaving out King Kenny but I think he played his best stuff in England. Davie Cooper was my hero growing up but I'd have to put him on the bench too. Lubo's all round game and influence on midfield would be stronger, and Jinky is already in there as a tricky winger. Left back is a toughie, Mo Malpas was Mr Consistent there without being a true great. Maybe Tierney will take that place in a season or two if he keeps progressing, and stays in Scotland!
  8. It's from the last 50 years though. Which definitely captures Jinky at his peak, but not quite the likes of Baxter.
  9. Gazza was hardly way past his peak when he came to Scotland He was by the time he left, I'll give you that.
  10. It was indeed. Stunner. Team goal of the season already?
  11. Do you not mean the B&Q Cup? A Scottish super cup would be a bonkers idea. Imagine this year, Celtic v Aberdeen for a 3rd time at a Hampden final in a matter of months.
  12. Anybody on here been to see the former FM's Fringe show? Checking the twitter feed and there's been an interesting array of guests so far:- David Davis, Elaine C Smith, John Bercow, Fatima Manji, David Hayman, Tom Devine, Martin Compston, Neil Lennon, Brian Cox (actor).