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  1. We played in the liquid rooms last weekend supporting SLF! Great sound and gig, but no kettle backstage!!
  2. Saw the Exploited with Ice T in there in the 90s I think it was!
  3. Just watching the highlights - the English pundit is more aggrieved and upset than that quisling cvnt Scott Hastings.
  4. Saw the charlatans in there a few years ago and it was rubbish! Think layout and vibe of the venue doesnt lend itself to a good gig! Will report back after ride!
  5. Rides comeback gig at the barras was excellent! They are playing the corn exchange Edinburgh on 19th October!
  6. Dont know what rock bottom looks like! I should have added that I remember Iran '78 & was at Costa Rica in '90 which was a real low. Swiftly followed by the high of hammering Sweden! Then the Brazil boot in the baws! Are we addicts? In modern times Berti, Burley & Levein were all lows. At least Berti got a play off. Burley, my low was Norway away. But my mojo went after the Czech Republic game. Are we at rock bottom? I dont know. Thought we did ok last night but was lost before that relying on others. If we really are of limited playing ability at the very least we can press, be organised and play at a far greater tempo than we do! Be hard to beat! At the moment most pool 1-3 teams would fancy 4-6 points from us. And until that changes we aint going anywhere soon!
  7. Soon to be 46 and really losing my footballing mojo. Had a great 1990 - 98 with the tournaments and various away games after but do recall our group after Morocco in '98 thinking is this it? When will we travel again with Japan and Brazil etc but now its when will we qualify again. 18 years on and perhaps in N Ireland territory of 30 years. Which brings me on look how limited their playing pool is and Wales, only one top player. Why cant we do it??
  8. Sadly the TA cant win games! We can support, cheers and play our part but we cant control the balls our players cant or play the pass that we can see that they dont or score when the players miss! As said in trainspotting its sh!te!!
  9. Over an hour on Cathcart road back into city centre. I remember why I dont drive to games! Although I do remember when you used to have plod on points with the traffic lights off and traffic usually flowed quicker.
  10. Its not pretty but its effective. Route 1 long ball last night - goal! World champs beaten and they progress and we are out again! Dont know the answers for us but our tempo and pressing is a disgrace. Brown, D Fletcher, Hutton, Martin, Hanley etc they just roll the ball to each other, if its within 5 yards its a good pass, no firing it at each other so its fizzed about quickly, so a slow lazy pass, and we are closed down quickly and invariably lose possession. We started last night, both halves, at the same pace as the 'must win' Georgia game.
  11. Not much between them for the masochists among us! Good preparation for the boot in the baws tonight!!
  12. Got the link - all I can see is iplayer!
  13. Anyone got a link to the court of session live stream?
  14. Too slow, weak & lacking the ability to pass & control the ball and up the tempo. Shocking petformance so far.