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  1. Berlin

    I once watched Aberdeen away at Tannadice in here: http://www.belushis.com/bars/berlin They can show about 10 games at once. It's a nice place but full of s.
  2. The TAMB 5-a-side team sounds better than the Scotland team.
  3. If it's half as good as the Ibiza prom i'll be delighted.
  4. I must have got high last night.
  5. It's the 3rd year in a row we've made it.
  6. Good performance. Wasteful infront of goal though. Taylor can off. We'll win in Slovenia.
  7. Dublin

  8. RedTV international - should be easy enough to find a stream (if you're a part time fan et al.)
  9. Dons superstar and anti-racism campaigner Shay Logan likes to pop up on Dons sites.
  10. 4034 tickets

    I'd be amazed if it was as high as 600. Great weekend though, nice to get away with the rest of the elite.
  11. Don't be so downbeat, you almost bet Peterhead last night.