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  1. Not trying to emulate anyone. Tv money dropped when rangers were told to start at bottom, them being back up and having 4 games a season worth watching again should have te league bosses getting the money back up. quite simple really, dunno why you mistook it for a replicating someone who hasnt been on the board in that guise since before my time. Not like an aberdeen fan to live in the past
  2. So the premiership teams fans greeting about us coming up, haven't heard many complaints from the lower leagues fans about sharing leagues with rangers. Been far more fun watching than beating Aberdeen and kille 4 games a a season each year for nigh on 20 years on repeat. 4 years of going on and on about a team you keep claiming died , but yet you will drone on about them. God life must be boring for you. Bunch of grown men acting like teenagers saying they hate their ex, but checking their fb and instagram each day to mke sure their new life without them isn't better than what they had. Cant their just be aberdeen thread on here for all wee team shite, and let the grown ups talk about the big teams without fear of interference?
  3. Doesnt the tv money go up now we have a competitive premier leage again?
  4. Get yourself to grill house benidorm, they do a roof top area for large parties, one of few places that the food didn't look like a leap of faith to eat, Making plans for the day is a wasted effort. Clubs are open through the night, we were out till six then walked back to hotel king the road at the beach where you will see a fair amount of rutting going on.
  5. Dream job in golf.......valet at vw garage?
  6. Going wheeeee and then getting a row off your mum for getting the house dirty before your bath.
  7. Mountain bikes are for paper rounds and robbing banks in Fife. Road cycling is a real mans game. Bought my latest N+1 yesterday, lovely bike. few Frank Spencer moments as pedals I bought have a tension of 16m..add decreased stopping distance with the discs to increased time to unclip and had a couple of twitchy moments. sent a few emails to a few shops re changing the tension spring over to something more manageable. at 630 miles so far this year all on the road, off ten days from easter weekend so hoping to get close to doubling that, with a ton ride thrown in at some point.
  8. Problem with this would have been keeping crowds coming in. signing players from div 1 clubs a the start wouldnt have kept fans on side. It wasnt about quality, it was being seen go still be an attraction
  9. Disrespectful. Save that for testimonials or charity games. Messi is good enough at penalties that he didn't have to do that. Anyone who follows me on twitter, I have posted a pm I got from graham hunter for saying It was disrespectful. The is a difference between trickery and piss taking, and this crossed the line from entertainment to showing a lack of respect
  10. I think he brings it on himself as he's an arsehole......
  11. Clacks bridge is always brutal for wind.
  12. What kind of pace wasn't run at? Been out yesterday and today and wind has been brutal