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  1. You coming out of retirement for this ?
  2. Good luck to both teams, hope those of you have tickets have a great day. Can only see a Celtic victory but heres hoping to a thrilling end to end match. Will predict 3-1 Celtic.
  3. The wee man clearly has ability to make it professionally but only time will tell in the end if he makes it. I hope he decides on Scotland.
  4. I'll be getting my own back on you after the soaking in Malta you gave me ! I've not forgotten btw ! Hope all is well mate
  5. Ah, that makes more sense. I thought it was cockney slang for slapper
  6. Sorry, what the hell does that mean ? Is that dandy slang for something ?
  7. 5'2" ! Ye pair o' cheeky auld buggers
  8. I thought it was only ma wife that got inches wrong !
  9. I'd give anything for the chance mate !
  10. If more of our footballers had the passion, commitment, determination and sporting ability, then we could then sing about them with great pride. The laddies World Number 1 ! We don't get that many opportunities to say that Scotland are world champions
  11. I really want to be positive. Actually, I'm desperate to raise myself to some form of positivity. But after the years of heartache and failure, I'm struggling. My English mates have been ripping me for weeks now, 4 or 5 minimum, worst of the home nations by miles, couldna score in a brothel etc etc blah blah. The best I could give back was at least I follow my country. Thats all I've got, and those who know me know I can more than hold my own in the banter. Please lads ( players ), give us something back, some pride, some feeling of happiness, something to help us carry the Pride we shout about with all things Scottish ! Get right in aboot thum !
  12. Like I said, IMO, I think it is not. So it's not.
  13. I'all be wearing a Poppy, because I want to. Not because I'm joining a bandwagon, but because I wear a Poppy every year as a mark of respect. I do still think that this stushie is all because FIFA have said it is a political statement when it is not. (IMO) Each to their own in this matter. My biggest fear is that there will be groups of Poppy wearers roaming the stadium perimeter hunting non-Poppy wearers like the supposed saga in Bratislava with the kilts
  14. One oota two no bad. anyone got Souness and King Kennys numbers ?