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  1. Yip, what McTeeko said and if you mention it to the driver, they'll also make sure you don't miss the stop
  2. First hat off the production line - scheduled for delivery to us by the end of next week and we’ll get them send as soon as we get them
  3. Closer to a night-out stinking of smoke but most places had the tables outside, with most smokers sitting there
  4. Couple of key items for everyone As you might have read elsewhere, the coach company are applying a ban on the carrying of alcohol (including placing it in the hold) - this appears to be being applied right across the island, so no way round it - so its bit like here, with no cans or bottles For those booked and have been selected for ticket pick up, there's no reason we won't be there in time to allow you to do so - we will be departing at 19.15 and will take approximately 30 minutes to reach the stadium, meaning we should be there about an hour before kick off
  5. We were there last month (with our kids aged 17 and 13) and I slightly disagree with Kevin about Trastevere . We had an apartment next to the Vatican and they’d suggested this area as still being the old part of Rome and with a mix of street entertainers and street art at night, coupled with more authentic bars and cafes, we found we went there 3 of the 4 nights. Did go during the day and just wandered round the narrow lanes and stopped here and there – we also walked from the Trastevere all the way up to the main part, which has a cracking church (yes I know but its pretty impressive inside), so the area itself covers quite a distance, so I’m sure there will be a few things that’ll catch your eye. Also on that side of the river, they’ve got a set up (down at the river) where its like marque tents and they sell a range of food/drink, as well as hand craft stuff etc – worth a wee look when you’re there as well. If not already on your list, make time to go to the Castel Sant'Angelo, which is about a 10 minute walk from the Vatican and overlooking the Tiber – our digs suggested it as its got one of the best views to see Rome – its got a small restaurant up there but not many tables. Get up to the roof and you’ll have a very good vantage point – think we were about €20/€25 for the 4 of us but I think the kids were free. Not sure if you’ve thought about travelling around but we bought the travel ticket rather than the sightseeing pass (that includes entrance to a few places) – we felt it worked out better value.
  7. They are yours Stan - you know what to do Paul
  8. Hi everyone As previously stated, I've sent confirmation emails to everyone who's paid and I can only assume that there's no one who's paid that hasn't had a confirmation There are TWO seats left - I will allocate based on the first to post on this thread and will contact the person(s) with the payment details, which will be £3.50 per seat. Hope all in order for everyone, Paul
  9. I've got a couple of minor formalities to confirm with a couple of people but ALL who've paid should have had an email by now, which details the pickup and travel, plus the important part of which bus they are on. Where I've got questions marks on the lists below, I'm not too bothered as in 99% of cases, I’ve got a contact number for someone in their group but remember, the departure times are fixed, so if you're not there the transport leaves without you. Please find the full lists below Paul BUS ARRAN SEAT No TAMB Name (If applicable) Names 1 Hannibal Smith Ally Smith 2 Kevin Davidson 3 Richard Mackie 4 Shawn Watson 5 Neil Kirk 6 Craig Daly 7 David Lindsay 8 Kevin Riddell 9 Gillian Edwards 10 Big Poodle Gordon MacDougall 11 Hugh Lambie 12 Fred Bartsch 13 Stephen Dolzanki 14 Josh Dolzanki 15 Ronald Battison 16 min Robert Hutchison 17 Craig Stanger 18 Alastair Welch 19 Richard Miller 20 Bloo Skies Alan Ritchie 21 Judith Ni Bhreaslain 22 George Ritchie 23 Marc Rithie 24 sloop John Nicholson 25 Dina Macdonald 26 Andrew Clark 27 scottincarlisle Scott Logan 28 Karen Logan 29 Callum Logan 30 Captain Alan Meikle 31 J B