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  1. 23rd & 28th Feb respectively Steve.
  2. It's starting to look like Cathkin Park.
  3. I worry that some yessers in 2014 just wanted to shake things up, but are now bottling it over brexit. I know someone who appears to be in that mind, and I couldn't make sense of why they would switch to no when that appears to be a worse prospect now.
  4. Aye, curtains for them
  5. Way I heard it was that once upon a time in Scotland you had just Proven or Not Proven as the possible outcomes of a jury trial. However, one day a jury insisted on Not Guilty (as in England) and the judge accepted it. So a jury in Scotland can now return Not Proven or Not Guilty with no difference in law ...just a snidey wee wink.
  6. Regards beer, on opposite sides of the centre we found Moeder Lambic Fontainas & Bier Circus with big choices (though not pub-like places). Experimenting to find your favourite style can wipe you out early in Belgium Would be a shame to only drink Jupiler though. Was fond of Poechenellekelder , but it can be rammed as it's beside the Manneken Pis.
  7. Apart from the 3 additional UEFA teams, anyone got the breakdown the other confederations are allocated? If Australia can move to Asia, surely we can join CONCACAF. We'd get beat again by Costa Rica mind you.
  8. I'm just half guessing that car hire + motels would be cheaper and easier than a motorhome, but it all sounds good. Enjoy!
  9. Ha! Some bloke with big pecs and a lishp.
  10. Or cross a time zone between births where clocks go back 1 hr.
  11. OK, you lot probably watch a lot of seasons on American TV. I had previously avoided Westworld just 'cause I don't. However the 1st episode did surprise me with its twist on the original film and I really enjoyed it. 2nd episode was 3rd rate junk and I didn't even make it to the end of it. Life is too short...
  12. Nae guitar on this. I can't find the old scratchy black & white version with the beams of light through forest canopy dappling the leaves; the clearing and the woodsman's hut and the girl by the stream... Haunting. Feck, was possibly a Nazi propaganda film. Love it
  13. Dance wi' yer auntie this Christmas Twang it Duane!
  14. Not seen this clip for a couple of years Sorry, it's a Friday night in afore Xmas. Trying to write something funny/profound/helpful, but comes out trite. My thoughts are with you all.