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      ATAC Travel Guide   10/17/2016

      ATAC produced a guide to Bratislava and Trnava prior to our recent visit. If you saw this, did you use it? Was it of any help?
      ATAC would like your feed back. Go to the website and contact them http://www.associationoftartanarmyclubs.com/


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  1. Travelodge Farringdon for us.
  2. just noticed it says unavailable to buy tickets online. I bought 2 last night and they were numbers 498 and 499
  3. https://tickets-scotland.com/events.html?event_method=viewevent&event_id=14630a77-57ff-11e6-b2cc-22000b75ede9 just search tartan specials
  4. if you have a look on page 2 of the "Trains" thread Furryboots put a link on for a special deal on Virgin East Coast from Edinburgh. It was working out at £15 single each way on Thursday/Saturday or £30 single first class
  5. I`ve ended up with 2 tickets to Republic v Sweden. It could have been tickets for us aargh!!!!!
  6. Debian,, Are the sizes the same as Adidas?
  7. For me it`s Davie Provan with his "he made the run from out to in" or "in to out"
  8. I`m sure Marshall has been serving a ban at Cardiff since the last round of qualifiers.I would be tempted to start with Gordon in goal.
  9. Both mine and the other half`s cars have the software built into the car.Checked her 1.2TDI polo VIN just on the off chance as I didn`t realise those engines were affected.
  10. There are still tickets available for South stand on SFA website.
  11. Have taken a £5 punt on Mitre`s selections seeing I already had Man U, Everton and Hull on my own coupon.Would be a nice wee lift.
  12. Got 2 tickets for 1 game. Mon 13th June. Stade de France E3 V E4 £55 euro each cat.3
  13. What are the chances of the SFA offering non season ticket members a stab at an extra ticket?
  14. on a good wee run just now. had a £5 fivefold up today for £94. wolves preston Stevenage Plymouth and bury. Rotherham`s late goal against Norwich also cost me another £5 fivefold.
  15. Scotland v East Germany 1982 Euro Qualifier. We won 2-0. I was 8 and my dad took me and my brothers.Remember being in the old main stand with wooden seats.