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      ATAC produced a guide to Bratislava and Trnava prior to our recent visit. If you saw this, did you use it? Was it of any help?
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  1. Recorded new season episode at 2.30am last night and watched it at 6am this morning before work, was very shocked and emotional after watching it, not for the faint hearted this episode.
  2. If Strachan goes, would like Paul Lambert get the job, the way he spoke on Scotland's game made me think he be great international manager. Joe Jordan as his number 2 to gee the players up be good too.
  3. Tierney is a great left back and should start against in England, have Kingsley left back at Swansea for back up for him against England. Hes another great prospect and only 22, spoilt for choice with Tierney, Robertson and Kingsley all there and shinnie too. Wallace not good enough 4 seasons playing at a lower league level instead of challenging himself ruled him out of playing for us and being good enough to develop, hasn't materialised
  4. ta gathering

    Got tickets for Ted Christophers gig at Crystals next to Wembley so going to that in afternoon and find somewhere go in the morning for breaky and a pint
  5. Nice one think ahh try get down to this one, not been to Thistle game in a while
  6. On Kenny Misser all am going to say is just naw, if anyone wants him back in Scotland squad you are on drugs.
  7. Being a packers fan I have to say Rodgers looks lost out on the field and has done so for a while, occasionally produces the odd good game but he isn't consistent as he was 2 years ago, Vikings now took the tag as the best team in the north now. Lacy now out for 6 to 7 weeks with James Stark and sam shields out too, injuries piling up for Green Bay :>(
  8. Is the game in Larkhall or Stonehouse? don't even know where Royal Albert play home games anymore
  9. Someone posted on a page on facebook, would need find it on facebook but don't have access to it at work.
  10. Saw this also, some of things shared on facebook page was not very nice about burning refugees.
  11. My line up for Saturday http://bbc.in/2dsQG5c
  12. Got my ticket in :>) glad as had to pick up last 2 games
  13. Ahh think it will work very well tbh, its a change from 500 miles and we will see if it is chosen how it goes against Lithuania, ahh think its a very upbeat tune which gets folk jumping about.
  14. Love how folk say its a ned song, know a lot of guys that love this song in there 30's 40's who are soundest people you would get and they are nothing like neds trust me good paid jobs. Its actually a catchy tune that a lot folk grew up with in 90's in clubs / pubs etc. It was played at hugos bar in St Julians and the tartan army were rocking to it and not a ned in sight, just folk enjoying themselves and having a good time. If its to be the chosen song fair doos, everyone is entitled to there view on the poll.
  15. Don't think its been hacked considering this is it narrowed down from 10 songs from SSC members voted in. Its a very popular song in Scotland at festivals and club scene. Think Calvin Harris closed TITP to this song this year due to demand.