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  1. As JCFC has said, the Saint Catherine area is a good shout. I've stayed in Hotel Atlas a couple of times, which is just 2-3 minute walk from the underground. Great hotel, very reasonable. Monk is also my favourite bar in Brussels and is about 50 yards from that hotel. The bar a couple of doors up is Bar Des Amis and is also a good shout. Foodwise, just around the corner is Fin de siecle which serves some excellent Belgian grub. As others have said, Ala Mort Subite is a good shout. If you're over towards the European District then Place Jourdan is a must. Lots of bars/restaurants and a van selling arguable the best chips in Belgium (which you're allowed to take into any of the pubs in the square). Cafe Delirium is a bit of a gimicky tourist trap, but it is worth sticking your head in for one just to see the crazy beer selection. Leuven is a cracking town, but is pretty quiet on a Sunday so if you're planning to go through, I'd maybe choose the saturday instead.
  2. Just realised that Fringo was talking about Fin De Siecle too, so two votes for there.
  3. I've been working out there sporadically the last few months and actually stayed for a long weekend last week to see the place a bit. You won't get much love for Brussels on here as most TA how went seemed to hate it, but I've really begun to enjoy the place. As JCFC has said, the St Catherine area is worth heading to. We stayed in a hotel there called the Atlas. The Monk bar is very good as is the bar just a few doors along called Bar Des Amis. There is a place just around the corner from there called Fin De Siecle which my colleagues recommended for food and it did not disappoint. Well worth trying that. In terms of sights, the Cathedral is worth a wander around (decent old bar close to it called Mort Sebite). Also if you have the time, take the metro to Heysel and visit the Atomium. Was something a bit different and pretty cool.
  4. No idea about the ones you mentioned (although I'm pretty sure we'd have heard if the Tartan Specials were playing), but the Park Bar on Argyle St will have live music on Sunday night after the game. Think it's Trail West, young Scottish band from the west coast.
  5. I had £20 on Boyd at 16/1 to get a hat trick. Was spitting feathers when he handed the ball to Miller for that second penalty.
  6. Think you've got that one the wrong way around. I think playing NI was actually a friendly that damaged our ranking, even with a win (as the friendly against Qatar will be if it goes ahead). Sure someone like TartanPar will be able to confirm though.
  7. Just booked for Athens at Hogmanay and also a trip to Brussels for the missus (seeing as I'm out there working). Getting them spent now before the value goes. Will need to give consideration now to what I do with my BA Amex and my tesco club card points. Any attractive alternatives out there?
  8. As all the others have said, would be Berlin for me. Went in November 2013 for a long weekend before heading to Molde for the Norway friendly. Was a cracking city. Squad of us stayed in the Park Inn by Radisson at Alexanderplatz. Was a handy HQ for seeing the city and some decent bars round about.
  9. JD, Send Ali Martin a message on Facebook (or I suppose Albanach on here). He'll know the best b&b's in South Lewis for your friends.
  10. Aberdeen coloured jacket? Wash your mouth out!!!
  11. This one. This one and loving the current away top!!!
  12. Got the Aberdeen and ICT scores correct yesterday, so a good week this week for me.
  13. We got it last year but hadn't bothered to open it until Boxing Day. Absolute comedy gold. Couldn't breath due to laughing so much. As others said, there are some brutal answers.
  14. Yeah, I'd add that to the list as well. Enjoyed it.
  15. In no particular order and reflecting a lot of earlier lists: The Drop Inside Llewyn Davis Gone Girl Grand Budapest Hotel Guardians of the Galaxy 12 Years a Slave Although I thought Jake Gyllenhaal was fantastic in it (definite oscar nomination I'd say), I wasn't actually all that impressed with Nightcrawler. Was a mixture of great scenes and parts that were just meh. One recently that was a bit below the radar but was really enjoyable was The Skeleton Twins. Great black comedy.