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  1. Never understood why you'd pay a fortune for a gig ticket then get so pished that even if you make it into the venue you can't remember any of it.
  2. Or as far as we're concerned, £33 extra from every taxpayer in the rest of the UK is going to N. Ireland.
  3. Sounds like Stone Roses should've played the Hydro instead....
  4. Aye works out at over 500 quid a head for them...
  5. To be more precise it's being given to the whole of Northern Ireland. But yeah, well played DUP. Shame on the twats who tactically voted for more Tory MPs up here.
  6. Just following in the tradition of Phil Collins, Lionel Richie, Simply Red etc. Bland is big business...
  7. Arlene Foster has bookmarked this one...
  8. "No new poll by spring 2019" is not a u-turn, is it?
  9. I don't remember that scene He did invite him to his wedding to Fergie though, would've been mid 80s then...
  10. Pastor Jack Glass was a regular protestor outside his gigs long after he stopped doing the crucifixion routine.
  11. He's got more letters after his name for nothing now too Watched this the other night though and really enjoyed it. I'll need to do the mural tour...
  12. I think he was the only SNP MP to increase their majority at the election.
  13. Will be wind affected acoustics today!
  14. A narrow defeat for us, no disgrace it's been a successful tour. All Blacks romping this one on the other hand...