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  1. Aberdeen score more goals than Maribor and get knocked out. Its a funny old game.
  2. Another cracker. I can imagine they would sell quite well in the build up to Wembley.
  3. Love it I must have missed them on sale. Are they still going ?
  4. Brilliant Dave, been ages buddy. Hope life is treating you well
  5. Just you wait to the next family meeting. Am telling on ye
  6. I knew you were a mate cheeky bassa
  7. Scottish by birth and choice. I wonder what he would say if you asked him personally.
  8. Ho, I am able to read you know
  9. Gone are the days of the soft fencing in my local park. Its proper solid fencing with spikes and that sticky paint that is impossible to get off ! It's ridiculous but it's the sad world we live in where kids are not allowed to kick a ball about the park. But saying that, some of the wee toe rags like to damage things.
  10. Hope the loan move proves fruitful. I really rated him but not seen much of him since his transfer.
  11. Please see above post. My bad, sausage fingers and phones don't mix.
  12. Sausage fingers at it again "I f*****g love you Gumbo "
  13. Well done wee double D Back on the subject, I live near a big public park with about 12 football pitches marked out from full size down to juniors pitches. Also on the grounds is my sons football clubhouse. The teams 4G Astro pitches are fenced off and locked so they stay in top condition. This makes sense to me as it cost the club thousands. But. There are signs all over the place saying stay off the grass pitches and football is banned unless it's an official match ! I've had many a "conversation" with the local council parkies who actively patrol and threaten you with an £80 fine. Grassroots ?
  14. No a bad player but there are better options out there.
  15. 5432.