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  1. I didn't think it was changing I took it as they were looking see what the feedback was on it
  2. anyone going via Stockholm ?
  3. plenty notice for this 1 also not everyone's one facebook
  4. what's lady flure saying about that ?
  5. what funny looking hands they've got
  6. i'm interested if the above folk don't want it
  7. the shit's on the inside
  8. harvester
  9. we passed the cark park on Sunday & we didn't see any busses in the car park
  10. Fantastic goal from keatings
  11. Church of Maradona bus leaving 3pm from George Street.Booked into pub at Hampden.Seats avaliable adults £12 & Kids £6 PM me if interested
  12. anything organised in the hibs club before the game ?
  13. prefer to see players play their natural position, could even stick a youngster in the squad