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  1. Got my ticket in :>) glad as had to pick up last 2 games
  2. Ahh think it will work very well tbh, its a change from 500 miles and we will see if it is chosen how it goes against Lithuania, ahh think its a very upbeat tune which gets folk jumping about.
  3. Love how folk say its a ned song, know a lot of guys that love this song in there 30's 40's who are soundest people you would get and they are nothing like neds trust me good paid jobs. Its actually a catchy tune that a lot folk grew up with in 90's in clubs / pubs etc. It was played at hugos bar in St Julians and the tartan army were rocking to it and not a ned in sight, just folk enjoying themselves and having a good time. If its to be the chosen song fair doos, everyone is entitled to there view on the poll.
  4. Don't think its been hacked considering this is it narrowed down from 10 songs from SSC members voted in. Its a very popular song in Scotland at festivals and club scene. Think Calvin Harris closed TITP to this song this year due to demand.
  5. My starting 11 for both games ---------------------------------Marshall Paterson--------Hanley----------------Martin----------------Robertson ---------------------------McArthur-------------Bannan Burke--------------------------------------------------------------------Ritchie ------------------------------------Snodgrass ---------------------------------------Griffiths
  6. Ahh think we will get 40,000 for this game be surprised if it wasn't at least that. be a lot folk waiting get paid end of month and just after Malta so a lot folk be skint.
  7. Thanks yeah mine is contactless, thanks for all your help everyone
  8. Cheers mate will have a look.
  9. Thanks do you know how much the cost is? Do you need to get an oyster card? Just want to get to Trafalgar square mate, staying at ibis hotel behind Wembley so wont be checking In till after 3 :>)
  10. Just basically to get to central London to get to Trafalgar square? Is the express the coach service sorry?
  11. Am flying down on the morning of the game on the Friday arrive at Gatwick just after 8am on the Friday. Whats the best way getting into London shuttle bus or train? whats cheapest? and also how long do both take as I guess first thing on a Friday morning traffic will be mayhem getting into London? Thanks
  12. Nice one I am off the next 5 Monday dues to going to slovakia and I like most Mondays off as can enjoy 10 hours of nfl on a sunday night :>)
  13. Wish I had bought Forte now, thought he would have been injury prone so bought Bilal Powell in my leagues draft :>( Great win my lassie pal in new jersey goes to the jets games she message me this morning she was well chuffed to get one over rex ryan after the loss last year. I have taken Monday off as my packers are playing the late game on Sunday night, so be late one for me on sunday :>)
  14. Great win for the Jets last night as a ground not many teams will win at, was great Decker got over 100 yards and a touchdown for my fantasy team too :>)
  15. Basically folk will be drinking from 7am on Hogmany in houses before the game then after the game continue drinking right through the bells into the early hours of new years day. This is a complete recipe for disaster and I feel sorry for the emergency services and folk that work in hospitals having put up with the riff raff being paraletic and wanting to fight afterwards. Seems a silly time to have an old firm game, its the festive season and I know there has been rangers celtic games on new years day before but think in general its a bad time to have them with everyone being off on holiday. But cant say they weren't warned about playing this game on hogmany.