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  1. IO wtch a ckose haret ob this pat pod

  2. FFS John,

    Should you ever feel the need to exit this mortal coil, ring me - I'm daft, but believe me(!) I can help. Whatever the situation.

    Ed x

  3. How are you doin' pal?

    Depression is a dresadful malady, but you don't have to confront it alone.

    I know I'm daft - sometimes - but give me a shout on 07958 157094 and we can maybe talk something through - okay?


  4. I'll ring you, today = Saturday.

    Bizarre, as I said to Margaret last night - no shit - I must ring delboy or he'll think I'm deid.

    Kiss the bairns, and Lisa, BTW!

  5. Hiya Doll, Fine thanks - and back on the scoop!

    Are you and Alex coming out to play on Saturday?

    E x

  6. Hello Edward - and how are you Sir :-)

  7. Send me an e-mail a/d and I'll post the (Ukraine) ones with you two in.


  8. hello - tanned. but life could be worse.


    Edward x

  9. Jesus Ed, can you not delete my other comments?

    I had one glass of wine and some bassa obviously slipped the old Rohypnol in.....again! X

  10. i mean men i live with. pump em

  11. just read that/ not all en just the fucjers i know. be single or unfaithfrl not worth it anyhou

  12. Men are gashes. great night them realised men are chun.so im greeting now and eting a pita breadts. lost fuching 3 stone and looking good and men still gashes. im gonna smoke to death. pump then apart fe you. wgen i visoting

  13. Ill be your pal. just foiund this. Had a wee sherry or 2 tonight. Cant phone you as cant fing phone..Love gaynor