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  1. Yup... I only stumbled across this thread earlier today - Classic TAMB: and then this ...
  2. Isn't the term 'evil' being bandied around rather too easily here? How many US secretaries of state for the past 50 years have not been evil if involvement in displacement and slaughter is the criterion?
  3. It seems to me unarguable that the mainstream media overwhelmingly favour Clinton. It's appalling. It's just that I think it's a logical fallacy to then argue a causal link: the mainstream media favour Clinton, therefore she is wrong and Trump is right. They are both simply fûcking dreadful - and to be fair, the US electorate does have other choices ... The liberal, highly educated Americans I work with are mighty steamed up about all this and, publicly at least, blind to Clinton's faults. Whatever happens, it's going to leave a divided nation. In terms of who becomes president, will it make a huge amount of difference? Trump won't be able to enforce term limits on Congress because it would require an amendment to the US constitution, and that's well nigh impossible (particularly as it requires overwhelming congressional support). Hillary may mean endless war, but there has been endless war throughout our lifetimes so more of the same. It's just all fûcked up, and neither of them are going to unfûck it up.
  4. Saw them last night. Just Andrew Innes on guitar though I've read that they've normally replaced Throb for tours - maybe just saving money on air tickets to Japan. Good gig though. A warm up for a month in the Americas and then Scottish gigs from 21 November.
  5. I did watch it when you first posted it. He's reading from a teleprompter and has found a speechwriter who knows words like 'egregious' - I don't see it as evidence of innate lucidity. In the debates most of his statements have been pure word salad. I can understand folk preferring him to Clinton, but i don't understand them thinking he'll be anything other than an appalling president.
  6. Ta for posting that. It's superbly written - which doesn't make its analysis any more or less accurate. It's persuasive, imho, apart from the Yugoslavia analogy which I don't recognize in the US context and, more importantly, its attempt to paint the current political turmoil as a socio-economic class struggle. From the little I know of the States, Socialism has been effectively taboo since the '30s, and unions have been corrupt proxies of Capital (cf: the Teamsters). Is "half the country now living in poverty"? As ever, how do you define poverty ... But leaving that aside, the identification of an incipient 'Christian fascism', partly enabled by Democrat electoral tactics, and the possibility of a future candidate who could appeal to the disenfranchised and who isn't an utter dickhead looks prescient at the moment.
  7. The electoral college certainly is an outdated oddity, and occasionally overturns the popular vote - one of the perils of a written constitution ... Still, I don't think it's going to be Trump's biggest obstacle in getting to the White House. His biggest obstacle is probably his reliance on his own unhinged behaviour appealing to a sufficient number of Hillary-hating Republicans and yer classic 'Muricun wild-eyed "individualists" rather than relying on the support of a tried and tested party machine to get the traditional vote out. He's alienated enough of the GOP to ensure that there's effectively no 'Republican' campaign. He's fooked.
  8. Are you suggesting that he'd win on the popular vote?
  9. People see what they want to see in these things - unless something spectacular happens, televised debates just reinforce people's positions. 'Pussy-gate' was never going to play for Hillary because of the way she stood by her charming husband during his extra-political activities. She went in there with her guns already spiked and the result was both predictable and unedifying. She's got a number of problems, not least of which is fundamentally all she can pitch to the electorate is 'more of the same'. She's establishment through and through. Nowadays, many will vote for anything if it seems to go against the establishment (cf: brexit) and a maverick like Trump is perfect for an anti-establishment vote, even if he's half-unhinged and eminently dislikeable. An alternative like that is an electoral rarity. Seems to me the result will depend on how many of those millions who never vote have decided to break the habit of a lifetime and register a up-the-lot-of-you vote for Trump, along with the raw-meat republicans who just want to defeat Clinton. Doubt it'll be enough, but who knows?
  10. What? I know it's all meant to be subjective, blah blah blah, but I'm amazed how anyone could not be bowled over by that album on first hearing? Stone cold classic. Took me a long time to get into Dylan now that I think about it.
  11. I rated The Hissing of Summer Lawns back then ('75?); that'll be my natural maturity. I can think of plenty of albums that've gone the other way - good then, shite now - but struggling to think of t'other way round. I hated Dark Side of the Moon for years, but that was less to do with the quality of the content and more with the hair-length of the group.
  12. Goes to show, it's not easy to stage a successful military coup in the social-media age if the government has a reasonable degree of popular support. Time was you just had to seize the building of the state broadcaster. Things have changed.
  13. Ach, cheers Goozay; I should've checked that as I had a vague mental niggle as I was typing that summat wasn't right. Lord, I detest Jack Straw.
  14. I like this 'theoretical precedent' concept; opens up whole new scope for counter-factual historians ... Off the top of my head, I can think of two examples of Britain ceding split territory (Ireland & India), both arguably attempts to prevent massive bloodshed. No doubt there are others. Still, I'd've thought that most post-colonial violence was due to Britain ceding artificially unified polities created from previously disparate elements. Anyroad, I only chucked Shetlands into the mix as an example of possible difficulties for the post-EU ref. Scottish independence situation which, I'd say, is fundamentally greatly strengthened. As I said, it's just a matter of how it's played.
  15. Can you explain it? I find it confusing. I don't think the Wee Blue Book's claim that 12-mile territorial waters are all that an exclave can claim makes sense given that Angola's oil fields are 40km+ off Cabinda.