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  1. For all the fannies who booed Chris Martin tonight. Fu€$ hope you are ashamed of yourselves.
  2. I have seats available on my bus for the Slovenia game at Hampden on Sunday. Leaving at 5.00 p.m. and returning straight after the game.
  3. Can you please let me have a contact number for a friend from Kirkcaldy wishing to travel to the Slovenia game.
  4. If possible can I have 3 further seats making a total of 15

    1. DeeRus


      Not a problem and I'll get you all on the same bus as well.

      Just follow the payment process to get them secured.


  5. Can you book me 15 seats please. We are all staying in St Julians
  6. 1 more please that makes 12
  7. Sorry can I have 4 more seats please making 11 altogether
  8. 7 seats for me please
  9. sorry that should have been 12 seats
  10. 10 seats for me please
  11. Hi TartanTon I have 2 cancellations for Dublin bus. If you're still interested get back to me a.s.a.p. and I'll let you know details of pick ups.


  12. Hi could be looking for 2 seats on the bus to dublin, due to work commitments the wednesday thursday suits us better. I see you have said pick up in blantyre, as we a re ayrshire based would it be possible to pick up in killie or ayr? can get to the A77 so it would just be a 2min stop, cheers Ally