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    Ottawa via Glasgow.
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    Scotland, Celtic, Bagpipes, Getting blutred........
  1. Just read your post aswell Flora, What pish FFS?? All it was was a simple question and a wee bit of banter, Get a grip FFS!!
  2. Deedee. Reading your post. I do not have a problem with alcoholism. I merely said I was going to quit the drink for the first time in my life. I have gone off the sauce before, but never tried to pack it in as I did want to try. I love a good swallie, does not mean I have a drinking problem mate. Cheers pal
  3. I have been off the sauce now for two weeks, first time I have quit in my life. No saying Im an alky , I love booze. just wanted to see how long I could last. New Years Eve now, and I think im fecked. Whats the longest you have ever gone off the drink when you tried to quit..
  4. Born in Glasgow. My Da was born in Northern Ireland, Mum born in Glasgow,. Scottish through and through and proud as feck of ma Scottish blood... Alba Gu Brath..........
  5. All the best in 2016 to you all. Alba Gu Brath...
  6. Alright Fringo mate. Truth be told. I have made it over for 6 Scotland qualifiers since I joined the board. Went to the matches with the TAMBERS, some nights never even made it back to Barrhied were I was staying. Woke up in the morning wondering 'Where the feck am I".. lol
  7. Thought I would have made the list. Im gutted .. I certainly had some drunken dandy posts in the past. Still trying to swim the shark infested waters of the Atlantic.
  8. I hope Ireland get pumped. Alba Gu Brath.
  9. I play it on the Bagpipes No music for it, just taught maself Ma mates love it..
  10. Get intae them!! Flew all the way from Canada for this, so get tore intae them. SCOTLAND FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I flew intae Glasgow yesterday. I will be at the match.