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      ATAC produced a guide to Bratislava and Trnava prior to our recent visit. If you saw this, did you use it? Was it of any help?
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  1. Pretty Reckless New prog from Opeth
  2. On first dip, the new AB album sounds a bit formulaic. I guess it has worked for them, so why not. I've not seen them live for a couple of years. They've got bigger and Myles can't do the big notes all the time while touring, I guess. OK, so I'm prattling on as I am/was a fan. Very important to me through the last few years. Just think the 1st album was the best. Maybe 'cause their producer since then has made them sound too mushed up. Mis-heard Crobot lyric quite appropriate for me at a gig
  3. Last posted here 10hr ago. Are you OK Del?
  4. ...or ! Flush once, then pretend you're on a bidet. Some say it's what your left hand is for!
  5. You're not old enough for a bi-annual stool check are you? Use the cardboard tube as a scraper? Dunno what to do with it afterwards though, as you not have an envelope there to post it in.
  6. Agreed! Thanks Watershed, you and your folks.
  7. Absolutely! Nice tats too.
  8. Great stuff. Cheers Watershed!
  9. As someone once said, I like both kinds o' music , so this time (just for Heuch) searched for "Creole" AND "Gypsy" and this came up. OK, no paintings...
  10. Thanks for the data. Somehow, I suspected the Skittles stats were a wee bit iffy.
  11. Dames uit Nederland en Suriname . Sabrina geeft een goed Stevie Wonder indruk ook. Nothing to do with the dykes thread btw
  12. Aye right enough NS The WGD is probably an expert in such matters, but Bobo has summarized fine to my mind.
  13. Who's your favourite Bosnian pop band?
  14. Sorry, that one was offensive