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  1. St Johnstone should be sending 11 players to a semi.
  2. Bigger question is what the has happened to Buckie?
  3. Clach were pish. Stirling Uni weren't too bad.
  4. Because that's the way it normally is.
  5. I got a supporters bus to Riga last time we played in Lithuania.
  6. I've chartered a supporters train from Queen Street. Still a few places left.
  7. Do you ever get bites anymore?
  8. You've clearly never seen the Aberdeen semi-final record.
  9. Yeah, why don't Hibs come join the big boys in the top league?
  10. Thanks, but I voted Yes last time. I'm sure if you keep insulting people with different opinions to you they'll change their minds.
  11. Where we playing?
  12. Because it's 2016, when everybody does have access to the Internet.
  13. I would be concerned if I'd bought a ticket for this event.
  14. Is there an Irish pub near B?