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  1. Its naw hard!
  2. Someone did. I can't access the page, which is in pretty poor taste.
  3. I've just been banned. Never been banned from anything in my life! Feel a bit gangster now. If Mr McDermott would care to meet offline to discuss me saying his comment was despotic, please feel free. I'm the 3 foot tall paraplegic if you're interested..
  4. He's only 19. We knocked back a £100000 bid for him in August. Strachan - get watching!
  5. Cappielow was a torrid affair tonight. We weren't that great, Dundee Utd looked the part, but overall they were gash. We're in our first semi final in 35 years!
  6. Tickets reserved, bought and printed off in less than five minutes. Great scheme!
  7. I can still foresee us getting more tickets. 100 percent pick up please SSC!
  8. I missed out. Ach well, I'll try phoning again for the hundredth time!
  9. When was the last time ticket demand was this high? I genuinely thought my five points would be more than enough to secure a ticket!
  10. There isnae a button!
  11. So was I. The Yanks have no control over the targetting or operations of it once it's on a UK facility. I must admit, it frustrates me how little people know about the nuclear deterrent, yet they all have a misguided view of how it operates. Don't believe everything Wings over Scotland says!
  12. The warheads are wholly British and the delivery system,except for the build, has no non UK input.
  13. Pish. The Americans have no control over our Submarines.
  14. All the its in bold aren't true. ow exactly cold the Americans deny our Submarine weather and gravitational data? It doesn't come from them. I'm pretty sure all the people working in Coulport would be glad to hear that the US service the missiles, puts them all out of a job!