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  1. What section is this fan in?
  2. Yes 11am
  3. Site looks untouched when I was there last week as I thought all the Railway work they were doing was complete.
  4. Don't go to Beer Wharf and Vinopolis at Borough Market as both are closed
  5. I have just been banned for no reason from this group.
  6. Done my payment, ta Neil
  7. One for me please thanks
  8. What about administration on here as he has used there name or ATAC
  9. Seen the Media Whores a few times, sadly I am on Holiday this day but if your in Edinburgh come along to support a worthwhile cause at a TA Friendly location.
  10. I have made it to Bath Spa for a three nights. Made it south via Easyjet with a Bristol Cabin crew but Cabin Boy number No1 Tim was not there. Back home Wednesday night.

  11. Beer time before the game

  12. On my way hame maybe Mr McGinty will still be there

  13. Time for a fcc commute

  14. Some of you know I have been testing cars recently so here is a few photos of them.

  15. As I am heading towards the Hogmanay Hoolie at The Radical Road Pub tonight with Nataly.May I wish all my friends a very Happy New Year when it comes(or passed in the case of my more Easterly friends) and may all your wishes come true.