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  1. Its the Gatwick Express (Train) As deecie says, don't waste your money on this option, as its not worth it in terms of time saved
  2. No problem Leaving Hotel Spectrum at 05.00 to the airport, suits you ok? Paul
  3. Its still to be confirmed but I'd be expecting to leave (we're in the Hotel Spectrum, formally Hotel Inka) between 04.45/05.00, so its just over 30 mins to travel to the airport Paul
  4. Seats Available - Trnava to Bratislava Airport (Dep 06.45 on Wednesday) There’s a few us of who’re staying in Trnava after the match but need to get to Bratislava for the Ryanair flight to Stansted, departing at 06.45. We’ve got transport booked and based on all seats being taken, its working out at £6.00 each – currently we’ve got 16 seats available. Anyone looking for seats, just let me know and we can got it sort, Paul
  5. A few of us have booked parts of the travel Sat 26th Aug or Tuesday 29th Aug (Flight down the night before from Scotland) Stansted to Palanga, to stay in Klaipėda (then will train it on the Thursday to either Vilnius or Kaunas) Saturday 2nd September Vilnius to Berlin Still to decide if we fly back to Scotland on the Sunday or the Monday
  6. We're off the hook - all was ok She'd tweeted one of the guys: this is Marieana, sorry I got lost. I could not call. I am now back in my hotel. THANK YOU a million for yesterday and today. There was a mishap with the minibus, which i'm onto the hire company about and will contact those about the outcome. Thanks to everyone for making it as easy as it was but that's me for a wee while lol
  7. Hi everyone Quick update to reconfirm a few things: Sorry but all seats are 100% filled and no spares are likely to become available now You’ll be handed a small token which will be used in the event of people getting on a bus they shouldn’t – please remember the coach you’re on and get on the right one! Per the rules of the coach company, no alcohol is permitted whether opened or not (Just like here if you know what I mean) Buses will depart the pickup point at 19.15 sharp, hence leaving the bar at 19.00 – it’s just 5 minute to get from the bar to the pickup point Anyone who’s picking up at the stadium, as long as we leave remotely close to the scheduled departure time of 19.15, we’re expecting to be at the stadium for around 19.45/19.50 Buses will leave as quickly as they can at the end of the match, i.e. the sharper you’re on, the quicker they will leave and will return to the same place they leave from Surfside Bar have confirmed they’ll be stocked up and have more than enough staff on before and after the match, with them have a ‘few well-chosen tunes’ on from mid-afternoon onwards See you all on Sunday, Paul
  8. Yip, what McTeeko said and if you mention it to the driver, they'll also make sure you don't miss the stop
  9. First hat off the production line - scheduled for delivery to us by the end of next week and we’ll get them send as soon as we get them
  10. Closer to a night-out stinking of smoke but most places had the tables outside, with most smokers sitting there
  11. Couple of key items for everyone As you might have read elsewhere, the coach company are applying a ban on the carrying of alcohol (including placing it in the hold) - this appears to be being applied right across the island, so no way round it - so its bit like here, with no cans or bottles For those booked and have been selected for ticket pick up, there's no reason we won't be there in time to allow you to do so - we will be departing at 19.15 and will take approximately 30 minutes to reach the stadium, meaning we should be there about an hour before kick off
  12. We were there last month (with our kids aged 17 and 13) and I slightly disagree with Kevin about Trastevere . We had an apartment next to the Vatican and they’d suggested this area as still being the old part of Rome and with a mix of street entertainers and street art at night, coupled with more authentic bars and cafes, we found we went there 3 of the 4 nights. Did go during the day and just wandered round the narrow lanes and stopped here and there – we also walked from the Trastevere all the way up to the main part, which has a cracking church (yes I know but its pretty impressive inside), so the area itself covers quite a distance, so I’m sure there will be a few things that’ll catch your eye. Also on that side of the river, they’ve got a set up (down at the river) where its like marque tents and they sell a range of food/drink, as well as hand craft stuff etc – worth a wee look when you’re there as well. If not already on your list, make time to go to the Castel Sant'Angelo, which is about a 10 minute walk from the Vatican and overlooking the Tiber – our digs suggested it as its got one of the best views to see Rome – its got a small restaurant up there but not many tables. Get up to the roof and you’ll have a very good vantage point – think we were about €20/€25 for the 4 of us but I think the kids were free. Not sure if you’ve thought about travelling around but we bought the travel ticket rather than the sightseeing pass (that includes entrance to a few places) – we felt it worked out better value.