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  1. And to be honest, you are commenting on stuff you seem to have zero clue as to how things work. not that we need to justify ourselves, but a message went round the atac group on Saturday morning asking about issues with collection.
  2. The ssc weren't involved in the decision for atac to release at statement
  3. We have quarterly meetings where we discuss such issues which our member clubs raise, and any issues raised are taken forward. But abusing SSC staff, (and we aren't just referring to one case here) is unacceptable.
  4. Likewise, Flure, he was voted for by atac reps at a previous atac meeting. G
  5. Yes. minutes and communications are sent round following every meeting.
  6. The Sporran guides came as a request from member clubs who missed the old guides that the SSC once issued. Feedback has been excellent from members.
  7. The member clubs of ATAC run ATAC. the Dunfermline Tartan Army is a club member, and I am the atac rep on behalf of the DTA. I feel ATAC certainly do represent the views of fans. fans within the member clubs. atac reps meet quarterly to discuss the issues that their members are raising, and we engage constructively with the SFA to address some of these points. The point made earlier about ATAC sooking up to the SFA couldn't be further from reality. ATAC was very critical of the pricing strategy a few years ago which strained the relationship with the SFA. However we have worked past that for the benefit of the fans, and have already saw further benefits come from these conversations.
  8. Did anyone download the ATAC Sporran guide for Slovakia, which was published on the website in advance of the trip? We are looking for feedback, positive or negative, to help enhance the guides going forward. All comments appreciated
  9. If you are flying in to Russia, will you not also need a Russian entry visa, which are also pretty pricey?
  10. i managed to get this sorted a week or two back with They kept telling me they hadnt recieved confirmation from the hotel themself and our booking still stood. I refused to accept that and have to wait 3 months before they finally told me it was cancelled, and sent the customer service team at a screenshot of the Park Inn Danube's website. They finally accepted it, and moved us at their own expense to the Radisson next door, which looked like it was about double the price! Happy with the outcome - same kind of area, and a weight off the mind!
  11. Prob a few other factros as well - at us, he has the bulk of a squad signed up for next season - at United, only 6 players will be left under cotnract? complete rebuild required.... secondly, if he doesnt fancy united, there seems to be others after him as well I'm crossing my fingers he stays for another season - we could really challenge next year under him.
  12. not as much a stick on to move as was expected yesterday - the daily Record describing talks held yesterday ended in stalemate.
  13. Anyone else booked to stay here? Apparently its now closed until December, due to a full refurb, so if you had, get chasing them up - I only found out becuase I said to someone else who subsequently tried to book GZ
  14. Thats us booked via Budapest on the Sunday for 80 quid
  15. Can I just say a massive thanks to all those that came along to the presentation, followed by the TA Select match. - was a fantastic turnout! Hope everyone enjoyed it, and managed to try some of the wine and produce brought along by the Temi Community. We are always keen to welcome members of the TA at the presentations, so if you enjoyed it and want to come again, or have never been, feel free to get in touch and come along to one of our future donations... 54 consecutive games and counting...... Cheers! GZ