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  1. This is still available if anyone is still looking for a ticket.
  2. There'll be a few that don't make the game!
  3. I've got a home end ticket for section RD available. £20 so less than face value. Message me if interested. Thanks.
  4. Yeah that was the bit I didn't quite get! Anyway, good to know any home end tickets getting moved closer to our away end. All being well that ticket will be spare for a ticketless Scot anyway.
  5. Interesting email received this morning - at least they didn't just cancel the ticket. "Regarding to Lithuanian football federation request, we had to cancel your tickets in RB sector and provide you with new ticket in RD sector, because of the Lithuanian fans located in RA sector, which is close to RB. [Link to new ticket] All visiting fans must purchase tickets to this match via Scotland football federation."
  6. Here you go: http://www.scottishfa.co.uk/resources/documents/Scotland/LithuaniavScotlandSalesSchedule2017.pdf
  7. Agreed! Was a very nice surprise to see us get so many tickets so well done to all involved.
  8. "Insurance" policy sorted. Thanks for the tip about VPN and the ticket website. Much appreciated!
  9. Fingers crossed we get the same! That's a hotel near the stadium sorted. Will be in Zagreb night before.
  10. That's good news as booked up for Vilnius. City Hotels in the old town - handy for the stadium too
  11. I'll be there but for those who can't/won't be going it's worth noting the match will be live on Sky Sports Mix so you don't need the full Sky Sports package to watch.
  12. If you've booked with Ryanair it's worth checking your flight times. They're making some schedule changes with Vilnius in September impacted.
  13. What would be wrong with McDiarmid Park? Easy enough to get to. I'd rather see a full 10,000 seater stadium than a quarter full Hampden or half full Easter Road.
  14. I disagree. Think the experience of playing in a full, smaller stadium is better than a quarter full and quiet Hampden for games like these. Take it around the country - Perth a good option and fill a 10,000 seater. Creates a bit of atmosphere hopefully and demand for tickets.
  15. Is this confirmed? I know Strachan mentioned a friendly would be scheduled. McDiarmid Park would be a good option and hopefully ensure a full stadium.