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  1. Soccer Am

    Ok MattGal 👍
  2. Soccer Am

    I'd be up for it if they're still looking for people!
  3. Naismith Watch Thread Vs Dynamo Kiev

    Aye nae bother then. Last time someone scored a hat trick for Scotland was in 1969 and you're having a go at Naisy for no getting TWO back-to-back hat tricks 😏
  4. Scotland Ultimate Pub Quiz

    It's in Sportsters.
  5. You realise you've just bought a bottle opener, aye?
  6. What's Going On At Kiltwalk

    They're releasing a statement this week after being "misrepresented in the media this week". Taken from their facebook page earlier.
  7. Sad news. I had the (mis)fortune of sharing digs with Colin on the Liechtenstein/Spain double header. He missed the bus back to Zurich, ended up sharing a meal with the ref and his assistants and paid 250euros to get a taxi back to the hotel. Arse! A nicer guy you couldnae meet though 👍
  8. Almost exactly the same scenario as myself! Ridden a MTB for almost 20 years, bought a road bike but was forever getting punctues as I was just too used to throwing the MTB about. Just two weeks ago I picked up a new Boardman cyclocross. Love it! Great on roads and handles cycle paths/tracks easily. I'm doing John O'Groats to Coldstream in June on it 👍
  9. Ryan Gauld Sporting Home Debut

    Last time I saw a push as big as that a black guy was trying to board a train in Paris...
  10. I wore a Ghillie shirt once. The one with the puffy sleeves. Turned up at the do and the first thing someone said to me was "Who the fvck are you meant to be? Michael Flately??" Binned asap. A nice plain, round neck cashmere jumper looks great 👍
  11. Away Game Anthems

    Belgium, September 2001 -
  12. Good signing when he's no sitting in the stand injured or suspended. Swanson on the right, Faddy on the left 👍
  13. Well the club's official statement said they both asked to go immediately. Absolutely no choice after that, they have to go. I'd rather have two players who want to play than two who don't. And it may only be £1.6m for Armstrong but add-ons are included. That could potentially be another million or two in a couple of years. People raving about Telfer too. Personally I've not seen enough of him to give an opinion (as Parkie says he was poor on sat) so we'll see how he progresses.