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  1. Are you on your mobile? I noticed the other day you can't get into the home game section on my phone.
  2. Plenty tickets left tbh. Probably a reflection of the ticket price.
  3. Wondering what people's thoughts are on the above? Absolutely killing the home support. We've bought just 35 tickets for a home qualifier. That's a 50% drop since before this ridiculous idea was introduced. Are other clubs/groups seeing the same effect? Gone are the occasions and in their place mad dashes after work and back to get up the next day on a school night.
  4. A wee update on the above. Around 10 seats left in the second bus for Germany.
  5. Is so much better than Aiden McGeady....
  6. Two buses (with toilets) will leave for each of the Germany and Poland games from The Old Hole in the Wa at 5.45pm. £5 for members £10 non members. U16s half price. PM me or get us on our Facebook page/email us to book up. Cheers
  7. Got there in the end, don't panic lads, plenty left. Mainly East and South for Germany but loads for Poland, even west.
  8. As per the website is useless. Can't see the stadium plan and keeps crashing.
  9. It does, I phoned twice with no answer as they will be busy. I don't really want to wait two hours and lose the good seats either. Not fit for purpose and much harder than it used to be. That's no slight on the guys there because when you do get through they couldn't be more helpful.
  10. I'm wondering if this is a wider spread issue that we could give feedback on or Am I missing a trick. Anything over 30 seems to crash and put you back into the q. I had to split the order into 6 transactions which wasn't ideal and bumped up the postage quite a bit.
  11. An absolute nightmare for group bookings in my opinion. Am I missing something? Took me over an hour to book 60 tickets for both games. Would be good to have this looked at in the near future.
  12. This years champions - SETA! Runners up FCTA. Cheers to Dean and Seta for organising and everyone who came along on a blowy day!
  13. I think dean is sending out details this evening, first ko being shortly after 10am. Depending on the format that could be edinburgh based teams to accomodate later arrivals but I'll relay what he send here when I get it.
  14. Confirmed at Peffermill. See new topic.