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  1. Turkey

    I was in Olu Deniz a couple of years ago  -really enjoyed it - main beach not great but there is the big lagoon close which is fantastic for swimming and sunbathing - nice wee resort as well . Found the Turks very friendly.
  2. Wales V Scotland 6 Nations

    I always start watching a rugby game thinking its going to be decent to watch - yet again another ball up the jumper drive in - kick it aimlesslessly pile of crap. Modern day rugby union is shyte.
  3. Dunno which one it was for certain - thought I was about 9 or 10 miles north of Berwick. No idea what speed I was doing.
  4. Accommodation In Metz Looks Sparse

    2 nights in Best Hotel - apparently 1.5 miles from centre.
  5. Ive read different bits online about GATSO cameras. I'm not back down to my Blackpool address till the weekend then I can see whether Ive been notified or not. Apparently some GATSO flash when there is no film in them with oncoming traffic. If Ive been notified I'll need to determine which one it was and then check the road to see whether there are white lines on both sides of the road.
  6. Was driving down this road the other night when suddenly got flashed by speed camera on other side of the road- single carriageway at this point. Couldn't see a fooking thing - completely blinded and nearly crashed. I presume I can still get caught despite it being a GATSO camera set up to take photos from rear. Totally fooking dangerous though at night.
  7. Italy V Scotland In Malta

    Bollocks tae that - if the game was in Italy fair enough - not going to Malta for a friendly when I'm back there in September. What the fook is wrong with playing them in Italy ffs.
  8. Metz A No Go

    Bollocks to the Newcastle Amsterdam ferry =£145 one way - I don't think so.
  9. Scotland V England

    Thank fook the rugby league season has started again - great to watch - funny how both games have gone in opposite directions in later years - rugby league in the Eddie Waring days was ball up the jumper and drive in , rugby union had the likes of Campese with his trickery - now its the opposite - rugby union dull as ditchwater -rugby league at superleague level - virtually game exciting and excellent to watch.
  10. Metz A No Go

    Have to wait and see of any other matches around that week ..otherwise I'll just walk across the road to the Newcastle -Amsterdam ferry, train down to Metz. Back on train , Eurostar train.
  11. Scotland V England

    Well as an ex rugby player in the 70s , 80s and 90s - that game yesterday was typical of what the professional game has become and nothing like the past. . Nothing more than glorified British bulldogs. Player gets ball, drives in , sets in back , another player gets it drives in sets it back ..repeat repeat repeat.yesterday was mind numbingly boring - hardly any exciting running/passing/handling. Absolute drivel.
  12. Budapest

    Loved Budapest when I was there - just stayed for one night before getting the train next day to Zagreb for the Croatia match. Stayed at Hotel Charles on the Buda side - just a five minute bus ride across the river. It was quite cheap but excellent reviews on tripadvisor. The hotel is the friendliest Ive ever stayed at - got a free upgrade to a big double room with kitchen with a bottle of fizz and a box of chocolates provided, instead of the single room I had paid for,. It was my birthday on the day I was checking out and the hotel had noticed. The guys on reception were the friendliest possible. Had a fantastic couple of hours at the Szycheni baths , met Nelbo for drinks at night - enjoyed the "Scottish " bar - next day had a wee jaunt on the trams - followed by lunch at TGI Fridays - next to metro station where all the metro lines converge. £4 for a fantastic lunch. Defintely be back for a romantic weekend when I can find a burd.
  13. The simple fact is that if the Westminster govt put the same effort into preventing tax evasion and avoidance as they do in destroying the welfare state -then there would be no deficit - why not instill a trading tax on companies that are paying no corporation tax.
  14. Sunderland

    Having only passed through on the Metro before , I thought Id take a wee drive down the coast from Newcastle and have a wee look round Sunderland. What a shytehole - the city centre is horrible - far inferior to any other cities Ive been in. No sign of Mr Fletcher packing his bags at the Stadium of Light Anyone else visited and got a different opinion in case I missed anything?
  15. Coupon

    My Paddy Power kitty was up to £339 before I invested in Celtic against Ross County - £114 at 3/10 - ah well - took the £205 out and start again with the £20.