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  1. Ryan Jack starts. Very surprising
  2. His goals v Newcastle, Argentina, and Leicester (the one at Filbert street) are right up there among my favourites. He was one of my favourites growing up, got his autograph at France 98 too (cool story bro) Edit: Forgot to add the goal at Roker Park v Sunderland too. Ridiculous skill
  3. His standing leg was taken from under him, it wasn't a "swan like dive".
  4. Not by actual football fans. Two goals in a world cup final and the screamer at Hampden to win the champions league stand out much more than that
  5. McKinnon answers "absolutely" when asked if that's the last time he'll play for United.
  6. fair enough. Should be a good occasion either way. Looks like the weather is to be scorching but with outbreaks of storms. Wasn't at our last Scottish cup final due to my mate selfishly getting married that day (only time it's ever been a Sunday and my mate has a Sunday wedding, typical!) so intend to make the most of it.
  7. A joke between me and Parklife. Last year on my Facebook he wasn't convinced Brendan Rodgers would be a success at Celtic and likened him to character in the Simpsons. I'm sure he'll tweet the exact same photo to me if Aberdeen win mind you (although probably in about a week's time after he's finished celebrating)
  8. Why book him for diving then?
  9. A Dundee United fan being told his wife is in labour over the tannoy there 0-0 so far
  10. Maybe it will, maybe it wont but you'll still not be in the final either way
  11. I always thought Gould was unlucky to lose his place to Douglas when he signed. Stephane Bonnes is still a bit of an online cult hero on the Celtic forums, despite nobody knowing what he even looks like. P.S don't remember the other guy at all.
  12. Aye these games are great for families. My son is still too young for it mind you but the lure of seeing Henrik and Lubo again will mean I end up going. And Harold Brattbakk, obviously.
  13. I wasn't too fussed about going to the legends game, but was looking forward to seeing the open top bus, especially if we beat Aberdeen. Might not even leave the Gallowgate now
  14. A certainty. I'll go for Simonovic to get a straight red card in the first half for a hard, but fair, tackle.