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      ATAC produced a guide to Bratislava and Trnava prior to our recent visit. If you saw this, did you use it? Was it of any help?
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  1. Looks like we're going to stay in YORK (only even been for a job in Nestle) and drive around the Dales and/or Moors....................looking forward to it. Love the Lake District and our own Highlands but in need of a fresh place to visit
  2. Obviously some are too cool to go to the Trafalgar Square traditional meeting point but if it appears appropriate given the Remembrance Day activities I'll be there with my group as I'm not a cool dude!. It's traditional, it's fun, it's a great spectacle and believe it or not the tourists and locals love it.................in my humble opinion. If it's a no go areas because of the Remembrance Day stuff I'll be disappointed but I'm sure I'll survive! Of course if you prefer to go to a pub I say go for it. There are no rules!!!!!!!!!
  3. I think since we are mixing with the general English public who are basically civilised and friendly there will be a great atmosphere around London mainly. On the other hand, when we play in Glasgow the English who travel are the football "fans" who cause trouble and at best are arrogant and unfriendly.........in my experience! Few even wear colours which highlights their difference to the majority of football fans across the world. Wear the kilt with pride and with confidence is my tuppence worth!
  4. Thanks everyone. Great advice. I'm certain Yorkshire Dales will provide a very good alternative to the Lake District for us........................as I explain to my wife that I've been on the Tartan Army Message Board getting advice on Yorkshire Dales which has her wondering if Scotland are playing England in Huddersfiled lol
  5. Usually holiday in Lake District and Aviemore with wife........walking,cycling, pottering about, country pubs. Thinking of Yorkshire Dales for a change. Any suggestions for a Base? Best wee town/Villages?
  6. I was thinking more of a forced pick up.........never relax until ticket in hand.
  7. Will there be a pick up down there?
  8. Also looking for tickets. Former 6 pointer whose circumstances changed to mean now a big fat zero..................but booked for Wembley all the same.
  9. I think, along with 99.9% of Tartan Army, I am more than capable of visiting Trafalgar Square and gauging the appropriate behaviour................which may or may not result in vacating if it's not appropriate to be there. Perhaps it might even be a positive display of Tartan Army showing respect and good behaviour, although the English press are hell bent on bursting our bubble to deflect form their own fans' hooliganism
  10. Its traditional and it happens to be fun and that's why our Dads and Granpas went to Trafalgar Square...........fun. Some might prefer the pub. Fine, go to the pub then. Some might prefer something else, go for it. Do whatever you want, there are no rules! If Trafalgar Square is not the same as previous jaunts I'll be disappointed but there you go. I'll find somewhere else I'm sure. P.S. It was freezing in 1999 but still bouncing.
  11. 3 of us (probably more) going down with zero chance of tickets. Previously 6 or 7 pointers, life changes means we are now 0 pointers. Such is life. Reason to go..........because a TA trip has lots of elements and only 1 is the actual match. Trafalgar Square is always an amazing scene and if we cannot do that tradition this time I'm hoping another area will be semi(organised), e.g. Leicester Square or whatever.
  12. There was me thinking we are paying customers expecting a service.................
  13. My tuppence worth: Draws are not good results and will result in failure to qualify. I tried to point this out in the pub after our draw in Poland and got shot down. Germany/Spain/Italy, etc. are not 11 superhero Gods. We can beat them and we can certainly take points from them. We currently take zero points from 6 as "Well we didn't expect anything so no harm done" We focused on 4 games against out expected rivals when the group consisted 10 games. We must learn to take points even when outplayed...........apparently Germany were all over Ireland but lost. Yes it is psychological. A golfer standing over a 4 foot putt thinking "I think I'll miss" will miss. We need to start believing we can win. Currently everyone says the right things on TV but do they really, honestly believe?
  14. Sometimes its difficult to put your finger on and sometimes intangible but basically I found all the Poles I encountered and witnessed from relatively close in the West Stand to be less than friendly especially relative to the atmosphere with other away fans...............sorry but that's how it felt.
  15. My workmate is disappointed his son isn't there.............his son being Adam Ashe. Looking forward to it but first Hampden :-)