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  1. Thought this was worth sharing for anyone not on Twitter/Facebook etc The 11 intrepid cyclists, doing the charity cycle from Wembley to Hampden (here's their team fundraising page LINK) are offering the chance of a lifetime!! MASCOT RAFFLE Win a mascot package prize for the Scotland vs England Match– June 10th 2017. The prize includes matchday tickets to the game for the Mascot and 2 adults. Its with huge thanks to SSE, one of the main sponsors of the TASA Wembley to Hampden Bike Ride team, that we have been gifted this amazing prize, to help push us closer to our target of raising £10,000 to donate to the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal. HOW TO WIN Its pretty simple really – just ‘buy’ a raffle ticket by using the donate function on the link below. Tickets cost £10 each and you can buy as many or as little as you can want - please put your name, so its easier for making the draw! Tickets are ONLY available from Sales will cease at 20.00 on the 30th of May, with the draw taking place than night at around 21.00 Terms and conditions apply to this prize. The mascot, who will be provided with a kit to wear on the day, will be part of the Scotland team line up and MUST be aged between 7 and 11. The package includes entry for the mascot AND 2 adults to accompany them – remember this match is a complete sell out!! The name of the mascot, as well as contact details for the parents/guardians MUST be confirmed by no later 2nd June - This is a stipulation from the SFA. Good Luck
  2. Anyone thinking of booking into a No1 Lounge, see deal from Moneysavingexpert deal Deal is £20/pp and includes Fast Track through security - must buy by the 20th of April and use by end of August - full details in the link Link here
  3. Alternative could be a taxi over the border to Koper and its a direct line from there to Ljubljana - we did this in reverse coming home from the game in Koper I think the taxi was about €20 and took 20 minutes and the train was about 2 hours and cost under a tenner each - for cargo, there's a Lidl pretty much over the road from the train staion in Koper
  4. In what way? I know people who went on their buses from Zagreb to the Koper game and as far as I'm aware, all went to plan
  5. Depending on which service you choose, its got wifi and on-line media provisions - all for about ............well, maybe the price will be different by then cause its in euros
  6. About half the time of the train There's about a dozen of us in Klaipėda and are planning on one of the service buses on the Thursday
  7. Tesco are one of the biggest commercial land owners in the UK - they find its cheaper to buy the land and not use it, that to take the chance on a competitor building on it. I'm guessing there's likely to be a Tesco within a couple of miles, hence its still being empty?
  8. Many thanks to the resident Dundee experts, who all seem to be Arabs Couple of points they are out on, namely: Building on Dens Dens isn’t suitable for large scale development or so the stories go. The South Enclosure is on built up group with the story being the soil testing has been done but it’s not suitable to build any residential units on. Yes the rest would be and should be a large enough scale for Mr Bennett to recover his outlay. New Stadium Would be built by the owners or majority lead by them, with this sort of thing being their background, where they made their name and money in. Worth noting that the plan isn’t 100% about the match day use, as a bit like Tannadice, the current stadium use outside of match day is VERY limited. The owners have already purchased the ground and are currently reviewing different stadia around the UK, to understand what plans to submit, to achieve a 24/7 use, i.e. the structure hosting more than just 90 minutes of football. They’ve done similar things in and around Dundee with the building of community based activities being ran out of ‘Showcase the Street’, which currently includes the hosting of the youth academy etc. So its looking like a similar ‘deal’ to the current one, where one entity holds the lease and one is the football club – its got pluses and minuses IMO but does look a more likely way forward than remaining as current. A good example of this would probably be St Johnstone, as they can generate more income from non-football use of their stadia than match day only.
  9. Anything, with no minimum order. When you check out, add the code FabFeb2017 and it'll apply the discount to whatever is in your basket Thanks
  10. Its a cracker, even if we do say so ourselves If you buy ANYTHING from our online shop, apply our Fabulous February promo code FabFeb2017 to receive a massive 50% discount of ALL items in our shop - that's right, everything is on sale at 50% off but for a very limited time, so be quick to take advantage of this! #EverywhereWeGo #TheOriginalSince2003
  11. Its a cracker, even if we do say so ourselves If you buy ANYTHING from our online shop, apply our Fabulous February promo code FabFeb2017 to receive a massive 50% discount of ALL items in our shop - that's right, everything is on sale at 50% off but for a very limited time, so be quick to take advantage of this! #EverywhereWeGo #TheOriginalSince2003
  12. Looking into the possibility of taking my wife to San Francisco for a 5 or 6 night break and probably over the New Year period, so .................... Any recommendations on hotels and/or best location to be looking for one In addition to Alcatraz, where else is worth a visit, without hiring a car Since it’s going to be over the festive season, any places worth looking at for drinks/meal etc. and/or worth it for the view? Thanks in advance for any suggestions offered
  13. Watershed is the man for that job, as well as previously, 4Wins did the buses the last 2 visits - both on a not for profit basis and donated the excess monies to charity
  14. Hi everyone We’ve been asked by a few people, if we were registered with the Kilt Walk as a recipient charity, as they wanted to raise funds on our behalf. Yes we are is the short answer; if you search for “Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal” on the website, you’ll find us and you’ll able to nominate us! Taking this further, there’s a few others (including some of the Steering group) have decided to pull their walking shoes/boots on once more and plans are afoot (excuse the pun!) for a group to partake in the Dundee Kilt Walk – we’ve created a Facebook group for people to post/share ideas and suggestions etc We appreciate not everyone is on Facebook, so we’d like to extend the invitation to those intrepid walkers on the TAMB, to join those walking the Dundee Kilt Walk (which is Sunday the 20th of August 2017) Here’s to a blister and chafe free event #EverywhereWeGo #TheOriginalSince2003
  15. Thanks to all who bought and the winner was: Catherine Farmer