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  1. Weird actions by Scotland players

    In true Arsene style I never saw the incident but here`s how the Telegraph reported it Albani, a 19-year-old student, was sent on as a substitute while Scotland waited to take a corner in injury time and made straight for Hendry, grabbing the Scot's jersey as soon as he came within reach. As Hendry kept his eye on the ball, Albani hung on, almost dragging his jersey off in the process. Hendry tried twice to dislodge Albani with his right elbow and the youngster can be seen to punch the Scotland captain in the ribs with his free hand.
  2. Cos it`s an earner @ £2.50 a time
  3. I have a pub and spend about £980 a month on electricity and have been with npower for 13 years. Despite my loyalty every year at renewal time they send me a letter with proposed rates which are about 30% more than I'm paying now. We then go through this routine of me threatening to leave - they come up with a better deal - I then find a better deal from another supplier - they come up with a better can see where this is going Just wondered if the onus is always on the customer to come up with a better quote from a competitor ? or how does the whole thing work, are there any other concessions that could be asked for eg loyalty bonuses
  4. worst stadium on a trip??

    You youngsters are spoilt with your all seater stadiums and stalls selling organic goats milk yoghurt pies and skinny Bovrils. Back in the day we used to get squeezed onto terraces and spent most of the game standing on tiptoe, 4 to a square foot. At the old Wembley a pish was a good 20 minute round journey.
  5. Storm Imogen

    It's good to know you guys up north are thinking about us, it's tough down here but we're trying to make do. The baker has just managed to get here but sadly his croissants were a bit cold and limp so we had to do without, one of our bins has blown over and the council can't get here till 2pm
  6. Nfl 15/16

    I second that emotion
  7. Nfl 15/16

    A few between the sticks and he might just overtake Dominik Diamond as our most famous son of....
  8. Nfl 15/16

    Will he be the second Scot to win a Super Bowl...........
  9. Nfl 15/16

    Consider yourself pedantic
  10. Nfl 15/16

    I did.........
  11. Ignore private ones, the companies that run these work on a % basis hoping that 20% of the tickets issued will be paid for. The land owner/ supermarket/ shopping centre is usually on a % of revenue generated The sophisticated ones have the number plate recognition system and pay the DVLA £2.50 a pop to get address details Less sophisticated like pub or shop car parks just have someone to take a couple of pics of your car and they are on a cut There is a yard behind the High St near us with a private car park sign up and one of the neighbours overlooking it is on an earner for supplying info to the car park company. Never enter into discussion with these companies and note they will direct you to use their appeals@ email address should you wish to appeal. Don't ever do this as by using an appeal you are sort of saying you have been found guilty
  12. Buses

    I live in Rickmansworth,Hertfordshire and the rail/tube line into town takes 30 minutes and stops at Wembley Park. You could come round the M25 come off at J18 and park up in Rickmansworth, there are car parks right opposite the station and it will cost you £4 for the day. You can take the Metropolitan line into Baker Street, this stops at Wembley Park, or the faster Chiltern Line into Marylebone. Travel after 0930 and use a contactless card to tap in and out and you can skite about all day long on the tubes for about £8.50. After the game most people are trying to travel into London but as you are travelling away from London you will get on quicker. You can also drive round to J17 and head toward Denham, only takes 5-6 minutes and park up at Denham Station which is on another branch of The Chiltern Line that goes into Marylebone via Wembley Stadium station. This is the closest station to the stadium
  13. Cape Town

    Not long back, great city and at 22 rand to the pound we felt like Norwegians visiting Glasgow. Visited Robben Island and was honoured to be shown round by ex political prisoner `Sparks` who spent 8 years locked up there, as we walked round I asked him in my best sports interviewers way `How did it feel when you heard you were going to be released` sort of expecting him to come out with `Pure, dead, good, brilliant` instead he told me he had mixed emotions as he had been told that the police had burnt his house down and he knew he would be re-arrested as soon as he got to Cape Town ( he was )
  14. Got this for my Christmas pressie
  15. Cape Town

    Heading there beginning of January, went January 2012 and exchange rate was about 13 rand to £1, today it`s 23 to the £1 and has been rising gradually for a while so might go even higher