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  1. want me to miss the home game lolz...
  2. Easyjet have released their Oct 2017 Flight schedule. Just booked for 85 quid each Your flights Seats Fri, 06 Oct 2017 Edinburgh 06:10 Fri, 06 Oct 2017 London Gatwick (North Terminal) 07:40 Fri, 06 Oct 2017 London Gatwick (North Terminal) 13:00 Fri, 06 Oct 2017 Ljubljana 16:15
  3. cool, we will no doubt see you guys in the bar cheers
  4. whats your flight no mate? I'm not seeing that one at all cheers
  5. Wizz Air gone up triple, shoulda booked early. Transavia Air is cheap as chips as a return only unless you are missing the home game lolz, the Tuesday out was 47 dollars for me like 27 quid
  6. you guys missing the Slovakian home game? We're book in the City too but don't get there till Friday night.
  7. yep i'm a 15 min walk so great location
  8. to be fair so were they
  9. The Faro Collection was a nightmare as they were at the Gibralta team hotel in the middle of nowhere... cost us about 50 euros to cab it from Albufeira. Yes they had a collection at the stadium but it was tight to get ticket n get in to see start of the game.
  10. Just looking to see if anyone is on the Ryan air 7591 out of FCO Friday. I'm in Rome early and up for a beer. Also looking to share a cab into St Julians...
  11. 12 noon Monday July 25th to midnight Friday 29th July 4 - 10 pointers 12 noon Friday 29th July to midnight Sunday 31st July 3 - 10 pointers 12 noon Sunday 31st July to midnight Tuesday 2nd Aug 2 - 10 pointers 12 noon Tuesday 2nd Aug to midnight Thursday 4th Aug 1 - 10 pointers 12 noon Thursday 4th Aug to midnight Monday 8th Aug zero's n hero's
  12. Toronto to Rome Thursday 1st Rome to Malta Friday lunch time Ryan air back following Tuesday
  13. just 4 k nightmare...
  14. Currently I'm seeing 186 pound EDI to FCO Rome then 35 euro's Ryanair into MLA Thurs - Tues. I'm booked from FCO on both. Could be cheap cus i'm looking outside the UK though but worth a chase if your still hunting
  15. booked the Cavalieri too mate