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  1. Ha! Yes, I knew the term but it was a timely reminder
  2. Fair enough looking that. I'd picked it up wrong earlier and thought all 7 planets were within the "Goldilocks zone" around a much smaller star than our own....
  3. Hibs first two goals generously filmed from the Hearts end...^tfw
  4. Thought I'd copy Ally's posts to the non-religious thread... I wonder what kind of influence the gravity of those objects being so close together will have? Could be a fairly turbulent solar system!
  5. Lenny's roasting on Saturday seems to have done the trick!
  6. Filter the comments by worst rated, there's a common thread running through those ones...
  7. Heard it on the news earlier this week...
  8. Can't see anything official yet but the rumours are the final will be at Fir Park on Saturday 25th March.
  9. Are there at least highlights of the Edinburgh derby on TV later?
  10. Maybe the Sunday Herald jumped the gun a bit with their criticism, this seems quite a positive development to me...
  11. I'd be wary of reacting to outlier polls like those right after the Brexit vote. The long term trend is likely to favour independence. And if the opposite was true and unionism is going to become more popular over time, then there's not much point voting for independence...
  12. Just seen this on the news there, absolutely ridiculous...
  13. 14 goals in the two Champions League games tonight!
  14. One of the academics involved with the story was on Scotland Tonight last night. The feeling seemed to be that although Scotland could be fast tracked into the EU it would still have to leave the EU with the UK first, no chance to retain membership. Which is something that's been said from various sources. If so I don't see the need to hastily call a second independence referendum.