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  1. It went along with the words "Brendan's undefeated army". Same way people dress in military gear and call themselves the Tartan Army, nothing to get upset about.
  2. None of the flags showed support for the IRA. I seen support for our manager and marking the players' undefeated domestic season, but none about the IRA.
  3. It's worth pointing out that ours actually was a football banner.
  4. The sniper at work is actually the parody. So it's a parody of a parody. Which basically means that you're upset about a road sign being on a football banner. Perhaps you should avoid watching this sport from now on.
  5. The police should be paying that fine for us cos it was those dicks who were crowding the stairs more than anyone else.
  6. Dry your eyes you little gimp The banner didn't even mention the IRA so can people please stop pretending to be offended.
  7. Annoyed a bunch of hun kunts who sing about the famine and child abuse so it gets top marks from me
  8. Gold just to get last night's game out the road. Tie was over after the first leg and now the players can concentrate on Rosenborg. They're not as strong as they have been in years gone by from what I've heard but they are further into their season than we are which could be a bit of a leveler
  9. No idea how I've quoted all you. Sorry
  10. I'm there and I'm always there. God bless every one of me
  11. Great run from Crawford. Would have been some way to wrap up the points. Can see Killie grabbing a late goal
  12. By "my mob" do you mean middle eastern women and children?