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  1. That has been my mind set all campaign re Snodgrass. However, he's been one of our stand out under-performers (since Malta) and I was relieved when he was taken off vs Slovenia. Given his current form for both club and country I think you'd be nuts not to have some doubts. We keep starting him on the belief that he will come good and perform to his ability, but he's underperformed time and time again. Maybe it'll be different this time. But maybe it won't. We have options in this position and he should be far from a shoe-in given his poor form. We don't need to overthink LB/RB. It's Robertson and Tierney.
  2. He might be right you know. I'm a fan of snodgrass but he's just not performed for us recently. And with poor club form it's difficult to keep backing him...
  3. ..
  4. None of this makes sense to be honest. Are you suggesting that had Bardsley played against Slovenia (in place of tierney) we'd be more than happy to throw him in against England despite him not playing since March? Or even worse give Tierney his first start at right back vs England? Or plan C? All sound like nightmare scenarios. As it happens, Strachan didn't play Bardsley. He played Tierney. And it worked out brilliantly, allowing us to play two of our strongest players effectively (one out of position). And now we can play Tierney vs Eng, with him having a bit of confidence in his ability to play RB. Every selection is a risk, but this sounds much more favourable than any of your Bardsley nightmares. If there is criticism of Strachan, it's not trying this out sooner, as there had been a clamour for it amongst some fans.
  5. It's not do or die, but it does matter. Every result matters. Ireland's victory over Germany in the last campaign mattered and Slovenia's draw with England might matter this time. We shouldn't be writing this game off. We should be trying to win the game and some vital points. Also you're setting yourself up for disappointment if you assume England will breeze 3pts off everybody else. It's difficult to predict what might happen and they've already dropped points.
  6. Why?
  7. Absolute disgrace. But thankfully it was a minority (and not in the west stand) who mostly kept their boos to themselves for the 90minites, and let the majority support the team. Genuinely the most positive home support I've seen in years. And plenty of others seem to think so too. If the boycotters had turned up you'd have had 10000 booing rather than 1. And they would have drowned out the west stand. And we would be out this competition. Boycotters. Don't come back.
  8. Whatever.
  9. There are 99 legitimate reasons not to go to a Scotland game. 'Boycotting' aint one. It's laughable and I get the sense folk are getting a bit embarrassed/sensitive about the whole affair. As they should. If you don't want to go to the fitba then fine. But making a big song and dance about it as if it's something it's not is ridiculous. Folk that really cared about our game would go out and do something positive about it. Coach or whatever. Not sit at home watching TV and pretending on the internet that they are making a stand for, or a difference to, Scottish football. They are not and never will.
  10. Cheers mate, you're all finally catching my drift. I thought I was going to wear my keyboard out! Also, don't forget - the 'support is better without you'. And last night proved that. Absent the so-called boycotters we delivered the best performance and best support for years. Amazing what you can achieve when the 'boycotters' stay at home and moan/boo at the TV, rather turning up at hampen to destroy the morale of the team personally.
  11. Agreed, it was a really good performance in the first half. And great to see both the supporters and the team digging deep in the last 15minutes. Yea, there is no way this board would agree to a section where supporters could be both happy and clapping. But we should do it anyway.
  12. True that.
  13. I'll decide. It's not a mystery mate. I'm talking about everybody who was making a song and dance about boycotting Scotland games - see this forum for the last 6mths for examples. Folk that can't make the game, for whatever reason, are hardly 'boycotting'. Boycotters are entitled to do what they want. But the support is much better without them. So don't come back. It was a good performance. They are not a very poor side.
  14. Aye, it's no the best. But like you say, whatever works.