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  1. As Stephen Fry says, even if I could believe God is real, who the feck would want anything to do with him? If you take it as read that he's real, then you take it as read that he allows innocent children to have cancer and die in horrible pain. Who the f.uck would actually want anything to do with that c.unt?
  2. I agree it wasn't a plane that hit the pentagon. The idea that there's no footage of it is simply ludicrous.
  3. What a way to go!
  4. One of the funniest things I've ever seen on a tartan army trip , couple in a car going past us every now and again, everyone in the minibus mooning etc and having the banter with them. Next thing we go past them and she's sucking his dick and he's just driving along looking at us with the Ice Cube "it was a good day" face , never laughed as much in my life!
  5. No chance. It'll be observed impeccably from both sides.
  6. F.ck that. It'll be getting booed as loud as possible.
  7. Beat Lithuania at home and we would have been top. We didn't though, did we? Doesn't exactly bode well for your theory
  8. Woefully bad player. Can't stand him!
  9. Thought Burke looked our biggest threat. Nuts he went off. Ritchie survived too long. Martin did nothing.
  10. I'd make a change or two but we can't be too unhappy keeping the same team that won 1-5 away from home. Guaranteed if we had lost after he had made changes you'd have all the experts on here laying into him for changing a winning 11. The team he's picked should have enough to beat Lithuania at home. If we don't then the players need to have a look at themselves.
  11. It sickens me. Arsenal paid £17,000,000 for some guy from Deportivo la Coruna who I've never even heard of. It wasn't so long ago that that was the sort of figure paid out for one of the world's top, top players.
  12. Agree man. David Simon has written quite a bit on this subject
  13. Who the buys a newspaper nowadays? Yesterday's news in the age of the Internet. Any time I've been in the Odeon recently they've been giving away free copies of The Sun. Still wouldn't touch the rag.
  14. I'm not putting them in the same category by any means! Just copied and pasted the whole section on players missing as it really means the squad is very bare bones.
  15. So why should we? Not sure I can even bring myself to watch this tonight. A completely meaningless friendly for which our players can't even be arsed to show up for, while the rest of the U.K. and Europe gets ready for the Euros. That line about Celtic is ridiculous. They're playing in mid-July so they're being rested - it's the end of May FFS!! So depressing.