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  1. Sorry? Lost me there. And I do not wear a Glengarry or feathers.
  2. All Scotland games matter to me. Home or away, Qualifiers or friendlies. Sorry if that does not fit with your agenda.
  3. If it is okay with you guys I will go to any Scotland game that I can, home or away. I travel a lot to both so they are all away games to me. Kick on with your boycotts and whatever, I will still be at the games that matter, home or away as I am a Scotland supporter.
  4. Strachan is based in England. Andy Watson is based in England. McGhee manages Motherwell. Who is there to scout games in Scotland? McGhee will not look at anyone connected with Aberdeen. Watson and McGhee are both part time with Scotland and full time jobs so who is Scouting players anywhere? This is why Strachan sticks with who he has and who he see's on the television.
  5. Del, Just booked a Hotel in St Julian's bay for a week, wed - wed. See you there.
  6. Very sorry but all tickets were sold to the first person who responded.
  7. Please contact me re: Euro tickets

    alexandkatie@hotmail.co.uk or 07776345938

  8. As I am now not going I have the following tickets if anybody is interested. Sorry it is so late. England v Wales. 2 Tickets. Lens Agglo. Cat. 3. 55 euro each. Quarter final 1.2 Tickets. Marseille. Cat 3. 85 euros each. Quarter final 3. 2 Tickets. Bordeaux. Cat 2. 135 euros each. Semi final 1. 2 Tickets. Lyon. Cat 3. 165 euros each. Would like to sell as a package for £500 for them all.
  9. I have got the following tickets. 2 x England v Wales. cat 3. Lens 16th June. 2 x QF 1 v QF 2. cat 3. Marseille. 30th June. 2 x QF 5 v QF 6. cat 2. Bordeaux. 2nd July. 2 x SF 1 v SF 2. cat 3. Lyon. 6th July. Not sure yet if they will be getting used by me.
  10. Got a very nice Rolex that I have worn maybe 2 times. Scared to wear it too often. Also got a nice Cartier that hardly ever gets worn. I have got two Raymond Weil watches that I use for everyday use. Would like to get more watches as an investment.
  11. Looking forward to meeting up next trip pal. Hope that it is a nice location that they pick for us.
  12. If some people dont want to pay the money, fine, thats okay, but please do not critisise the people who are happy to pay and follow their country.
  13. I am sure that it is Brian McClair who is doing that job now.