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      ATAC produced a guide to Bratislava and Trnava prior to our recent visit. If you saw this, did you use it? Was it of any help?
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  1. i'm not sure what Rangers fans expect from this squad. The signings they are making are just lower English League players that established teams like ourselves, County, Aberdeen etc have been signing for the last few years. If these guys were truly standouts in the English Lower leagues they wouldn't be coming to Scotland. The step up to Premier League was never going to be bridged easily signing a couple of veterans. To underestimate the jump in quality is just unprofessional. The media is guilty of talking up Rangers, their record in the Championship was worse than Hearts and only a couple of points better than Ross County and Partick when they went up. The media talks up their signings like they are superstars. They're the same standard as everyone else is buying. (Except Joe Garner who it appears cost as much as 3 Dembeles ) It would take an exceptional manager to somehow turn these into a title contending team (Not that I think Rangers fans actually expected to compete for the title) I'm not so sure the former city trader (to give him his full media title) is actually that good a manager. in 210 minutes of Warburton's tiki-taka they've had 5 shots on target against Celtic, we had that many last week, even Lincoln Red Imps had 4 on target. This will be a long season for Rangers because their squad is not actually any better than the rest and their manager is inflexible to the point of being a Deila. IMHO Warbiola is a poor man's John Hughes (and less successful)
  2. You'll make an absolute fortune in replica jerseys with his name on the back.......Oh hang on
  3. Outstanding work, that's the one. Apparently you can still buy them. Not as beautiful as the Tango though.
  4. Just bought myself a Tango replica and it is a thing of beauty. Really evocative. Anyway made me think of footballs. The first ball I remember is a white one with a red strip around the middle which I think conformed with the panels of the ball. Would be lkate 70's very early 80's. I'm not sure what make it was, may have been Mitre. Does anyone know what this ball is? In the meantime here a picture of the beautiful Tango. It really is a stunning design.
  5. So are HMRC pushing this appeal from the other side? You crafty bar steward Hector.
  6. Fvcking hell this is tragic. Rest in peace Chris Kilbride, I hope those you loved and left behind will eventually find some peace also. Truly, truly sad.
  7. Management Consultant Extraordinaire or out of touch Bawbag. It's the latter for me.