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  1. Anyone know when to expect the tickets in for the London games? never been before so wondering when they post them out usually Cheers
  2. Starting of in the Iron Horse about 10am then head up to Church on the Hill area around 2 before the game go to few pubs there.
  3. Would have McArthur as well instead of Darren Fletcher but its a certainty he wont start and Fletcher will play. Would also have Fraser instead of Morrison but again Morrison will start. I fully expect that to be the line up barring injuries.
  4. My line up for England game -------------------------------Gordon Tierney------------Martin-------------Mulgrew-----------Robertson ------------------------Brown----------D.Fletcher -----------Morrison----------Armstrong--------Snodgrass -----------------------------------Griffiths
  5. Nice one, going as well.
  6. Got End Zone tickets for Cardinals and LA Rams game, cant wait booked up Friday to Monday, staying in Waterloo area so its just one train ride to Twickenham and Waterloo Is quite central and easy to do site seeing stuff.
  8. Raith rovers have to be worth a punt the now saw on pie and Bovril, Hibs are playing youth players and reserve players tonight and Raith are as big as 6/1 and all 3 meetings so far have ended in draws. Surely 6/1 is good odds on a team that need a result against a team who have nothing to play for.
  9. For me it has to be Cameron Diaz, every since the Mask always said she is my dream bird :>)
  10. ha ha keep the faith, you really need to get the QB situation resolved asap, losing Marshall is a big loss especially to the giants and don't know if Decker is resigning.
  11. ha ha Ahh will be same next year, Green Bay are due to play the Jets in New York in 2018 and my pal in new York is a Jets fan so going over next year to go to the game.
  12. Am proud Scotsman but don't think we should bring independence yes or no into football or politics, just my opinion as I think it causes to much of a divide which I have seen at times folk arguing over it when they should be just concentrating on the football.
  13. This keep politics away from sport altogether, keep your political views at home
  14. NFL fixtures out tonight for the new season around 1am UK time
  15. Great turnout from Hibs, could easily be 20,000 sold by Saturday.