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  1. Because we're the 51st state.............
  2. This is truly terrifying - I thought it was a spoof when I first saw it:
  3. Hertha Berlin

    Agreed. Union Berlin and Babelsburg 08 (in Pottsdam) are away better than seeing Hertha. I had a Hertha season ticket for the year I lived there and regretted it. Union was a ton more fun. After 4 games in the Olympic Stadium the novelty had worn off and 45,000 fans in a 75,000 capacity stadium unfortunately = no atmosphere
  4. Venue Confirmed

    Just tried to vote on the online poll and the site seems to be down
  5. Main Reason For Not Qualifying

    Yep - it's been the same old story for years. We'll get some decent results against the top sides and then lose to Georgia and co and blow all the good work :-(
  6. Tony Hart

    It's Facebook dredging up old info. I've seen this for all sorts of people in recent weeks. People say 'xxxx died' and my reply is 'I think you'll find that was at least 5 years ago' and then they get into a huff!
  7. This is Athletico's last season at their stadium before they move. I was there in November. A good experience. Have fun!
  8. Rip Jimmy Hill

  9. Mr Kilminster himself. He was not usually the Hawkwind front man and it resulted in much jealousy from other band members as it made no 3 in the UK charts - a pretty big deal for what was a pretty underground band. He was nicked for possession of amphetamines by the Canadian police and missed a gig so he was then given the boot from the band .....for taking the wrong kind of drugs!
  10. Jeez - now Lemmy too. Farewell boys. You left one hell of a great legacy
  11. More than 550 households in Scotland are still watching television in black and white, according to TV licensing officials. Glasgow has the largest number of black and white sets at 200, followed by Edinburgh with 55. TV Licensing Scotland revealed the figure as it reminded viewers they need a licence, however dated the model. Regular colour broadcasts began on BBC Two in July 1967. Britain became the first country in Europe to offer regular programming in colour, weeks ahead of Germany. Yet almost 10,000 black and white licences are still in force across the UK. Collector's item The cost of a black and white licence is £49 compared with £145.50 for a colour licence. Some black and white TVs may require a colour licence if they can receive and record programmes in colour. TV Licensing Scotland spokesman Jason Hill said: "It's astounding that more than 550 households in Scotland still watch on a black and white telly, especially now that over half of homes access TV content over the internet, on smart TVs. "Whether you have the latest 4K TV or a black and white set from the 1970s, if you are watching or recording live television, then you do need a TV licence." Jim McLauchlan from the Museum of Communications in Burntisland, Fife, said there are an increasing number of collectors of old black and white sets. He said: "It is now some years since I have come across anyone using a black and white television, though the occasional person has one tucked away in their attic. "We certainly get them donated now and then to the museum and there are an increasing number of collectors throughout the UK collecting black and white sets from as early as the 1940s onwards, with some now fetching good prices. "In general, younger visitors to the museum show very little interest in the black and white televisions but the occasional senior visitor will comment in a nostalgic way."
  12. Jimmy Hill Deid

    He took the stick from Scotland fans incredibly well
  13. Very sad - Motorhead was my second gig. Fearsome! March 1978. I'd never expected Lemmy to outlive Phil. My face Motorhead track - great lyrics
  14. Scottish Football Museum

    I'm going to the newly opened German one next month