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  1. or we could have beaten germany in either game, poland in either game, ireland away???. we did bare minimum in these games and therefore did not earn ourselves a pass should we up one of the 'winnable' games. thats what pisses me off so much about the mentality that draw in dublin was a great result, Scotland will always drop points in games we shouldnt and need to therefore win some we shouldnt as well
  2. we played and beat poland (you wont get a better like for like than that) before this last group and that didnt help us very much in the end up so dont really think it matters. id rather see some 'b' games with uncapped players given run outs to try and swell the ranks a bit, need to magic couple of players from somewhere
  3. this thread has cheered me up slightly, one less helmet to worry about in malta....
  4. i would probably take being worst 2nd place if it was offered at this point in time....
  5. he has been excellent this season for palace, would be first name on my team sheet for next campaign (assuming he keeps it up), with or without broon in the equation
  6. this no coincidence that every time Forrest plays the FB on his side has a 'bad' game
  7. can i borrow your tin hat sometime?
  8. Ireland suffered the mother of all bad decisions wigh henrys handball and have since dusted themselves off and qualified for stuff, you make your own luck
  9. i think its the oppositte to OTT reaction to be honest, i see this discussion as more looking at longer term solutions to something that has been very long term in the making. the other threads about sacking manager, chasing players into retirment, time to blood young guns early threads (and presumably hope that things instantly improve) are more OTT imho
  10. agree that is decent idea in principle but has become very tricky with non-footballing EU labor laws. could limit non-eu players but not sure that would help much (As they already are, again in non-football means, to an extent with fairly strict permit criteria)
  11. tv dictates this yet again, only games anybody is really interested in paying decent money to cover is old firm, hence 4 of them = more dollars
  12. too true mate, anything beyond songs from west end musicals is hooliganism in some peoples eyes
  13. would also throw in the that fact that we suffer badly that so many of our players play in england, which is, imho, a similar and equally pish brand of football, as their underachieving (relatively) international side is also testament to. partly geography to blame as its nearest big league so obvious landing spot, but we also produce that kind of 'physical' player early, if we did have more 10-15year old playing the way ajax/barca etc wanted they wouldn't hesitate to take them on, but we dont. the idea that guts and grit can win you anything more than occasional international game is long gone
  14. this proportionally, both the world cup and euros have expanded more than the number of competing nations in europe has, so by basic logic it should be easier to qualify if anything
  15. unless Fergie fancies one last hurrah then keep gordie imho