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  1. Park in the James watt dock marina. It's directly across the street from the ground. Or pull off at gibshill brae before the marina (at the arnold clark garage) and park the car on any of the streets there. All no more than five minutes walk. Or you can park on my drive for a tenner?!!!
  2. It does have a direct correlation with Faslane, thats where the majority of submarines are home ported. What would replace them to make this great employment utopia the SNP envisage?
  3. The phasing out of Nuclear power is a mental idea.
  4. If the SNP only went on a platform of no Nuclear missiles, they would maybe have more kudos. The plan for a Nuclear free Scotland, including Nuclear power, is mental. There's only four Submarines in the UK capable of carrying nuclear missiles, there are a further eight nuclear fast attack boats. The white paper stated it would have got rid of Scotlands share of them as well. Mental.
  5. Of course we can have non nuclear there. It just wouldn't make any sense. We don't have any non nuclear submarines at the moment, so there would be a substantial period of procurement and building, both of the Submarines and the infrastructure remodelling, which wouldn't be cheap, and would probably be vetoed for cost anyway. . As for surface vessels, theoretically we could easily use Faslane, but it wouldn't make any sense. it's on the wrong coast from the oil rigs for a start. With reference to the top part of your post, I totally agree that no means rule from London, but SNP is not exclusively Yes, which too many souls seems to think.
  6. By your definition the Anti Trident line is peddled about by all nationalists then? Thats just not true. It's a SNP and Scottish Labour Party line. You do know the majority of people in Scotland don't belong to any political party don't you? Many of us who voted Yes disagree with a lot of SNP policies, conversely, there will be no voters who disagree with a lot of Tory/Lib Dem/Labour/UKIP policies. The notion of independence isn't exclusively owned by the SNP you know.
  7. Facts? Supposition more like. And who said I'm a Unionist?
  8. Facts? Supposition more like. And who said I'm a Unionist?
  9. What would be based at faslane if not nuclear submarines? The UK doesn't have any non nuclear boats. The white papers laughable plan to base a Scotttish Defence force there is pie in the sky. My comments Shiite? Not really.
  10. Ahoy all. It's only four sleeps until the brilliant Ted Christopher plays our annual Hail Caledonia Greenock Tartan Army St Andrews night swally in the Morton Supporters club in Greenock. Anyone in the West who fancies a brilliant night out for a tenner this Friday just give me a PM on here. Two bands, raffle, drink prizes and scran. Great night guaranteed. Slainte! Paddy
  11. No ta. I've met her in her previous life. Elle though? Oh aye. Pure wid.
  12. We all would. If our homes and loved ones were under attack.
  13. I thought I'd give this tabata thing a bash at the gym tonight. (Fitness test in three weeks) Feeking shell, I thought I'd lost a lung! It even hurts to type!