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  1. My Book

    Review requests? It was only a few... dozen...
  2. Would absolutely love to see them do it. I must be a jinx as any time I've watched them this season they've been dreadful to watch. Their system obviously works but it can be a difficult watch for the neutral when it doesn't produce goals.
  3. My Book

    I'll try anything to sell copies...
  4. February...

    Fucking isn't spelled with a v either
  5. My Book

    600, done! 700 here we come...
  6. My Book

    Ooh, new billboard day!
  7. Good shout with Limmy's Show, DoonTheSlope. Up there with any other sketch show I've ever seen. Fecking brilliant.
  8. My Book

    I'm a capitalist pig and I won't rest until I get my gold plated mansion. Two more sales and we're at 600. Mwu ha ha, etc. Edited to say cheers to Big Col for buying it. Don't want to forget the little guy on my way to fame, superstardom and an early death at the hands of heroin.
  9. My Book

    Do you ever stop?!
  10. Can we count The Thick Of It, given the creator and main actor are Scottish? Bloody wonderful show b
  11. My Book

    4 sales away from 600. Surely we can find a few TAMBers who can help push it over the line?
  12. Chancers, Dancers And Romancers

    Cheers mucker
  13. Jack Bauer, all day long! Edit, no pun intended
  14. Watched one of the worst films I've seen in a long, long time last night, Anomalisa. Nominated for best animation Oscar, written by Charlie Kaufman whose stuff I love, getting great reviews. Absolute drivel from start to finish. As boring as anything I've seen.
  15. Scotland V England

    Oh That's just what women tell men with wee willies to make them feel better about their insecurities. Sorry to be the one who breaks the news.