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  1. See when the founders of America were working their black slaves to death in order to build the greatest free country in the world do you think that there were any people looking at it saying this is not right. Obviously yer Christians were OK with it cause they had the mark of Cain. Do you think that maybe there were some people, sort of working class people just trying to make a living, looking at the exploitation and thinking this ain't right. Obviously they wouldn't have much of a voice as it'd be drowned out by capitalist exploiters and their Christian church enablers. I'd like to think that maybe there was.
  2. http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/A_brief_history_of_facial_hair_(communism)_in_the_20th_century Think this covers it
  3. Yeah Stalin /Lenin same difference.
  4. Boghall gonna throw a peluri come independence.
  5. If ScottyCTA is up for playing I'm sure he'd have a view on that.
  6. That's a great question. That involves lots of stuff.
  7. I just find the whole thing hilarious. The leader of the free world for example promoting the idea that executing people in bullets soaked in pigs blood is a good idea. I don't think that's fake news or media coverage bias, he said that didn't he?
  8. A recent quote from Brucie in the Daily Mail I think, "...of all the posters on the TAMB I think DoonTheSlope has to be my favourite". Just shows you.
  9. Got one,made a wish.
  10. A bit of a stretch, however, " I saw two shooting stars last night. ...",
  11. Best of all, says Lintott, it’s easy to revel in the celestial fireworks: just wrap up warm, let your eyes adjust to the dark and look up. “My favourite thing about meteor watching is that the only equipment you really need is a comfortable chair,” he said. That's the sort of participation event that appeals to me now.
  12. What's the using the vocabulary of a 7 year old all about. Ma Da's bigger than your Da!
  13. Perseid peak tonight, hopefully the clouds will disperse.