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  1. Nfl 15/16

    tb fair he done great last season and built up a great relationship with Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall on the field, they both declared they wanted him to stay. Geno Smith is rank rotten. Nick Foles just released was on 20 million a year so 12 million for Fitzpatrick is quite cheap actually in nfl terms.
  2. Tickets

    Might possibly go to 6 but doubt it. Going in the home end don't fancy, so looks like pub probably for most folk watch the game
  3. Think Celtic are going out here, this team look like they could score a couple more, celtic on the other hand don't look like they could score in a brothel!!
  4. 4034 tickets

    Got my ticket, cant wait for Malta, that's me now on 6 points after this game.
  5. Where's everyone staying

    Flying in on Friday morning mate, ahh think its Gatwick, mate dealt with flights fly back up Saturday night around 7pm
  6. Nfl 15/16

    7 weeks on sunday till the first games of the season taking aside the Denver Panthers game taking place on the Thursday, cant wait for it. Love an NFL Sunday watching it and doing fantasy football. Go Pack Go
  7. Disgusting Paul Pogba's agent going to make 20 million from one transfer, the greed in football really makes me sick http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3702221/Paul-Pogba-s-Manchester-United-agent-Mino-Raiola-pocket-20m.html
  8. Good luck to Aberdeen, Hibs and Hearts, hope they all get through. Think Hibs have toughest task they really need to score first tonight.
  9. Fancy Aberdeen and Hearts to win tonight comfortably, Hibs think that game could go either way. Hope all Scottish clubs do well always in Europe.
  10. Semi finals

    Going for Portugal to win tonight, would have fancied Wales more to win if they had Davies and Ramsey available but think there time is up tonight The other semi final going for Germany 2-1 win, think they are a better team than france tbh
  11. Quarter final predictions

    one that I defo fancy is Italy you are getting 11/8 Italy just to get through against Germans, seems like printing money due to the hoodoo the Germans have against them.
  12. 4-4-2

    If he was to play a 4-4-2 would go for ----------------------Marshall Hutton-------Hanley----------Martin---------Robertson Snodgrass-----McArthur-----Bannan--------Anya -----------------McCormick-------Griffiths
  13. Quarter final predictions

    Poland 0 - Portugal 0 - Portugal to sneak through on penalties or a get lucky goal again Wales 1 - Belgium 2 - Belgium just to be to strong in the end and another late winner I feel for Belgium France 2 - Iceland 1 - Iceland to come close again but eventually lose a late goal Germany 0 - Italy 1 - Italy to keep up there superb record against Germans & sneak it 1-0
  14. Euros Betting

    20/1 yesterday I got on Belgium Italy final, cheeky £3 on it, looking good now
  15. Buffon

    Best goalkeeper in the world and ever in my opinion, the guy is like a brick wall, very hard to get through, I put money on a Belgium Italy final yesterday and way draws shaped up I can see it happening as Germany have a horrible record against the Italians.