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  1. 2 for Rhodez
  2. I think he's just finding his way into it - a mix of nerves with flashes of insight peppered with cliches. What is unforgivable is last night's performance: constantly referred to england as 'we' and sighed in delight when 1966 was mentioned. This is an outraaage!
  3. £15m isn't really a big ask for any EPL club Disappointed if this is the end of his German career. Hope if he does move it's to a place where he will play every week.
  4. Forrest has pace, strength and great feet. What he lacks is a consistent football brain. That's why 60%+ of the time he ploughs into a dead end or runs the ball out if play. His plusses however mean that even when he makes the wrong choice, he gets the break or bobble of the ball and generally is a good asset in the pitch. Not the Armen Robben mkII we all wanted, but a decent winger nonetheless.
  5. I suspect Klopp is going to phase him in once he's convinced he's up to Liverpool's tempo.
  6. I'm guessing it'll be at least a week and a half away. Strachan will want as much of a chance as possible to assess how well/badly the players have started the season. Tierney Griffiths etc are definites but the likes of McGregor, snodgrass, Burke etc are in the balance.
  7. Snodgrass is a strange one. Don't think he'll play a huge part for us anymore.
  8. Potential future Scotland back 4 of: Ralston ??? Tierney (C) Robertson
  9. ^^^too wee and inexperienced for these forums
  10. So I've always been a proponent of Rhodes, as a squad player at least - good, lethal option to have in our armoury. But seeing this pic from pre season makes me think he has been busy spending the summer driving to Dundee in his bare feet whilst wolfing toblerones!
  11. Weir, Alexander, Caldwell, McManus - Pressley and Webster were level with these guys at best
  12. I agree they were good and benefitted from their club chemistry, but as to your original claim that Presley and Webster were two of Scotland's 4 most important players, I do not agree.
  13. Was just about to ask if he was likely to face England. Good signs.
  14. Gordon and Hartley, yes. Pressley and Webster, no. They were definitely 2 of Hearts' most important players, but Miller, McFadden, Ferguson and Fletcher were all more important to Scotland.