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  1. Hopefully theres enough coffee to go round.
  2. To get 2 tickets in the Aberdeen end you would have had to have been to 1 (one) game in the last 2 years... If you still managed to miss out then I have limited sympathy.
  3. I honestly thought Shinedown were better than Maiden. Did mean I missed Rangers v Aberdeen, does anybody know what the final score was?
  4. Just blame the average speed cameras.
  5. Can't help it's all thanks to former Dons youth player Danny, Danny Ward.
  6. Iron Maiden were decent. How much did the Famous win by?
  7. Leggings are dead. Meggings are the future.
  8. No they don't.
  9. It's only alienating fans that don't bother to attend Pittodrie. They can go and themselves, they don't deserve to see the Famous lift the Scottish Cup.
  10. Bad news, i've also booked the same hotel