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  1. 100% agree with this. All things considered, he's our best midfielder. He is also our captain. To have some Scotland fans on here decrying him as s thug and nothing else is embarrassing and a crying shame.
  2. Your exact statement about Scott Brown was, 'he's a thug and that's it'. You've since went on to talk more shite about him not being good enough at retaining possession etc. And have been absolutely schooled. Either you are stupid and unable to assess the facts. Or you have a personal problem with Scott Brown which manifests itself in you talking shite on football forums and making false claims that are contradicted by the facts. Seems pretty clear to me sunshine.
  3. The reason I assume you have a personal problem with Scott Brown is because otherwise your statement is unbelievably stupid. To say the Scotland captain is a thug and nothing more is plain daft or biased, or both. You are quite rightly getting shite because you are talking a load of shite.
  4. True story. When he retires we will struggle to find anybody to fill his boots in the near term.
  5. Fine, but I wouldn't get so worked up about it.
  6. Embarrassing stuff. He's a professional footballer and Scotland captain. You obviously have a personal problem with Scott Brown. Sorry about that.
  7. Correct, England aren't great. And their strikers have done very little at the international level. Over-hyped under achievers. Lets focus on our strengths as well as our weakness. We have a strong core group of Celtic players that performed very well vs Slovenia. Let's hope they can step it up a level again on Saturday.
  8. Folk are giving England waaaayyy too much credit/respect. Hopefully our players aren't as star struck by these hyped up under achievers.
  9. That has been my mind set all campaign re Snodgrass. However, he's been one of our stand out under-performers (since Malta) and I was relieved when he was taken off vs Slovenia. Given his current form for both club and country I think you'd be nuts not to have some doubts. We keep starting him on the belief that he will come good and perform to his ability, but he's underperformed time and time again. Maybe it'll be different this time. But maybe it won't. We have options in this position and he should be far from a shoe-in given his poor form. We don't need to overthink LB/RB. It's Robertson and Tierney.
  10. He might be right you know. I'm a fan of snodgrass but he's just not performed for us recently. And with poor club form it's difficult to keep backing him...
  11. ..
  12. None of this makes sense to be honest. Are you suggesting that had Bardsley played against Slovenia (in place of tierney) we'd be more than happy to throw him in against England despite him not playing since March? Or even worse give Tierney his first start at right back vs England? Or plan C? All sound like nightmare scenarios. As it happens, Strachan didn't play Bardsley. He played Tierney. And it worked out brilliantly, allowing us to play two of our strongest players effectively (one out of position). And now we can play Tierney vs Eng, with him having a bit of confidence in his ability to play RB. Every selection is a risk, but this sounds much more favourable than any of your Bardsley nightmares. If there is criticism of Strachan, it's not trying this out sooner, as there had been a clamour for it amongst some fans.
  13. It's not do or die, but it does matter. Every result matters. Ireland's victory over Germany in the last campaign mattered and Slovenia's draw with England might matter this time. We shouldn't be writing this game off. We should be trying to win the game and some vital points. Also you're setting yourself up for disappointment if you assume England will breeze 3pts off everybody else. It's difficult to predict what might happen and they've already dropped points.
  14. Why?