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  1. That's the day before the Scotland Slovenia game, glad they are playing it on the Saturday. Means a better attendance than playing it on a Sunday like they usually do.
  2. Still a cup final though, trophy to play for and a day out, would hope with size of Utd and St Mirren's support there will be decent crowd there. Might be best chance of silverware for both clubs for a while, you never know when next chance be of winning something. Been 26 years since Motherwell won anything, would be up for the cup final if they were in it. Actually think it will be a cracking cup final, would rather watch it than this sunday's league cup final between Manure and Southampton
  3. Loved Trainspotting 2, thought it was amazing. Anyone saw John Wick 2, thinking off going and seeing it this weekend?
  4. What do folk reckon will be the attendance for the cup final, I reckon St Mirren take at least 4500 and Utd 6500 so St Johnstone's stadium should be enough, if not next biggest stadium would be Tynecastle which holds 17,000 but would they both sell it out?
  5. Guy is a complete d**k, have no time for him such an arrogant #####. Cant wait till he leaves Motherwell and leaves his assistant job at Scotland as well
  6. Aberdeen have spanked Killie twice this season already and with Lee McCulloch in charge I think it will be another walk in the park for Aberdeen. Few my mates were at Pittodrie and they said as much as Motherwell were rotten, Aberdeen looked a class team, Fill your boots Aberdeen minus 1 and minus 2 on Sunday.
  7. Bring on Sunday when you play Leeds!!, looking forward to it, my mate is a town fan so be watching game with him, but got to be honest after seeing you play so well against Brighton last night I think Huddersfield are favs especially being a home. Going to be a hard game, booked up to go to leeds Newcastle game in April, that be my next game can make
  8. Totally agree with you bunch of shitbags!! doesnt help when the manager is a too!!
  9. Think ahh go on the Saturday night, love Kasabian. Radiohead not a fan off and Biffy Clyro I don't get the big obsession folk have with them are, most songs sound the same and they are utter dire to me
  10. Unless they get a goalscorer they are as good as down, on a terrible run and I cant see where there next win will come from. Been very poor of late. Great bit of business though if it gets ploughed back into the team, but I doubt it.
  11. Thanks all, going to have a look later for booking since I am not planning on doing the 2 remaining Scotland trips this year, I am going to get a proper holiday for the first time in years.
  12. Looking at booking a holiday for myself to USA to NYC. Can anyone help what are requirements now for going, heard VISA and Esta? have an up to date british passport Thanks
  13. Wouldn't bet Killie, my mate goes to games and said they are utter rank, cant score goals and are certain to finish in the bottom 2. Ross County could be a great bet on Saturday to win down there after there spanking of Dundee utd at weekend where they played some good stuff
  14. Will Tierney be back for Slovenia game, thought he was injured for 6 months
  15. Surprised as you to have won 6 in a row to make the play offs and lions and Vikings arses to collapse. Still up against it, read the injury report for sunday against falcons. A lot of key players there, falcons be massive favs if a lot of these players don't make it Name Position Injury Wed. Thu. Fri. Game Status Adams, Davante WR Ankle DNP - - - Allison, Geronimo WR Hamstring DNP - - - Burnett, Morgan S Quadricep DNP - - - Crosby, Mason K Illness DNP - - - Elliott, Jayrone LB Hand FP - - - Janis, Jeff WR Quadricep LP - - - Lang, T.J. G Foot LP - - - Matthews, Clay LB Shoulder FP - - - Nelson, Jordy WR Ribs LP - - - Peppers, Julius LB Not Injury Related DNP - - - Perry, Nick LB Hand FP - - - Rollins, Quinten CB Neck/Concussion LP - - - Starks, James RB Concussion DNP - - - Tretter, JC C/G Knee DNP - - - Practice Status DNP = Did not participate in practice LP = Limited Participation in Practice - Less than 100% of a player's normal repetitions FP = Full Participation - 100% of a player's normal repetitions (-) = Not Listed = No practice status available