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  1. * Folk that think someone coming in and lending support means they are one and the same person * I'm Jim and I am grim. Very. The closest I've been to a warning/ban on here was Flure doing some self policing on me. If he's me, I'm in Psycho the mini series. Mother, what have you done?!?!
  2. Aye, invent an internet persona and then lose control of it. Anyway, wtf is a Wishie boy doin' in Bothwell ffs? . . Sorry just lost it for a moment C'moan the Accies.
  3. I think Darren's been there to bring on less experienced midfielders. Who's been brought up to speed to be his replacement?
  4. C'mon, ye're tappin' yer feet and everything
  5. Lovely scenes of Glasgow an aw...
  6. Craig Murray's just had a maddie over that too.
  7. Never done a line ever. Don't need to. Just listen to folk that have.
  8. I remember first time hearing this album. Headphones on a rack in a record shop. Stood there listening to the whole thing with a stupid grin on my face. Track #1...
  9. David Livingstone was not a weegie! (Though educated there.) Liked the Italian music for water skiing on Lago di Lomondo. Then Largs & Gourock crop up... "to the Glaswegian all the Clyde is home". Aye well. Still enjoyed it, cheers ET!
  10. As usual, I'm MWI before Heuch gets in from the yoga. For Fringo, and all true Anglo-folkers...
  11. Most of my BSODs were Win98, so aye, mibbes for the very(?) young
  12. Before testosterone just made your head bald and your ears hairy... (...not autobiographical of course.)
  13. Heehaa! Slightly Distracted For It.
  14. I've got an invite as a neutral (mibbee someone couldn't shift all their tickets ). Do I have to wear shorts? It's only 8 and I'm only slightly Distracted For It.