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      ATAC produced a guide to Bratislava and Trnava prior to our recent visit. If you saw this, did you use it? Was it of any help?
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  1. We were on bus 6 due to leave the Crowne Plaza at 7.15 - but thought fook it that's too late - so got the train at 4.oclock to Trnava - 2.5 euros and plenty of time for a few bevvies in Trnava. Managed to find the bus eventually for the way back - otherwise would have got the train at 11.15.
  2. He shouldnt have been jailed in the first place
  3. Spot on . When I read the transcript of the first case - the conviction seemed ludicrous . After saying they had a majority verdict - the judge had to ask the jury to come up with a unanimous verdict or they would be back the following week - then within a short space they came back and found Evans mate not guilty and Evans guilty. People were slating Evans for never admitting his "guilt" and always protesting his innocence - ridiculous assumptions from certain quarters - most high profile in the case of Jessica Ennis Hill threatening to remove her name from one of the stands. As said above his behaviour might not have been that great but it was stupidity not a criminal act. Glad to see the proper outcome now.
  4. Strangely enough despite being a fan of international football , I much prefer club rugby league to international rugby league. Watched Scotland v USA at Salford in the last world cup. Nothing to write home about. I try to go to different super league matches - been to most grounds apart from Leeds, Widnes and Catalans. Favourite is Castleford with its old stadium - brilliant atmosphere.
  5. I was reading that the train fare is 17.50 euros on the day. Just went into Hungarian train site - if you just put a single from Budapest to Bratislava in -it doesn't come up with any fares - but I put in Budapest to Bratislava on the 10th with a return journey on the 11th. I ticked no seat reservation for both trains - be in buffet car anyway -fare comes up as 8.75 euros. So Ive booked it -just get a confirmation with a code to pick up the tickets at the station. The ticket is valid for any train that day.
  6. I try to come up for Kirkintilloch Rob Roy junior cup games - but this week first cup final in years - League Cup final against Shettleston. Mon the Roy.
  7. never mind jeans - from an Ice Cream Tartan Army viewpoint -as long as I can get a decent cone in Bratislava then all will be fine -otherwise it might kick aff.
  8. Cheers mate - no probs - I'll be doing the baths in the afternoon - into the beers after that - staying in the Easyjet Hotel near the centre . Ive been to Budapest before on way to Croatia match - cant remmebr any of the pubs except the Scottish one.
  9. They knocked Rob Roy out last year when we were top of the Super League at the time.
  10. Hes always been Big Sam . I used to go and watch Blackpool when he was in charge ..arrogant twat - cost us promotion with his safety first tactics. Never liked him -even more so when he was West Ham manager I fooking hate them.
  11. Meeting my fellow ice cream TA pals in Bratislava , but travelling Billy Nomates from Manchester to Budapest on the Sunday morning. Train on Monday. Got to do the Szecheny baths in the afternoon - just fantastic. Probs have a wee stroll round at night including the Scottish bar -been there before.
  12. Just back up in Scotland for a few days- played Westerwood in Cumbernauld on Sunday night - last played it over 15 years ago - remembered it as being pretty decent years ago - but seems to have gone downhill quite a bit now - layout totally changed -spent more time walking between holes than actually playing them . Back nine way superior to front nine. Okay for a tenner though. Played three excellent courses in Lincolnshire last weekend - Boston West , Skegness North Shore (one of my all time favourites - loved it) and Sandilands near Mablethorpe. Playing as many courses as I can in the North East of England while I'm living in Newcastle -favourite so far Brancepeth Castle near Durham - lots of really good courses at cheap prices on the website teeofftimes.
  13. I watch lots of rugby league , but that game on Saturday was phenomal - what a game, occasion and a rarity with great coverage the BBC. Mark Chapman decent presenter and the pundits all seem to be decent knowledgeable blokes. Danny Houghton making 52 tackles including the one at the end to prevent an almost certain Warrington win - will be shown for years to come.
  14. Life of Brian ..always look on the bright side of life .
  15. Thursday 1st - Newcastle to Rome - train to Naples - overnight ferry Naples-Palermo. Friday 2nd - Train across Sicily - Palermo to Catania - night in Catania. Sat 3rd - Fly Catania to Malta. 3 days in Malta. Tues 6th - Malta -Rome for a couple of days. Thurs 8th - Rome-Copenhagen-Newcastle with SAS - only got half an hour at Copenhagen between flights.