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  1. yeah, I`m taking a carry out. Got some bottles of St Mungo lager and will probably take some vodka
  2. What about Albert Square? There`s a couple of boozers, a fenced off area to congregate in the middle of the square, for the older members of the TA who might need a seat there is Arthur`s bench.Walford East tube station a couple of minutes walk away, a chip shop and a café as well.Not sure if the market is set up on a Friday.
  3. Travelodge Farringdon for us.
  4. just noticed it says unavailable to buy tickets online. I bought 2 last night and they were numbers 498 and 499
  5. just search tartan specials
  6. if you have a look on page 2 of the "Trains" thread Furryboots put a link on for a special deal on Virgin East Coast from Edinburgh. It was working out at £15 single each way on Thursday/Saturday or £30 single first class
  7. I`ve ended up with 2 tickets to Republic v Sweden. It could have been tickets for us aargh!!!!!
  8. Debian,, Are the sizes the same as Adidas?
  9. For me it`s Davie Provan with his "he made the run from out to in" or "in to out"
  10. I`m sure Marshall has been serving a ban at Cardiff since the last round of qualifiers.I would be tempted to start with Gordon in goal.
  11. Both mine and the other half`s cars have the software built into the car.Checked her 1.2TDI polo VIN just on the off chance as I didn`t realise those engines were affected.
  12. There are still tickets available for South stand on SFA website.
  13. Have taken a £5 punt on Mitre`s selections seeing I already had Man U, Everton and Hull on my own coupon.Would be a nice wee lift.
  14. Got 2 tickets for 1 game. Mon 13th June. Stade de France E3 V E4 £55 euro each cat.3
  15. What are the chances of the SFA offering non season ticket members a stab at an extra ticket?