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  1. The 900 CityLink bus to Glasgow stops right outside it. Probably the CityLink to East Kilbride and Stirling too, but definitely the Glasgow bound one. You can catch the bus from the station just off St. Andrews square πŸ‘πŸΌ
  2. Nina Conti - fantastic! Best show I've seen at the Festival πŸ‘πŸΌ Went to The Naked Magicians after that - that too was brilliant (even if there was too many knobs on show 😩)
  3. United offered him a part-time deal but he still turned it down.
  4. I said that on FB once. I said there's no way I could go to the cinema with another guy and the debate it created was unreal! 😩
  5. The last couple of emails they have been creaming their pants about the England game - "Get your season ticket and guarantee you ticket for the England match!" and "let's beat the English and send Big Sam home tae think again". Load of pish. I'd take two 5-0 pumping from them in exchange for a play-off place. They seem to think the England games are the be-all and end-all 😏
  6. Wife and I were in the Dubliner last December for a few afternoon drinks. Was really good. The day after we went back but there was a group of guys all dressed up as superheroes getting pished. Couldn't be bothered with them so gave it a miss. Flew home later that day and on MOTD that night it turned out the superheroes were Leicester City on their Xmas party!
  7. Away on loan to Vitoria Setubal (Portugal).
  8. Nobody on this thread has said he should be in the squad. Whether he played for "Aberdeen or Dundee United" he was a young guy who was sold two years ago for 3 million pounds. Your ignorance has been noted.
  9. Nup. Apart from the usual gear there are loads of trinkets aimed at kids - key rings, pencil cases etc. No worth heading in in my opinion.
  10. There is one there. Just to the left of reception as you go through the main doors. It's tiny though, certainly can't be called a 'superstore'. Open to all but it's probably aimed at folk who go to the museum/tour rather than folk wanting just to go in to buy strips or whatever.
  11. Steven Fletcher signs 4 year deal with Sheffield Weds.
  12. Depends if Joe Hart is dropped or not. Anyway, Poland, Belgium, Italy and Iceland for me πŸ‘πŸΌ
  13. Africans are genetically fitter and faster due to running away from lions. Icelandics are genetically fitter and faster due to running away from flowing lava.
  14. Chucking international fitba in tears. Never could lace Maradona's international boots βœŠπŸΌπŸ‡¦πŸ‡·