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  1. Spot on. The formation Strachan is using allows us to have four advanced attacking players. Playing 2 strikers would half that! Our midfield would be pushed back and overrun by the 5 in Poland's midfield, leaving our 2 strikers with little supply. lewandowski will play upfront on his own. We unfortunately don't have a striker of his quality to play the role well and score the goals we need.
  2. Can't see us winning now
  3. That should help with the tropical weather we're not used to as well
  4. I was struggling trying to get tickets on my phone yesterday. I changed my browser to desktop view and that did the trick
  5. That's puting it mildly!
  6. You obviously weren't at Somerset Park last night.
  7. Is it not the case that Celtic are cutting their cloth accordingly? Exactly what another club should have done a few years ago. They don't have to spend millions improving their squad as they do not have a realistic challenger for the league title.
  8. Also the Sun pays for the newspaper stands in Morrison's, thats why the sun has most spaces and always at the front.
  9. Shocking from Hutton. Use your left foot!
  10. really? Poor challenge but never a red.
  11. I think the cat A pricing might of been brought in last season for the matches against Rangers, I was there last season with Ayr and I'm sure I paid £13. I doubt playing Morton will be viewed as cat A