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  1. Poor choice, he'd be better off going home.
  2. Once they learn to beat shite like Killie we can all think about Sevco. I didn't bother with today's game, but it sounded identical to our last 300 visits to Parkhead. Contained Celtic for a bit, scored a goal, fell apart at the end. I was happy with my choice to go to Stenhousemuir instead, despite the lack of Matchday programme.
  3. You're shite, the game was Tuesday.
  4. Stenny are pish. Airdire were alright, need a finisher though. Why does Ochilview have a Norway stand?
  5. No you don't. It doesn't exist. Parklife said so.
  6. The draws not been made yet.
  7. We already have.
  8. None of which explains why they're overlooking what must be one of the "biggest" games of the season.
  9. Anybody explain why last seasons 1st v 2nd isn't being shown on TV but 9th(?) v Promoted team is? In protest I'm either heading to Cliftonhill, Meadowbank or Ochilview the morn.
  10. Real Madrid are easy to beat in competitive games.
  11. Thought it happened at night when you were asleep?
  12. Accidentally reverse something big into it during the night.
  13. That's quite expensive, I assume all profits will be going to the Sunshine appeal?
  14. Anybody found a cheap route to Yerevan?