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  1. Played 103 golf courses last year while I was living in Newcastle - back down in Blackpool now so bagging some courses in North West - up to 39 for the year. Favourite one while in North east of England was Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland. Loved the course and stunning views as well. Came up to Scotland for a week a couple of weeks ago -played the following :- Moffat - loved it - probs a bit too easy for a big hitter. Carnwath - too many par 3s at 240 yards with raised greens - second course of day - just a bit too hard for me. Cawder -my mate a member -excellent course. Dullater in Cumbernauld - enjoyed this one . Routenburn in Largs - just a portakabin instead of clubhouse - one of fav ever courses - absolutely loved it plus the scenery is second to none. Largs - another belter Monifieth - my mate also a country member here - quality track - bit difficult when breezy. Helensburgh - another cheapo on teeofftimes website -really enjoyed it -again great views. Buchanan Castle (Drymen) - lovely walk - great condition -very flat Balmore -lovely course Littlehill (Glasgow muni) - bit of nostalgia with my first ever course when I was about 13 - what a fookin experience this time - 20 teenagers havin a party on one of the medal tees - then taking turns racing round the course on a quad bike -then the greenkeeper chasing forlornly in his truck/buggie. Not in great condition -but a tough course all the same. Going on a billy nomates drive round the Highlands in June -staying in Fort William, Ullapool, Durness, Thurso, Inverness and Kingussie - be taking in a few courses on that route.
  2. I heard Roger Moore on the Steve Wright show on Radio 2 prior to his last tour. He was so funny and sent himself up something rotten. I nearly crashed the car as I was laughing so much at his stories and his delivery. Wished Id gone to one of his gigs on the tour. Definitely someone to enjoy a pint with or a martini ..shaken not stirred.
  3. Ffs are like the bloke in dads army "we're doomed " except private laurie didnae bang on about fishing all the time. Away and gie's peace man wi yer shyte.
  4. I cant recall a single Wigan accent on the program and its quite recognisable. But that was frighteningly xenophobic last night. Amazed at the booing of Nicola Sturgeon ..just as well they never mentioned SNP.
  5. Megyn Price from the us sitcom Rules of Engagement.
  6. He should have been sacked after his report on Alex Salmond's speech in the referendum. He did a facebook question page - had a go at him where he tried to apololgise - at least I got to swear at him personally. Kuonsberg bias as well -so vehemently anti Corbyn - you can see the venom in her every time she talks about him
  7. Notice the BBC and Sky news politiacal bias going into overdrive. Concerted effort in the vox pops (fooking hate them) to display former Labour voters now intending to vote Tory. Does my head in -how can a Labour voter just change like that to vote Tory. Scottish people who are changing from Labour to Tory - just completely wrong.
  8. Well ive bewn a boycotter at hampden ever since the price hike. Used to travel up from englandshire for the games but now just go to all the away matches. Point of principle ..sfa just rippin the pish. Not one of the booers except for steven fletcher boo him.
  9. Another wee trip up to Edinburgh for the junior cup quarter final Bonnyrigg Rose v the mighty Kirky Rob Roy. New venue for me - cracking cup tie in prospect.
  10. Up to 114 after today - Castle Eden and Hartlepool.(excellent course) . Yeah all different courses - 12 months finishes on Tuesday - mainly in the North East of England -but been down to Lincolnshire and all up the coast to Eyemouth. I work nights so got the days free and only temporarily in the Newcastle area - started off with teeofftimes website , then used twilight times and winter rates now for the more expensive courses.
  11. Came up from Newcastle at the weekend for the Penicuick Rob Roy junior cup tie. Thought Id take in a few courses in the borders each way. Played Hawick , Cardrona on the way up - enjoyed both - Cardrona an excellent course but I found it quite tough - especially the back nine but might have been I was tiring. On way back played Minto then off to Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland. That's me played 112 courses so far from March 2016 till now -finish counting at end of month. But Bamburgh Castle has just gone to the top of the list. £20 after 1 p,m - course is just fantastic with astounding views.
  12. Was an absolute cracker of a game Zico - had everything , some excellent goals, a sending off, numerous bookings, the home crowd berating the ref cos he was from Cumbernauld - had to explain that Cumbernauld and Kirkintilloch arent naturally in love with each other. Could do with avoiding another toughie away from home .
  13. Doing a billy nomates road trip around the north in the summer including bit of golf and doing the Ullaool Stornoway ferry .Only going to stay in one of the places - anyone recommend either for staying in and having a few pubs for a wee crawl?
  14. 2-1 to Rob Roy today against Mussleburgh played at Benburb under floodlights - couldnt make it up from Newcastle for this one -but hopeful of a wee trip to Penicuik for next week;s match in last 16.