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  1. Switched this on for a wee bit but Tyldesley and Glenn Hoddle just "gie ye the dry boak" - then to make matters worse Rashford scores after 2 minutes and it goes into overdrive. Time to turn off and watch Warrington Leeds at rugby league instead.
  2. Golfers Forum.

    They didn't have anyone in front of them at all on the back nine - it was the fact that they were doffing it off the tee then looking for balls - so they had plenty of opportunity to wave me through. I'm afraid the smug bass tard really got on my nerves after shooing me off the fairway - I wouldn't normally swear at anyone but there was only 4 of them and I was bigger lol.
  3. Rugby League Magic Weekend

    3 super league matches on Saturday and 3 on Sunday - great value at £40 for six games. Cracking atmosphere in the ground as some fans just watch their own team and others like me watch all the matches. There are some excellent pubs near the ground and fans can pop in and out of the stadium anytime.
  4. Golfers Forum.

    Played 3 courses in last week - Whitley Bay £13 on teeofftimes -bargain - lovely course but very hard in parts - 15th and 16th require 200 yard carries - bit knackered if you aren't a big hitter . Played Prudhoe near Newcastle on Friday £10 - shortish but tricky . Back down in Blackpool this week and played North Shore today £16 - driven past it many times but never played it - good condition - quite long but a bit featureless. Thought I was gonna break 90 for first time this year when out in 41 then blew up on 13,14,15 and ended up scoring 92 - but still ok when I go on my golf trip with handicap of 22, Had my first ever argument at Prudhoe on Friday. As a single player I'm well aware that technically I have no standing on the course but in these days of courses requiring visitors it doesn't do for members to be cnuts. On the front nine 4 guys playing a doubles match (off the white tees) let me through - so thanked them for that - on the back nine 4 duffers in front of me - forever looking for their balls and just ignoring me waiting behind on the tee - they could see that I was far quicker than them and also a much better player but no common decency from them. Played the 16th and my ball was on the fairway but apparently they had priority on the 17th tee which played over the 116th fairway. I got to my ball while they were leaving the green with a 50 yard walk to the tee. Next thing they are whistling me out of the way before they got on the tee. Well that was the last straw - threw my club down in disgust - moved to the side while they then drove off. When they passed me I said "You've got a cheek whistling me out of the way when you could have let me play through plenty of times - you slow w*nkers" . Bloke replies "You have no social standing on the course as a single player" . Being the mild mannered sort I replied "You wont be standing if I wrap this club round your neck ya #####. " He decides he is reporting me and asks my name . "John Smith (which it is) - stick that up your arse". They fooked up straight away at the eighteenth . I may have been slightly out of order with the language and threatening someone - but I pity anyone else stuck behind them.
  5. Well since rumours have abounded for years that Kitty attended the same guest house parties as Cyril Smith - I'm guessing that Kitty will be too close to the Establishment figures -judges , politicos etc - if he blabs then the walls come down - secrets service must surely be looking at eliminating Kitty.
  6. Golfers Forum.

  7. Golfers Forum.

    I like this Teeofftimes website. Getting some great deals here around Newcastle area. Played Tynemouth (£13) , Morpeth (£8) , Tyneside ( £14) - all really good courses. Played a 9 holer - but with 18 tees - Warkworth - £10 in the hionesty box - course ok but fantastic views right on the coast. Really annoying not being able to play more (I work at nights -so plenty of free time) - but thought Id recovered from Golfer's Elbow that I got last year - but its back - having to limit myself and drug up full of ibuprofen.
  8. Id have to say that Leicester won the league on their own merit as opposed to being lucky that other teams weren't quite as good as previous years. They hardly lost a game all season - took on all the so-called big boys with relative success and hardly ever let up whenever playing the lower teams. Great team spirit - and cant fault the defence which was excellent - Vardy is showing himself to be a very difficult player to play against running defenders all over the place and leaving room for others like Mahrez. If they retain the bulk of that squad - still cant see any other team to match them next season.
  9. upton park

    Went to Blackpool West Ham play off final at Wembley in 2012. Having been to quite a few play off finals with Blackpool its usually a good laugh with the opposition supporters - but West Ham - fook me - almost to a man they were a bunch of khuunts - always hated them since.
  10. Ffs george trying to cultivate an image of a grumpy moaning faced old b astard with no mates and you go and spoil it .
  11. Fair point..but the tamb is the home of the whingers ....where the fook else can i have a good moan about things apart from facebook. If you dont have anym ates on the tamb..they cant unfriend you. I didnt start the thread to stimulate a fooking discussion on the pros and cons of europe either.
  12. Ched Evans

    That's a load of shit even from someone as cantankerous as yourself - you know fine well I did suggest anything like that . Go back into your hole - youa re one horrible piece of work.
  13. Ched Evans

    Certainly was twisting my words. What I suggested was that if both parties are not sober - can the man determine whther the woman is unable to give consent - if he was sober and she was pissed then Id say there is a possibility of him determining that - even if the woman asks for sex. If they have both been drinking and the woman wants to have sex (as opposed to the man forcing himself upon her) then I would hazard a guess that extremely few men would say -hang on a minute - although she is asking to have sex- I don't think she is capable of giving consent. This whole area is a minefield and in my opinion extremely different from having sex against the will of the woman.
  14. Ched Evans

    I think this case has just opened the issue of when a woman is deemed able to give consent. If she was paralytic and the other two were relatively sober then I can see that they took advantage of her. If everyone concerned was drunk then what happens? can the man make a judgement that the woman is not able to give consent?
  15. Ched Evans

    Why should Evans show any remorse if in his view he has not done anything criminally wrong?. He has always maintained his innocence.