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  1. Tartan Sound - Hootenannys, City Centre. Free entry, kids welcome with an adult. I heard this band last week at Gig in the Goil. Absolutely brilliant.
  2. Tartan Sound will be playing Hootenannys again. At least that's what half of the band told me the other night! Great band, great patter. Just speak to the big ginger guy in the waistcoat, he'll get you in if you buy him a wine!
  3. I don't disagree he was wrong, but I think serving his time on a manslaughter charge as he has done, is the right sentence and sentiment. To call a serving Royal in a war situation a murderer is wrong though. The FOB they were operating from was under constant duress.
  4. I agree. Well, IMO, he has served his time for Manslaughter and should be released. The bit in bold, been in many combat situations have you, which would allow you to state categorically that your words are true?
  5. I've got weekend tickets for Country to Country followed by weekend tickets for Gig on the Goil. Cause I rock!
  6. Actually in Argyll and Bute. And right next to Faslane!
  7. Move to Greenock mate. With a 300 grand budget you can buy a rather large gaffe! Only 35 minutes by train or road to Glasgow. Great scenery, nature on your doorstep, vibrant nightlife.
  8. Without meaning to stir the porridge too much, are the ATAC spokespeople going to issue any sort of statement condemning the SSC breaking their own rules? Just wondering.
  9. I had this same conversation on the bus home from Wembley. The average age on the bus was post 40. And stop calling ourselves the Tartan Army. It's a pishy name.
  10. i remember performing First Aid to another Scots fan during an away game a few years back (facts not mentioned to protect the guilty). if you ever want to sober up quickly, get another Scots fan to collapse three rows in front of you and be the first responder!
  11. I don't disagree with the sentiment of ATAC, it's a great idea to stop charlatans like some I've witnessed. Still don't think they're right to come on and "condone" the actions of individulas who probably aren't even in their association. Oh and for the record, should their acronym not be ASTAC, standing for the Association of SOME Tartan Army Clubs? Just saying...
  12. A constitution? To go with my mates to the fitba? that! Constipation though? Exact opposite after my kebab in Boreham Wood after the game!
  13. Out of interest, was the members who were banned, given warnings etc and the Scotland fans giving abuse to the lassies at the pick up members of ATAC? If not, why bother issuing a statement? What about a statement condoning/condemning the abject failure of the team to beat a bunch of Lithuanians, or being unable to defend against a Sassenach header? Or is that not in the spirit of the "Tartan Army we'll support you evermore"? No one in my club is in ATAC by the way, we've never been asked!
  14. I posted this on another thread earlier: I was there. Thats my flag in the background. Funny how they don't show the bottom of it with the "Lest We Forget" attachment on it! The Silence in the Square had been over for four hours by that stage. The Silence was a very sombre and fitting event. The hundreds of Scots in the crowd paying their respects. What a terrible article by the Sunday Mail. As a current serving Serviceman I didnt take any offence to any of it. I doubt any fallen would have either. Shame on you Sunday Mail/Daily Record. Poor, poor reporting. Edit to add: I never seen the tadgers getting their tadgers out, that's lewd and libidinous behaviour. Charge anybody who thinks thats funny needs their head examined.
  15. Good post.