Lyons John Lyons 32 Mark Garbett 33 Tartan Graeme Graeme Campbell 34 Sean Gordon 35 doonhameronthedon Sandy Marshall 36 Gillian Marshall 37 Tartanbuddy Susan Holland 38 Michael Holland 39 Plastic Scot James Patterson 40 Faddy11 Robert Russell 41 Edna Russell 42 N/A Gary Stirling 43 Mowgli Grant Lockley 44 Kelly Lockley 45 Bronco William Laing 46 mazziessc Mark Foster 47 Finlay Foster 48 Ponderlaw Charles Dawson 49 Pam Dawson 50 FBook Richard Fairlie 51 Kenny Fairlie 52 Ross Wilson 53 C/O Gary Stirling Robert Gallacher BUS BARRA SEAT No TAMB Name (If applicable) Names 1 TAG Melanie Robertson 2 Kevin Robertson 3 James Coggs 4 Wendy Coggs 5 Graeme Baxter 6 Alison Paget 7 David Paget 8 Nat Natalie Sharp 9 Heather Craig 10 Kevin Troy 11 Reeky Graeme McGinty 12 Fiona McGinty 13 Shinnie Graeme Shinnie 14 George C/O G Shinnie 15 Junebug June Callison 16 Steve 17 Mctoot Mark Love 18 Jennifer Love 19 Graeme Brown 20 Morvyn Brown 21 C/O Reeky Kevin Dewar 22 Sporranmaster Alan Muir 23 Jill Muir 24 Douglas Wallace 25 Peter Wallace 26 ?? Scott Gardner 27 Colin Mathieson 28 Wilson Shaw 29 ?? Jim Rattary 30 Tam Purdie 31 Davie Williams 32 Grannie Alba June Menzies 33 Fred Menzies 34 Tartan Spice Dean Bremner 35 Andy Wright 36 TheOnlyPar Jamie Brown 37 Ross Christie 38 c2405 Cameron Sutherland 39 Isobal Sutherland 40 shamelessstan Jim Mackay 41 ?? Gary Stirling 42 ?? Andrew Sawers 43 alaninalba Alan Dick 44 livvy guy Brian Agnello 45 Angela Perry 46 FBook Monica Devlin 47 Bryan Brown 48 Luigi Lewis Connolly 49 PLUS 1 50 51 52 53 BUS FARA SEAT No TAMB Name (If applicable) Names 1 Stan Drews Micky Ross 2 Mark Perkiss 3 Patrick Lynch 4 Tom Walker 5 Stephen French 6 John Green 7 Des Derek Anderson 8 Janette Anderson 9 Billy Bell 10 Mark Johnston 11 Alan Johnston 12 Barry Johnston 13 Lizzie Barr 14 Davie Shaw 15 Jim Cumming 16 Christopher Cumming 17 Craggers Craig Donnelly 18 Robert Steele 19 Russell Gordon 20 Scott Philip 21 Ewan Smith 22 Drew Pankhurst 23 DoubleSC Stuart Cruickshank 24 Shirley Calder 25 SteveMcD Steven McDonald 26 Stuart McDonald 27 JCS John Sloan 28 Elizabeth Mitchell 39 hotsox13 Janice Mackie 30 Kevin Paterson 31 albabuddy Gary Turner 32 Lorraine Turner 33 gegs67 Graeme Richards 34 Joyce Richards 35 Ayrhead1 Crawford McIntyre 36 Diane McIntyre 37 Port64 Paul Shepherd 38 Elaine Shepherd 39 Rattlesnake Mark Baikie 40 Marion Baikie 41 ElaineH Elaine Gillespie 42 Kenneth Gillespie 43 Died Edward Machin 44 Dean Rolland 45 Tartan_McCole Ross McCole 46 Christopher Faulds 47 Bravelaney1 Alan Campbell 48 David Campbell 49 Ben Campbell 50 Andrew Campbell 51 BUFF 1875 Bill Milne 52 FBook Liam McLaughlin 53 PLUS 1 BUS HOY SEAT No TAMB Name (If applicable) Names 1 Korky Brian Davies 2 Margaret Davies 3 Brian Davies jr 4 Richard Palmer 5 Walter peacock 6 Pat Wilkie 7 Ian Hughes 8 Debbie 9 Jane ferguson 10 John Ferguson 11 Davy innes 12 Dougie wood 13 Jordan wood 14 Tony Connor 15 Jackie conner 16 fugitive David Young 17 Eric Scott 18 Scott Higgins 19 Ali Smith 20 Cos Smith 21 Doug Smith 22 Peter Campbell 23 Stuart Kennedy 24 Andy Kennedy 25 James Higgins 26 Dessmfc Des McLaughlin 27 Mark78 Mark Bowes 28 Barry Cowan 29 Jim Younie 30 David Stirling 31 Mike Murphy 32 Jamkam Jim Kamris 33 Sandy Fleming 34 Morag Fleming 35 tramsnpandas Holly Buchanan 36 Helena O'Neil 37 Cuickie62 Neil Geddes 38 Murray Geddes 39 Drew Andrew Muirhead 40 Amy Piper 41 McTeeko Iain Meiklejohn 42 Bry_07 Bryan Peterkin 43 Jillian Dingwall 44 AndyGee2 Andrew Geddes 45 Sophie Emerson 46 Clara7 Claire Valentine 47 Tracey Johnstone 48 Lynsey Robinson 49 jimthescot Jackie Reid 50 Jim Reid 51 middli Iain Middleton 52 Madeline Verblow 53 C/o Korky Paul Stevenson BUS IONA SEAT No TAMB Name (If applicable) Names 1 DeeRus Paul Smith 2 James Smith 3 Bill Tait 4 David Muir 5 Dave Muir 6 Stephen Miller 7 Alisdair Scott 8 Keith Hepburn 9 Sarah-Jayne Smith 10 Golden Ninja TA Annie Weir 11 Derek Roberston 12 Tracy Haggart 13 Wendy Haggart 14 Cove Sheep David MacLennan 15 Stewart MacLennan 16 Callum Smith 17 EIFA10 Chris Ether 18 Steve Combe 19 Mark Benzies 20 Kenny Le Tisser 21 Jaffa Jan Woodrow 