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  1. SSC do not act like service suppliers to we customers since they have a monopoly. That means the service provided is not exactly M&S. Poor guy was the victim of a mistake and appears little or no attempt to remedy the situation. I'd think I'd be raging. Do the maths and work out how.much money we pay the SSC and then decide if we get value for.money and if there was another option to get match tickets would you go elsewhere? I would.
  2. Would we win the friendliest fans award like France '98 if we qualified for France '16 ? I'd think we'd have been in with a really good chance but I also think to be sure we need to all take a look at ourselves and those in our groups
  3. Nope, there's definitely some complacency there...........and that's where the worry is.
  4. The hatched job is a wake up call for sure but tough to take and hopefully we can all take a look at ourselves and those in our groups and with some honesty regroup and maybe tone some thiings down a bit. As I keep saying and I've said it for 10 years, the press are bored with the positive wooing of locals and tourists angle.
  5. Yes, you're on your high horse......................but you are perfect. At least I hope you are because that means your complacency about yours and your groups behaviour won't come back to bite us.
  6. Course. Lets all hope the tabloid journalists hang about with you and your pals in all trips with you being perfect. Actually its the likes of you we need to worry about with your complacency...............get off your high horse, you might just drop your halo one day and end up on the front page with a hatchet job.
  7. The point is this was previously considered mad Scotsman banter but I fear even baring your arse in anything other than the traditional quick lift at wedding photo could be considered a sex offence, noting different countries have different acceptance levels. The Sunday Mail has done a hatchet job because of a handful of ill advised behaviours...........lets not give them any scope for future headlines
  8. I think you're going to far and although all true its also true that we have won the awards for our friendliness and fun factor..............I could tell dozens of stories to that affect. But it is necessary to be aware that we need to be careful and maybe police ourselves a bit more than we have done in recent years.
  9. Me neither but have you ever sung anti-English songs, pissed in places you're not supposed to or been loud and drunk on public transport or restaurants with families and pensioners around (note they don't know we're friendly so can be worried) because your list of 3 is simply not a full list of behaviours that could get us a negative tabloid headline if a journalist and his Editor decide they're bored with the TA wooing the locals and being fun and friendly. I'm not in any way condoning the Trafalgar Square fountain guy. No way. I'm also not suggesting the TA behaviour is bad. How could I with my friendliest fans in the world keyring and other positive newspaper cuttings. My point is be careful as there are dozens of types of behaviours outwith your 3 listed that could come back to haunt us if we're not careful.
  10. You're wonderful. You've never done anything wrong when pissed. I salute you.
  11. I agree with all of that...............and I'd add that if this guy wasn't in the fountain they'd have used photos of steaming Scots lifting their kilts with the "disgrace" headline in practically any London street, pub, square where we congregated, etc. The fact it was done in Trafalgar on that day added the embarrassment up a notch or two. Until every single one of us learn to keep the right side of the drunk/pissed line there will be opportunities for the press to do a sabotage job on us. It's been done before. Its a binge drink culture discussion that needs to be had rather than something focusing on whether or not the Tartan Army are respectful to war dead. In every town and city in every corner of the UK it happens. Its also taken to Ibiza and Majorca in the summer. Scenes travelling home from every trip has probably the majority looking a mess, white as a sheet, tired, hungover, etc., etc. and there's no doubt I'm in that group even though I'd love to be more sensible. To be clear I'm not making a case for getting pissed to be seen as funny, the opposite maybe. My point is we all need to give this guy a break as if we're all honest there's a lot of us getting blootered and whether we'll accept it or not its not totally seen positively in Paris, Brussels, Madrid, Milan, Prague or other places..............outside the UK really. I've been saying for years the press would turn on the TA as generally the extremely friendly and funny antics have another angle should the press choose to portray that side - a half "decent" journalist with a camera could have done a sabotage job in London by wandering SOHO, Covent Garden, Russell Square, Leicester Square.............not just Trafalgar. The TA have been wooing the locals for years and years and its not even newsworthy any more (maybe if we qualify for a big tournament it might) so all that's left is a negative stunt. Take a look at yourself and your travelling group and tell me there's never a negative angle is there was a dodgy tabloid journalist infiltrating your company.
  12. Like the vast majority of the Tartan Army (myself included), too much drink was consumed and many judgement calls were made in error (drink does that to you). The punishment does not fit the crime. Its ying and yang. The Tartan Army get pissed and mostly it's fun and funny. Some don't but most do. We think it adds to our "characters" and it does really but to many foreign cultures simply drinking to excess including in the morning for breakfast is not considered a positive thing even if the behaviour is ok. Far from it. Different cultures............we've all made bad judgement calls whilst under the influence. We've all had to cringe at the previous night's antics. Self ritchious garbage from superior than thou football fans is not a good stance. The guy(s) made a mistake whilst drunk. They're being punished and they've caused a bit of shame to the perfect (not) Tartan Army. Give the guys a break. I'd be surprised if those condemning had never got too drunk and caused some embarrassment, offence, got into a fight, disrespected someone............the fact we have such a good reputation for fun and banter lends itself in many ways to over indulgence. Unfortunately many overstep the mark and the fun crosses that line towards offence, embarrassment, etc. Let those who are without sin cast the first stone and basically get off their high horse!
  13. Hold the front page..................some Tartan Army get very drunk. Like that's never happened in the past, e.g. 60s, 70s, etc. Irregular attenders, very regular attenders, they all do silly things when drunk and the Tartan Army like to drunk far more than they should.........old and young, 8 pointers and non-members, professionals and builders, students and office workers, male and female. Overall I saw some of that but also plenty of fun and great ambassadors for Scotland in our cultural friendly, funny but drink too much compared to other countries persona. That's what Scots are like whether club or country football fans, rugby, regular Friday night works nights out or Christmas Office party. We drink too much for our own good but we know how to have fun and we seldom take life too seriously. Re. the guy in the fountain I'd think we need to give him the benefit of the doubt. He was surely drunk and made a call that the remembrance day tributes were finished and didn't think he was being disrespectful. Does anyone actually think the guy made a deliberate and conscious decision to disrespect the poppy? Surely he was simply naïve and ill advised!
  14. Heaven forbid that we should sing a wee song about a #1 Scottish sportman to wind up the opposition fans in a bit of light hearted banter......................for the TAMB to try to analyse, debate, negotiate and basically come up with rules on what can and cannot be sung. Get a grip, you're all thinking about it too much! Something simple like "We've got the best tennis players, in the world"..........remember to throw in Jamie as well as Andy.
  15. Do what you want and let others do what they want................nothing is "wrong". Personal preferences.