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  1. Went to Jmaes Bond Island for 50th birthday this tmuear. One if the bucket list.
  2. No odds for stuart Baxter then.
  3. Not been for a very long time. But you could check out Ben Lawers easy munro to tick off. Relatively easy walk and you used to get to park nearby at wildlife centre. If I recall correctly.
  4. I have sailed on sea princess across the Atlantic. Ship has lots of stabilsers etc so even if bad weather it is not to bad. You may notice it rocking a bit as it did for us but given that this was the Atlantic off Greenland with a hurricane/storm coming up from new York east coast then was ok.
  5. Just back from carnival ecstasy. The Americans do not do the formal stuff. You are lucky if they put on a pair of farrahs and a polo shirt. Only one or two people do the formal wear.. also watch out for all the non tippers giving the last night in the restaurant a miss so as not to tip the waiters. Comedy club punchliner is good but might be a bit risqué for some.
  6. If I recall correctly a certain mojo got done for assaulting someone in mardi gras.
  7. Fatwa - is that what ally is called now, or is it fat wan
  8. How about the bus driver, kit man and a real rangers man
  9. If hour are going to be in Kyoto for such a long time then try and go to Himeji Jo castle and also the bamboo grove walk just outside Osaka