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  1. You'll make an absolute fortune in replica jerseys with his name on the back.......Oh hang on
  2. Outstanding work, that's the one. Apparently you can still buy them. Not as beautiful as the Tango though.
  3. Just bought myself a Tango replica and it is a thing of beauty. Really evocative. Anyway made me think of footballs. The first ball I remember is a white one with a red strip around the middle which I think conformed with the panels of the ball. Would be lkate 70's very early 80's. I'm not sure what make it was, may have been Mitre. Does anyone know what this ball is? In the meantime here a picture of the beautiful Tango. It really is a stunning design.
  4. So are HMRC pushing this appeal from the other side? You crafty bar steward Hector.
  5. Fvcking hell this is tragic. Rest in peace Chris Kilbride, I hope those you loved and left behind will eventually find some peace also. Truly, truly sad.
  6. Management Consultant Extraordinaire or out of touch Bawbag. It's the latter for me.
  7. Fvc king hell, just looked into this guys death. It's absolutely horrific. What the hell did they do to him. He looks like he's dying as they move him into the police van, he has no muscle tone. He's dying there and then. Horrible.