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  1. Sausage and dolly mixtures song

    😡😡😡😡 That's my song and nae bloody happy some fekers stole it. I go back almost 40 years wae this song . I had a sausage a bonny bonny sausage I put it in the oven for my tee I e I e I went to the pictures to eat my dolly mixtures and that sausage came running after me I e I e
  2. The Ball Room Sports Bar Bellshill (France Trip )

    That's my song 😡 Sang that on the Aberdeen buses back in the late 70's it was kind of my signature tunes. Nae happy that's copyright
  3. Headgear and dickheads

    Your daughter looked braw wae her helmet and feather, she should keep that as her own thing and wear that helmet to all games 👍
  4. The Ball Room Sports Bar Bellshill (France Trip )

    Oh and thanks to Paddy that bloody song is stuck in ma heid
  5. The Ball Room Sports Bar Bellshill (France Trip )

    I hope those refugee kids that I gave my guns to are ok but wished I had kept them for those bloody que jumpers on the ferry on the way back 😡
  6. Malta Info

    Good to put a face to the name Olas and was good to meet you . We had a great night with some of the Malta TA in Foot Loose in Paceville.
  7. Be vigilant guys when in Valleta

  8. Be vigilant guys when in Valleta

    No , I was wearing combat trousers.
  9. We went for a visit to Valletta today and had a good time. But. When at the bus station waiting to go back to St Julian I was pick pocketed. I never felt a thing . The buggers got off with €200 but luckily I don't keep my money and bank card together . Just be wary I crowds and be aware who is around you .
  10. Digs

    I'm in the Calalieri hotel in St Julian's bay. Very nice indeed.
  11. Malta Info

    The Scotsman is putting on mini bus to the game on Sunday. Had a great night in there last night with a few of the boys. I've been in a lot worse places that this. I would call it a typical Scottish local
  12. Matchday Booze Cruise?

    Was on a boat trip today with drinks included. A great trip but shit bar. Only one barman and only allowed 1 drink at a time then you have to go to the back of a large que . The glass you get would take 4 or 5 to fill an average can.
  13. Malta Info

    Been in the Scotsmans bar s few times and found it quite good as with the Dubliner.
  14. Minibus(es) from St Julian's.

    Me plus probably 3 more for the bus please
  15. Presentation in Malta

    Great choice once again.