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  1. Ffs george trying to cultivate an image of a grumpy moaning faced old b astard with no mates and you go and spoil it .
  2. Fair point..but the tamb is the home of the whingers ....where the fook else can i have a good moan about things apart from facebook. If you dont have anym ates on the tamb..they cant unfriend you. I didnt start the thread to stimulate a fooking discussion on the pros and cons of europe either.
  3. Ched Evans

    That's a load of shit even from someone as cantankerous as yourself - you know fine well I did suggest anything like that . Go back into your hole - youa re one horrible piece of work.
  4. Ched Evans

    Certainly was twisting my words. What I suggested was that if both parties are not sober - can the man determine whther the woman is unable to give consent - if he was sober and she was pissed then Id say there is a possibility of him determining that - even if the woman asks for sex. If they have both been drinking and the woman wants to have sex (as opposed to the man forcing himself upon her) then I would hazard a guess that extremely few men would say -hang on a minute - although she is asking to have sex- I don't think she is capable of giving consent. This whole area is a minefield and in my opinion extremely different from having sex against the will of the woman.
  5. Ched Evans

    I think this case has just opened the issue of when a woman is deemed able to give consent. If she was paralytic and the other two were relatively sober then I can see that they took advantage of her. If everyone concerned was drunk then what happens? can the man make a judgement that the woman is not able to give consent?
  6. Ched Evans

    Why should Evans show any remorse if in his view he has not done anything criminally wrong?. He has always maintained his innocence.
  7. Ched Evans

    Johnson has been convicted of sexual shenanigans with a minor - guilty and sentenced. Evans was a convicted rapist - now quashed albeit subject to a retrial. rape is abhorrent - however as I said before I read the transcript of the court case and the conviction is decidedly dodgy. He was convicted because the woman was regarded as unable to give consent as she cant remember anything. Evans and his mate both testified that they thought she was willing. There is now law against two men shagging the same woman if she is willing - you seem to view him as guilty anyway - lets see what happens at the retrial if it takes place. On the wider stage this will open up the discussion on a woman being deemed unable to give consent. Would you lock up all these folk in places like Magaluf , Ibiza etc where they are all pissed up and shagging? You seem to just deem people guilty from heresay or being prudish rather than on any evidence.
  8. Bikers Beer Factory in Zagreb - was there with a crowd of us last year on the eve of a friend's wedding. Proper music venue, Hell;'s Angels, cracking band on and beer towers at the table - loved it. Ma Kelly's - Talbot Road Blackpool - cheap drink , great music with DJ mixed with different singers during the night - brilliant atmosphere with people of all ages - so don't feel old in there.
  9. Ched Evans

    Even more dodgy than that if you read the transcript of the court case as well.
  10. Ched Evans

    well well -Evans conviction quashed but subject to a retrial. Will be extremely controversial with a massive press focus on all the details of this one.
  11. Wish I could go to sleep and someone tell me its all over. Have to give the news a miss now both sides have gone into overdrive. It just seems to be one obnoxious Tory khunt arguing against yet another obnoxious Tory khunt plus a dash of an obnoxious red Tory khunt Alastair Darling. BBC news will love this - chance to give some more air time to that fookin buffoon Boris Johnson.
  12. Alan Hutton

    The thread is in nonTA football - I created it because I thought Alan Hutton was absolute pish for Villa on MOTD - what the fooks wrong with that - no law against creating a thread as far as I'm aware.
  13. Alan Hutton

    That's ridiculous. Ive liked Hutton in the past -but as I side in my opening post -he was fooking shocking yesterday - doesntmatter whether he is in a poor Villa side or not - there is no excuse for not trying, being skinned at every opportunity and finally getting himself sent of for 2 stupid fouls.
  14. From what I watched on MOTD - he was absolute rank today. Complete lack of interest as a defender - he was really poor - then got himself sent off with two silly needless fouls. His defending always has been suspect - he gets by on his attacking ability - but today a very shoddy amateurish performance,
  15. For me he was on a par with Miranda for being funny. Establishment figure - fair enough to be mentioned on the news but not the lead item over the state of steel making.