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  1. Doing a billy nomates road trip around the north in the summer including bit of golf and doing the Ullaool Stornoway ferry .Only going to stay in one of the places - anyone recommend either for staying in and having a few pubs for a wee crawl?
  2. 2-1 to Rob Roy today against Mussleburgh played at Benburb under floodlights - couldnt make it up from Newcastle for this one -but hopeful of a wee trip to Penicuik for next week;s match in last 16.
  3. Nevr Never mind a sevens tournament - rugby league a far better game to watch. Although bit too far away if you are in Scotland but the Magic Weekend at St James Park in Newcastle is just brilliant with 3 games on the Saturday and three on the Sunday. I always watch the rugby internationals in the hope that they will be good but unfortunately I cant cope with way rugby union has gone since the days of professionalism and its a totally different game from the one I played twenty years ago. Ball the the jumper , drive in , get tackled recycle and repeat. A player like Styuart Hogg would have been fantastic in the old days we just see one or two glimpses in a game amongst the dross - David Campese wouldn't have got a look in these days. For me the Scotland Ireland game was only exciting in terms of the closeness of the result - watched the England -France game - well I tried to watch it and got distracted as there was some paint drying.
  4. Dearest Darling .........(insert name here) You set my heart on fire Every time I think of you Like a Tefal deep fat frier.
  5. Planning a wee trip up the west coast then round John O'Groats and back down. Travellingf rom Glasgow in 2017 for a week. Just going billy nomates and looking at scenery and the odd game of golf plus a ferry trip to Stornoway from Ullapool. Route is going via Fort William , Portree, Lochcarron, Poolewe, Ullapool - Stornoway-Ullapool , Tongue, Thurso, John O Groats, Wick - back dwon to Inverness and then any way back to Glasgow. Defintely going to stay in Portree for a night , might do Fort William as well . not sure whether to stay in Ullapool or Stornoway (1 of the 2) then anywhere else on route. Just looking for suggestion as to where nice to stopover and decent golf courses - probs not doing the ultra expensive ones like Royal Dornoch though.
  6. There are some cracking earlier round games before the big boys come in with their reserve teams.
  7. Don't get to see it when down in Englandshire - but I'll definitely be watching it next year if Kirkintilloch Rob Roy either win the Junior Cup or the league and qualify for it. Despite your sarcasm - I drove up for Junior Cup match this weekend only for it to be postponed. No one in Scotland describes the Scottish Cup as the best in the world and neither is the English one. In fact the Junior Cup may well be one of the best - certainly in my opinion.
  8. Despite the usual English media banging on about it being the "greatest cup competition i the world" just like the Premier League is th egreatest league in the world - its become a load of pish with virtually all teams in the top 2 divisions makig wholesale changes - even some lower league teams doing it as well. This competitio going down the pan.
  9. Didnae fooking kick off at all. Pitch ispection was very early on saturday morning - but it was raining all morning which could have softened the pitch - other games on around the area - think they should have at least given it another hour .
  10. Piss poor decision -just as well it was the goalkeeper and not the number two..
  11. Travelling up for the Kirkintilloch Rob Roy - Musselburgh game this Saturday. Some season so far for the Roy topping the West Superleague , won the central league cup. Mon the Roy.
  12. With all this Brexit crap , have to say Ive never felt more like a foreigner in this country (England) than I do now. Not only is the xenophobia coming from the hard right Tories/UKIP - its also now the preserve of the Jeremy Kyle types ie. uneducated who came out in their droves to vote out of Europe solely on their racist anti-immigration views based on the drivel read in the Daily Mail/Sun. Very nasty undercurrent running through England ..I despair.
  13. I thought Corbyn actually did well in laying into May as well -she comes across as pretty weak just repeating the mantra . However on the Daily Politics we then switch back to that arsehole Laura Kuensberg - yet another BBC Political editor who has an agenda - this time just massively anti-Corbyn.
  14. Just completed the 100 courses in the year yesterday. Played both courses at Slaley Hall in the last week - absolute bargain at £15 each - both extremely difficult I would say unless you are a low handicapper. Only a handful left with a 50 mile radius but left some as they are just too expensive. Been a brilliant experience and getting to see the area as well in particular the coast line from Berwick down to Skegness.
  15. I think you have some fair points in there - especially re the Scotland team- but its basically RL trying to expand its horizons. Cant see them doing it in Scotland though as there isn't a playing base there at all. They have brought the Magic Weekend to Newcastle for the past couple of years - fantastic occasion but any rugby playing schools in the North East will be playing union not league -whereas schools in Wigan, St Helens , Warrington , Leeds etc will be playing rugby league. As a former player of both but mainly rugby union - I think rugby union has become a dire game to watch -just like British Bulldogs - no attempt to beat a man skilfully or by passing -all just driving in and repeat. Ive been to various different rugby league grounds and the atmosphere between the rival fins is terrific - no trouble but lots of singing - slagging each other off - its a great game to watch - id particularly recommend a game at Castleford before they move to a new ground.