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  1. Somebody who was a drug cheat should never be classed as the worlds greatest imo
  2. Great input
  3. There we go
  4. As of when i posted its a unbeaten season in Scotland remains to be seen if it lasts
  5. Aberdeen getting 70 points is nothing to shout about when people on here are happy to slate the Celtic unbeaten season saying how poor the League is
  6. Never got sent down for that crime which is shocking he got 240 hours unpaid work
  7. Killed a driver and injured the passenger and admitted to speeding before the crash
  8. Is playing in friendlies going to help a player?
  9. What do you win for that?
  10. For all this talk of a good Aberdeen showing on Friday night they didn't have a shot on target in the second half and less of the ball
  11. McGregor Brown and Armstrong have to start this game, must win game and best to go with them as they know each others game well
  12. The Sfa stuck by the decision of it being a red, it was the appeal committee that said it was a yellow
  13. Scott Brown cleared to play at the weekend
  14. I will have 50 on that