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  1. Aye mate staying over, heading to failsworth after the game mate
  2. Cracking keeper and I would have him up front instead of bony as well !!!
  3. Jim Duffy interviewed yesterday as well
  4. Aye with Virgin tickets you can jump on Scotrail trains and Trans Penine have buses, hopefully it's not for 4 months as stated earlier that's not good news!!!
  5. Got his Daft Wee Stories book at Xmas, R.I.P Dee Dee
  6. Murray was doing a great job!
  7. Away you go Murrays doing a great job, need to give young Scottish managers a chance. I would give him to the end of the season at least.....
  8. Read that as Glen Michael and though Cavelcade was back!!
  9. Megabus

    Sale started today mate 10,000 seats free well 50p booking fee, can book up to the 13th of jan the now
  10. think you'll find its named after a taxi firm http://hampdencars.co.uk/
  11. Looks awight to me bit of a hot spot, wonder if a certain celebrity will buy a top, middle or bottom flat???
  12. P.O.W's gone to the big pub in the sky mate, sad days