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  1. He was always rated as a better player than his brother when coming through at Tannadice. No much chance to actually see that in first team games though as he only played about 2/3 games for United! Transferred at 16 or 17. Massive though, well over 6 foot.
  2. I was more embarrassed at getting called Michael Flately than ANY daft wee video I've ever made.
  3. Aye, utter baws. Wore one years ago in my younger days and someone said "Aw, here's Michael Flately" then started doing a wee Riverdance fling. Never worn again.
  4. I agree 100%. That's no what he was accused of a few posts above though.
  5. No, he didn't. He sent a couple of private pics to a couple of 14 year olds, one of their mums found out and that's why he was (rightly) done. Absolute miles away from 'shagging a kid'.
  6. Yeah I take your point completely, however there's 'sex offender' in the Savile category and 'sex offender' in his case. He obviously made a serious error of judgement as a daft 17/18 year old. Cannot and never will condone what he did but the reaction by a few is completely over the top.
  7. Edin City are huge on youth development too (I help run the 2011s) and they have several sides all through the age groups. As I said above there are already a few bawbags demanding a refund on their season tickets and refusing to send their kids to training now. Someone actually asked "Will it be safe for my 10 year old to attend the matches next season?". The usual over the top reaction from a few sensitive folk 😏
  8. Pretty sure Romanov farmed him out there until it all calmed down, but it didn't calm down so he was eventually emptied (cannae mind if he was sacked or his contract ran out).
  9. Arniston, Nitten, Kelty. The usual 'look at me' bawbags demanding season ticket refunds and asking if it's safe to take their kids to City matches ffs 😏 Hope the lad does well 👍🏼
  10. Craig Thomson (mind him?) signs a one year deal with Edinburgh City.
  11. Edinburgh City 👍🏼
  12. 😆👍🏼