22 Mairi Bell 23 Charlie Kirkwood 24 Steven Craig 25 Ellsbells David Brown 26 Craig Brown 27 Mark Nailon 28 Duncan MacDonald 29 Derek Ward 30 Dean Carr 31 Carol47 Carol Payne 32 Mike Payne 33 kevmac Kevin Macaskill 34 Steve Milne 35 Zoe Smith 36 Kevin Reid/Alison Strachan Kevin Reid 37 Billy Reid 38 Stephan Wilms 39 Scot Scotland Scottish Steven Watson 40 Steven Watson 41 lolls Lorraine Jaap 42 Linda Ross 43 Bonzo Ian Burns 44 Charlotte Burns 45 tartantammy33 Leanne Donnelly 46 PLUS ONE 47 jimmythefish Kevin colburn 48 C/O Stewart MacL Alasdair Stewart 49 Neil Munro 50 Scott Hutchison 51 FBook Todda Gallacher 52 Mark Gallacher 53 C/O EIFA10 ???? MINIBUS SEAT No TAMB Name (If applicable) Names 1 EKTA Captain Steve Chalmers 2 Irene Chalmers 3 Hannah Chalmers 4 David Nicol 5 Megan Nicol 6 Andrew Brown 7 Colin Anderson 8 Archie Anderson 9 Drink2806 mark poe 10 Plus one 11 ?? Gordon Snedden 12 Plus one 13 ?? Bill Windsor 14 Susan Windsor 15 Craig Windsor
  10. Ian, can you PM me or send an email to deerus.ps@gmail.com Thanks, Paul
  11. I've sent confirmation emails to all who've paid. Thanks Paul
  12. Morning everyone! During the course of today, I’ll be replying to everyone who’s PAID for their seats and I’ll be sending you confirmation to the PAYPAL email address that’s been used to make the pament. The confirmation will include: Your Bus detail TIME OF DEPARTURE Full address of the bar Full address of the pickup point A map to show you the (very simple) route from the bar to the pickup point My contact details If you don’t receive the confirmation by 09.00 on Friday the 29th of July (after checking your spam folder just in case!), can you please email me on deerus.ps@gmail.com, which is the address to which you’ve made the payment and previous confirmation has been sent from. Assuming (dangerous I know!) that no problems or issues have arise in the next day or so, I’ll then post the full bus lists this weekend. Hope all ok but feel free to DM or email me as needed. Thanks, Paul PS – Also in the process of getting the agreement of the Maltese FA for parking the buses in the official coach park at the stadium
  13. Hi all, quick update on the last few days I’ll be issuing the bus lists this week, on here/Facebook, as well as emailing everyone the exact details of the pickup location and my contact details. I’ve been discussing the finer details with the coach company and the closest we can get picked up is about a 5 minute walk away from the bar, as the road in front of the bar isn’t suitable to have 5 coaches double parked! This means we will need to leave the bar by 19.00, as the pickup will be between 19.10 to 19.15 – the coach company says the area will be quite congested, so can’t afford to be parked up for too long. For this reason, we will be departing the pickup point at 19.15 at the very latest, so if you’re not there by this time, we will leave without you and as this is your fault, there will be no alternative transportation or refund offered. Sorry to be so blunt but there is no option to keep the coaches there because you’ve not got there on time.
  14. Retweeted TA Sunshine Appeal (@TASA1999): WOW - nearly 30 sold in 12 hours already, available in all sizes #WeeHeads and #BigHeads http://tartanarmysunshineappeal.moonfruit.com/shop/4590985127/tartan-army-sunshine-appeal-scotland-bucket-hat---the-away-edition-(limited-numbers)/10830660
  15. The Sunshine Appeal have listened and are getting another batch of the now world (in)famous Bucket Hats made! Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal - The Away (Pink) Bucket Hat The second in the series and has been created especially for the Sunshine Appeal, due to the demand of those who missed out on the first one! The hat has a black rim and top with a pink middle, with the writing being fully embroidered - see mock up below There are FIVE sizes available but quanties are going to be limited for this colour mix Available from our store - HERE ** DELIVERY IS EXPECTED BY THE LAST WEEK OF AUGUST AND WILL BE AVAILABLE IN MALTA, AT THE 60TH DONATION IN FAT HARRYS BUGIBBA **