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  1. The first one he cheated, got booked and received his punishment. The second one he was fouled, United never got the penalty then Murray was wrongly sent off. Of course United are going to moan.
  2. I think he means Kuate to be fair.
  3. I think he did know, he looked like he was going to point to the spot (twice!) before listening to the assistant through the earpiece who obviously got it wrong. Stonewaller, but Murray wouldn't have been sent off if he didn't dive in the first half.
  4. The St. Johnstone strips are far too similar to each other. There's an equal amount of blue and white in them both. When they play Killie or maybe Morton there will be a colour clash whatever strip they wear.
  5. Umbro going with the diamonds down the sleeves. If only.......
  6. Don't forget the World Cup in Brazil. We were there too. That's South America, that's a whole different continent! 👍🏼
  7. Calanques. Aye we did that too. A decent wee one-hour boat trip.
  8. I'm pretty sure Hibs have leapt into one of those three spots now.....
  9. Aye. He got it as well 😏
  10. Was in Marseille last June for the Euros, Poland v Ukraine. Decent city, but never comparable to Barcelona in any way. We had a better two days in Cassis on the coast, what a cracking town that was! 👍🏼
  11. Brighton scarves being sold in expectation of them winning the championship. Last min Villa equaliser put paid to that 😩🙈
  12. Aye, then their fans rioted. Vids all over Twitter 😕
  13. Yup, I wanted south upper too. Logged on the day tickets went on sale but no option for south upper. I wanted those seats as my wee boy gets the best view from there but as you say we didn't get that option. No right at all.
  14. They don't take any of that into account. Every incident is looked at in isolation.
  15. You can imagine the buzz has spread through the pub, even the non-TAMBERS are aware. Every time the door open people fall silent and spin around to look who has entered. Every time it's NOT Slasher there's a huge disappointed sigh and a gentle turn back towards the pints.......