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      ATAC produced a guide to Bratislava and Trnava prior to our recent visit. If you saw this, did you use it? Was it of any help?
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  1. Beat Lithuania at home and we would have been top. We didn't though, did we? Doesn't exactly bode well for your theory
  2. Woefully bad player. Can't stand him!
  3. Thought Burke looked our biggest threat. Nuts he went off. Ritchie survived too long. Martin did nothing.
  4. I'd make a change or two but we can't be too unhappy keeping the same team that won 1-5 away from home. Guaranteed if we had lost after he had made changes you'd have all the experts on here laying into him for changing a winning 11. The team he's picked should have enough to beat Lithuania at home. If we don't then the players need to have a look at themselves.
  5. It sickens me. Arsenal paid £17,000,000 for some guy from Deportivo la Coruna who I've never even heard of. It wasn't so long ago that that was the sort of figure paid out for one of the world's top, top players.
  6. Agree man. David Simon has written quite a bit on this subject
  7. Who the buys a newspaper nowadays? Yesterday's news in the age of the Internet. Any time I've been in the Odeon recently they've been giving away free copies of The Sun. Still wouldn't touch the rag.
  8. I'm not putting them in the same category by any means! Just copied and pasted the whole section on players missing as it really means the squad is very bare bones.
  9. So why should we? Not sure I can even bring myself to watch this tonight. A completely meaningless friendly for which our players can't even be arsed to show up for, while the rest of the U.K. and Europe gets ready for the Euros. That line about Celtic is ridiculous. They're playing in mid-July so they're being rested - it's the end of May FFS!! So depressing.
  10. In the last 10 cups in Scotland there's been 9 different winners. Even Hibs are in on it now!
  11. Been drinking a lot of a wee cider I've discovered called Strongbow. Has a nice nose to it and goes down smoothly. Available in cans from any decent supermarket and have found it on tap in the odd boozer too. Have also seen it to buy in big 3L bottles, ideal for taking out and about with you, say down the park with your mates!
  12. I agree the SNP ought to be mindful of stuff like this purely for popularity reasons, but for me personally I couldn't give a flying. And not just because I like the SNP. I find pathetic stuff like this the absolute worst bit of politics. Who cares who had sex with who? This stuff shouldn't be use as ammunition, it should be irrelevant. It's all a distraction from the bigger stories - like when the culture secretary was getting it rough for having sex with a hooker he met on Match (who cares?!) in the same week David Cameron was revealed to have benefited from his father's tax evasion.
  13. Top post, well said
  14. It's nobody's fault but their own that they were a pack of c.unts during the referendum. It'll be a long while til anyone trusts them again and rightly so. I said at the time they should have given their politicians a free vote on the referendum. By taking a position and getting in bed with the Tories they lost a huge part of their support.
  15. Can't believe any SNP supporter would be disappointed with this. It's still a huge result with us taking a huge number of seats and a higher share of the vote than last time. We don't need to hold every single seat and I'm inclined to think it would be very unhealthy for politics for any party to do so. I like the idea of a coalition with the Scottish greens! Also happy to see Labour getting destroyed, serves the useless c.unts right.