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  1. last summer told me 28 times that a new phone had been sent out to me. 28 times they were wrong! Spoke to customer service people from all over the world and they were all as equally useless
  2. Simon Howie's veggie haggis is supposed to be nice but I tried a bit of it and it still tastes like cardboard. Veggie haggis is just wrong, we don't say 'I'd like a salad but I can't eat vegetables so make me a veg-free salad'. We'd be eating meatballs for tomatoes and sausages for cucumbers!
  3. Pies

    Murray's pies in Perth are the world champions of pies. I thought all pies were pretty much the same but Murray's are in a different pie league.
  4. Gary Cornish V Anthony Joshua

    Gary is not being 'forced' into anything. I'm quite sure that he knows another payday like this (£100,000) will not come round again. I hope he does well but can't see him lasting longer than 3 or 4 rounds
  5. Club Or Country ?

    Country. Cannot fathom why any Scot would put their club team above their country. Well, maybe 55% would...
  6. Bus From Perth

    Tried pm'ing you but says to cannot receive any more pms. If you could pm the no that would be great Cheers
  7. Predictions For The The Remainder Of The Group?

    Right, been thinking about this for the last couple of hours. Scotland were dreadful last night, naive in thought and pedestrian in everything they did. To not even get a shot on target against a World Cup pot five team was a disgrace. However, I think we'll take points off Germany on Monday, perhaps even win. I'd love to tell you how we're going to do it but I would be making it up. So it's either despair in our mediocrity or believe Scotland are still capable, and likely, of upsetting the odds. I'm going for the latter because the former is too depressing. Simple as that really, believe we will win because it feels nicer! Yes, I was drinking last night.
  8. Bus From Perth

    Any space on a supporters bus from Perth on Monday? It's just the one seat i'm after
  9. Uefa Goal Of The Year

  10. Best Group

    1. Big Country 2. ACDC 3. Vatersay Boys ;-)
  11. Alex Mowatt

    Care to share his view with us?
  12. A foam roller did the trick for me
  13. Only if he's graduating from Brigadoon College!
  14. Sounds pretty proportional. Almost 10% of seats = 10% of votes