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  1. Ramsdens always the best got 1.14500 yesterday, £305 got you 350 euros
  2. only 2 weeks on sunday till week 1 :>)
  3. Some good games this weekend starting with live game tonight. The Rangers should beat Killie comfortably Motherwell think will just edge Dundee Celtic to just win a tight game against Aberdeen Comfortable wins for Hearts and St Johnstone I expect. Hamilton and County to close to call, might be a draw
  4. McCormack should be in the squad in front of Fletcher or Martin, sorry but the guy is a far better finisher than both of them and has more skill than the 2 of them put together. I watch a lot of the championship and McCormack last few seasons has played out of his skin scoring goals and assisting them. Some of his goals have been crackers. The other thing is when he has been called up at the last minute like Czech game he has jumped at the chance unlike some players who wouldn't bother going if they were not going to be picked. Would have started McCormack just off of Griffiths, think they would link up well together.
  5. Leave Friday 2nd Sept, Glasgow to East Midlands with Flybi 11.20am get to East Midlands at 12.20, then fly from east Midlands to Malta at 3.30 get to Malta just after 7pm, way back Malta to Dublin with Ryanair 3.30pm on Monday, arrive Dublin 6.10pm and flight to Glasgow again with Ryanair to Glasgow 8.30pm arrive in Glasgow 9.30
  6. Absolute Madness Ross McCormack isn't in the squad, puzzled by this!!
  7. All the best Broonie, think this is the best move for him to retire now to prolong his club career, hasn't done as great for Scotland in last couple years as he did early on. Plenty folk waiting to come in.
  8. Now Brown has retired, would bring Morrison or Darren Fletcher into the team
  9. -------------------------Marshall Hutton---------Hanley-----------Martin-----------Robertson -----------------McArthur--------Brown Snodgrass------------------------------------Ritchie ---------------Griffiths-----------McCormick
  10. Hoping St Julians bay area as think majority of tartan army are staying there
  11. cheers
  12. Pick up as well, anyone know where pick up was for Italy game day before the game? Think ahh avoid pick up at stadium if I can don't want pick up like Faro outside stadium
  13. Totally agree with this, those 2 providing balls into Griffiths and Dembele once they click could be alot teams in for a drubbing this season
  14. Watch mostly championship in England as I am a Leeds fan, watch occasional Scottish game depending on the game. Hardly watch the premiership anymore as the majority of super sunday games etc are utter gash 0-0s or 1-0s. Havent watched a champions league or Europa league game in a long while since bt got it, but not really interested in either competition.
  15. Motherwell great single today 13/8 lumped on them today