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  1. Spot on. Detracts from the real stuff that actually needs dealt with.
  2. If he signs, then that's a great signing.
  3. Denial? (Given we now have four different rulings in the Court of Session setting out the club/owner status, I'm going for denial :lol:)
  4. Yes - as well as the Champions League, Uefa Cup, Cup winners cup, and the cream of the crop, the Wernesgruner Cup
  5. No idea where you are getting that from. Played in Europe many a time.
  6. I recon the majority of the board would disagree
  7. Happy with the performance overall. They were pretty well organised and ended the game with 7 defenders on the park- killed it, and we couldn't break them down. The main weak link again was Waghorn who was well off the pace all night. Cant see him featuring much this season. Morelos will play that roll.
  8. Trakai played in Europe last season.
  9. I had to do this after i damaged my toe post marathon. Felt like that girl in Game of Thrones who has the old woman walking behind her shouting 'shame'.
  10. True. Didn't care that much to check. Looking forward to the game tonight, though obviously not much of a break. Be interesting to see how the news guys bed in. Cant be worse than last season in any event.
  11. Hopefully, I'll be first on here with the 'never defeated in Europe' stuff come 10pm tonight Seemingly this team haven't scored away in Europe in about 30 years according to Twitter. Probably nonsense,
  12. Are they still alive? Though the main guy (whose name escapes me) passed away in the 1990's. Away to look this up.