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  1. One of the forums is keeping a tab on players we've been linked with. Its around 12 so far. It will easily be over 50 by the time next season starts. 90% will be nonsense.
  2. Is that the player the press are alluding to with the sell on clause? Any idea what % it is? Hope its sorted in any event- otherwise you'll have to spend your life dealing with Tims that cant understand insolvency law
  3. £50 for a ball- that's probably cheap these days. Mine me and a couple of the boys having to pool the ginger bottles for a moldmaster back in the day Punted into the river less two minutes after leaving intersport, never to be seen again..
  4. Cheers. Good to know. I know a few that rate him highly.
  5. Because it hasn't started yet, no one knows whether it will succeed or not, yet you have already written it off as simply a cost saving exercise. You are the very definition of a fool. 'A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion' Proverbs 18:2
  6. You see the game? Not spoken to anyone that was there yet.
  7. 'The vexation of a fool is known at once, but the prudent ignores an insult' Proverbs 12:16
  8. Exactly. Something has got to change, re. bringing players through.
  9. do you have the exact quote? Thats pretty important- considering that certain blogs have been 'misreporting' stuff.
  10. Ah ok- so the champions league itself? Ajax have already made the champions league qualification round- but I cant see them getting top spot- unless Feyenoord bottle it again.
  11. Dont Rangers and Aberdeen enter at the same stage? Stage 1- 36 domestic league runners-up from associations 18–54 (except Liechtenstein) 35 domestic league third-placed teams from associations 16–51 (except Liechtenstein) (Scotland is 24 or 25, I think)
  12. Was Aitchison the boy that was playing in the under 17 games the other night? Looked decent.