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  1. In the last 10 cups in Scotland there's been 9 different winners. Even Hibs are in on it now!
  2. Been drinking a lot of a wee cider I've discovered called Strongbow. Has a nice nose to it and goes down smoothly. Available in cans from any decent supermarket and have found it on tap in the odd boozer too. Have also seen it to buy in big 3L bottles, ideal for taking out and about with you, say down the park with your mates!
  3. I agree the SNP ought to be mindful of stuff like this purely for popularity reasons, but for me personally I couldn't give a flying. And not just because I like the SNP. I find pathetic stuff like this the absolute worst bit of politics. Who cares who had sex with who? This stuff shouldn't be use as ammunition, it should be irrelevant. It's all a distraction from the bigger stories - like when the culture secretary was getting it rough for having sex with a hooker he met on Match (who cares?!) in the same week David Cameron was revealed to have benefited from his father's tax evasion.
  4. Top post, well said
  5. Voting

    It's nobody's fault but their own that they were a pack of c.unts during the referendum. It'll be a long while til anyone trusts them again and rightly so. I said at the time they should have given their politicians a free vote on the referendum. By taking a position and getting in bed with the Tories they lost a huge part of their support.
  6. Voting

    Can't believe any SNP supporter would be disappointed with this. It's still a huge result with us taking a huge number of seats and a higher share of the vote than last time. We don't need to hold every single seat and I'm inclined to think it would be very unhealthy for politics for any party to do so. I like the idea of a coalition with the Scottish greens! Also happy to see Labour getting destroyed, serves the useless c.unts right.
  7. Partial to the Horseshoe when I'm in Glasgow. Found a few good boozers on away trips. Cafe De Dokter, smallest pub in Amsterdam, and Delirium in Brussels which is in Guinness records for most beers.
  8. as for that mayor, the thick cu.nt deserves her jotters!
  9. Quality show. I actually get a proper buzz when he's picked the two dogs for that week's episode and they shoot down the wee slide with the "go go go go go" music blaring. Top notch. Long gone are the days of binging on The Wire
  10. My Book

    Delighted to announce the follow up to "KERBY", out next month. It's erotic fiction: think a cross between Mills & Boon and 50 Shades of Grey. It's called "BOABY". I can also reveal the first line is the same as Kerby's - 'It remains the only time I’ve ever had my erect penis out in the middle of a supermarket.' More details soon.
  11. My mum went on about "PS I love you" for ages. Me and the missus got 15 minutes in before we had to put it off. Absolute shite, and Gerard Butler's Irish accent was fecking awful.
  12. Called it from the start. A c.unt of a man.
  13. They're hopeless. They rarely write to me and if they do, their appointments are always wednesdays at the exact same time, when I'm always working. You'd think they'd mix it up a bit for people who don't work 9-5 hours.
  14. Of course that's what will happen Alibi. Every time there's some tragedy involving child abuse, the media fall over themselves to blame social work, schools, police, and whoever else had anything to do with the child. With this, all that blame is just going to fall squarely on the shoulders of one person who as you say, will get hounded. A mate of mine works in social work and made a very good point to me recently - because of the confidential nature of what they do, they're never able to sing from the rooftops about their successes, as it wouldn't be appropriate and might identify the person they've been supporting. So unlike my work where we can publicise our achievements and successes, he never gets to let people know about the good work going on in social work - the point he made was that the only stories you read about social work are negative ones, ie when they're getting blamed for a child's death at the hands of a parent or whatever.
  15. I'm in this line of work too. Unlike sub50, I don't think it's a good idea. I don't see how just because they've brought in this legislation, people are going to get any better at sharing information - in my experience there are always instances when police, social work, school, whoever, don't share as much info as they could about individuals. All it means is that when something does happen - something that perhaps no one could have seen coming or known about, or many people need to take the blame for not catching - one poor sod who's probably already struggling with their workload will take the blame.