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  1. For me the away top should be yellow simply because the Lion Rampant is yellow.............or red but definitely not white (England) or pink.
  2. I assume we apply on the SSC website under Home games............but right now its "no home games available" but that'll change at 12 noon ??????
  3. Oh dear. You wanting to play a game of "I'm more Scottish than you" or maybe "I've been to more games than you"............
  4. Well I believe if not a sell out certainly close since its a day out as well as the game, most don't need work holidays, etc.
  5. I'll watch on telly since Sunday night football is not something I want to go to. Similarly for Monday nights, etc. Take note UEFA and FIFA............you win, I've bought SKY package and will watch all internationals from my armchair but I won't sing or clap or shout or contribute one little bit to the atmosphere in Hampden on Sunday. If this game was our preferred Saturday it would be a sell out.
  6. £25 (face value) on In Glasgow. Can post or hand deliver in Glasgow up to 4pm Sunday
  7. SSC do not act like service suppliers to we customers since they have a monopoly. That means the service provided is not exactly M&S. Poor guy was the victim of a mistake and appears little or no attempt to remedy the situation. I'd think I'd be raging. Do the maths and work out how.much money we pay the SSC and then decide if we get value for.money and if there was another option to get match tickets would you go elsewhere? I would.
  8. Would we win the friendliest fans award like France '98 if we qualified for France '16 ? I'd think we'd have been in with a really good chance but I also think to be sure we need to all take a look at ourselves and those in our groups
  9. Nope, there's definitely some complacency there...........and that's where the worry is.
  10. The hatched job is a wake up call for sure but tough to take and hopefully we can all take a look at ourselves and those in our groups and with some honesty regroup and maybe tone some thiings down a bit. As I keep saying and I've said it for 10 years, the press are bored with the positive wooing of locals and tourists angle.
  11. Yes, you're on your high horse......................but you are perfect. At least I hope you are because that means your complacency about yours and your groups behaviour won't come back to bite us.
  12. Course. Lets all hope the tabloid journalists hang about with you and your pals in all trips with you being perfect. Actually its the likes of you we need to worry about with your complacency...............get off your high horse, you might just drop your halo one day and end up on the front page with a hatchet job.
  13. The point is this was previously considered mad Scotsman banter but I fear even baring your arse in anything other than the traditional quick lift at wedding photo could be considered a sex offence, noting different countries have different acceptance levels. The Sunday Mail has done a hatchet job because of a handful of ill advised behaviours...........lets not give them any scope for future headlines
  14. I think you're going to far and although all true its also true that we have won the awards for our friendliness and fun factor..............I could tell dozens of stories to that affect. But it is necessary to be aware that we need to be careful and maybe police ourselves a bit more than we have done in recent years.
  15. Me neither but have you ever sung anti-English songs, pissed in places you're not supposed to or been loud and drunk on public transport or restaurants with families and pensioners around (note they don't know we're friendly so can be worried) because your list of 3 is simply not a full list of behaviours that could get us a negative tabloid headline if a journalist and his Editor decide they're bored with the TA wooing the locals and being fun and friendly. I'm not in any way condoning the Trafalgar Square fountain guy. No way. I'm also not suggesting the TA behaviour is bad. How could I with my friendliest fans in the world keyring and other positive newspaper cuttings. My point is be careful as there are dozens of types of behaviours outwith your 3 listed that could come back to haunt us if we're not careful.