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  1. Never ever ever never
  2. 😡😡😡😡 That's my song and nae bloody happy some fekers stole it. I go back almost 40 years wae this song . I had a sausage a bonny bonny sausage I put it in the oven for my tee I e I e I went to the pictures to eat my dolly mixtures and that sausage came running after me I e I e
  3. Baaaaaaaad you mean
  4. Arbroath v Montrose yesterday at Gayfeild Montrose Ultras
  5. Time for a plastic pitch.
  6. I have the strangest feeling we will fek it up at Tynecastle.If not then I would prefer to play Celtic with a 4 point lead for the Dons.
  7. lovin it
  8. Happy Christmas does my head in. Drawring g is another one.
  9. Im down to only 12 points now
  10. England point came off last week.
  11. They came to my door last summer and were told politely I was not paying and told them why.The was not pushy and left.I have had threatening letters monthly but ignore them. Never be abusive to them just tell them politely to go away.
  12. Its really simple,if you dont like the page then dont read it.
  13. Aye and all the elite TA post on here get a grip.I know quite a lot of people on here post on the FB page but rather than using nick names they use their own.
  14. Well I met a few of them in the Dubliner along with the guy who runs it.They seemed like nice people and dedicated Scotland fans. It may not be to everyone's taste but neither is this board.
  15. I think Griffiths should be a regular in the team but not a starter.he put a lot of work in chasing the ball but did nae get very far.I say he would be great to come on in the last 25 as a sub with his pace at that point of the game he could just score a winner or two.