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  1. Ssc Renewal Information

    There was me thinking we are paying customers expecting a service.................
  2. Is Scotland's Main Problem Pyschological?

    My tuppence worth: Draws are not good results and will result in failure to qualify. I tried to point this out in the pub after our draw in Poland and got shot down. Germany/Spain/Italy, etc. are not 11 superhero Gods. We can beat them and we can certainly take points from them. We currently take zero points from 6 as "Well we didn't expect anything so no harm done" We focused on 4 games against out expected rivals when the group consisted 10 games. We must learn to take points even when outplayed...........apparently Germany were all over Ireland but lost. Yes it is psychological. A golfer standing over a 4 foot putt thinking "I think I'll miss" will miss. We need to start believing we can win. Currently everyone says the right things on TV but do they really, honestly believe?
  3. Polish Fans In Scottish Sectors.

    Sometimes its difficult to put your finger on and sometimes intangible but basically I found all the Poles I encountered and witnessed from relatively close in the West Stand to be less than friendly especially relative to the atmosphere with other away fans...............sorry but that's how it felt.
  4. Scotland V Samoa

    My workmate is disappointed his son isn't there.............his son being Adam Ashe. Looking forward to it but first Hampden :-)
  5. Scotland V Samoa

    I know little about Rugby but the vibes appear to be we have a better than decent chance of doing the business and with 7 days rest and a fully fit squad you don't need to have been brought up in The Borders to know that's good :-)
  6. Rugby World Cup Tickets

    Ticket away to a good home :-)
  7. Scotland V Samoa

    Ticket away to a good home :-)
  8. Scotland V Samoa

    I am awaiting a response from mates but looks like a decent chance I'll have a spare £50 ticket for Scotland v Samoa on Saturday
  9. Rugby World Cup Tickets

    I am waiting for a response from mates who are sleeping as on night-shift but a decent chance I'll have a spare £50 ticket for Scotland v Samoa.
  10. England V Australia

    Yes, 8 then 7 days gap = 15 Scotland had 10 in total...............even I know that's a big deal in Rugby.
  11. England V Australia

    All good fun watching England lose, sorry humiliated
  12. England V Australia

    Hampden View is not wrong on all counts................what part of ENGLAND WERE HUMILIATED is wrong? Since 1966 when England pockled it to play all their games at Wembley it has been a talking point. Scotland playing every game at Hampden would not be in keeping with sporting integrity. Other countries don't do it at World Cups, etc
  13. England V Australia

    Sporting integrity. That's why ! There may be nothing technically wrong with it but it isn't right! Everything set out for them and they get humiliated. Brilliant. Now they are on the outside of their own party looking in.
  14. England V Australia

    Scotland playing at Twickenham gives us no benefit compared to other grounds. England playing there is a massive benefit as it's their 100% full spiritual HOME. Stinks really.
  15. England V Australia

    Well it should be stopped all around...............residency rule is a nonsense. Anyway, they did sort it so only their Uruguay match is not at Twiickers (incl all permutations to the final) and they were the only team to get at least 7 days between games. Pathetic. There's a party going on for another month in England's green and pleasant land but they're having to watch the rest of us enjoy it over the garden fence and through the living room window. Brilliant