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  1. what did Celtic do in Belfast? or we counting players charges?
  2. or picking up the buckfast bottle
  3. unavailable for the second leg due to what?
  4. Dogs abuse SHHHHHHHH object thrown
  5. Do you not think he has reacted to what the crowd were shouting at him whilst taking the corner? or do you he think done that first
  6. Now that i have proven things were thrown before the six fingers are you mistaken on that point
  7. a hostile crowd that has just given him dogs abuse as he takes the corner and he ssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhh them after Celtic score as a GIRUY
  8. infact if you watch that Linfield fans actually throw something and missed again
  9. hopefully this clears up the whole Linfield reacting to the 5-1 sign that was done
  10. yeah there is a video doing the rounds from the home end and the abuse that he is taking had started well before the buckfast bottle incident
  11. Having watched your team recently you are well placed to talk about poor standards
  12. Build up to the Rogic goal in the first half you will see him taken abuse then and you can see objects getting thrown at him there Scotty
  13. With Aberdeen being the second best team in scotland, do the fans not think its a good thing getting more tv coverage
  14. Griffiths was pelted with coins lighters and a bottle before the situation that Uefa have charged him with but you keep defending the mini scum