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  1. Win ratio of 15% since his time here at York. We were kacke before he came, but he has overseen us plummet to new depths of rubbishness and imminent relegation after years of struggling to get out of the tinpot conference. Now we're on our way back. On top of that our idiot chairman decides to give him next season as well. Utterly scunnered. Please, someone, anyone, take him off our hands :-(
  2. Anyone recommend a good web hosting service? Time to set up my own blogspot, but would like a little more control over web design and content that is unavailable with the free blogspot sites. Am going to use the graphics company the firm I work for use for their website to give it a more professional look, but who to use to host the website?
  3. This is the point though. Westminster say we have powers to stop it, and an overall ban was defeated in the Scottish parliament in May. Exactly what powers do we have, and what don't we have?
  4. Getting rather confused as to whether we have the power to ban this, especially since a green party proposal was in parliament was defeated. Anyone know the exact state of affairs?
  5. Aye, that was for the first year, jumping up to 40 quid in year 2 onwards, right?
  6. 60plus.scot? ;-)
  7. Looked into it last night for a blogspot. 40 quid per year, compared to 10 quid (or less) for a .co.uk or .com
  8. Simply cant be true. Had to be 65% Yes according to canvas results....
  9. Apparently it was on sky news..... Seems too high to me. Lady could have been mistaken with 97% voter registration
  10. 97% voter turnout in Glasgow
  11. My brother was there earlier on outside the polling booth and saying it was 2:1 Yes. Even the No chap agreed.
  12. My Italian colleague says it comes from Forbes America
  13. Iran likes us. I should know ;-)