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  1. As someone once said, I like both kinds o' music , so this time (just for Heuch) searched for "Creole" AND "Gypsy" and this came up. OK, no paintings...
  2. Thanks for the data. Somehow, I suspected the Skittles stats were a wee bit iffy.
  3. Dames uit Nederland en Suriname . Sabrina geeft een goed Stevie Wonder indruk ook. Nothing to do with the dykes thread btw
  4. Aye right enough NS The WGD is probably an expert in such matters, but Bobo has summarized fine to my mind.
  5. Who's your favourite Bosnian pop band?
  6. Sorry, that one was offensive
  7. Where did my wonderful explanatory picture go?!?! Looks like I've got a 20k size limit just pasting a screenshot for you http://i64.tinypic.com/1ylfdt.jpg
  8. A wee while since I uploaded my picture Kenny, but I can edit mine by clicking 1 then 2 as shown here. Can't remember what size restrictions there are. You may need to downsize an image first with Paintshop or something. "1" opens your profile and "2" opens a window that lets you upload a picture.
  9. Not a VM fan (yet), but heard a version of this on radio Scotland last week...
  10. At least a week since I posted some JSBX !
  11. At least the lassie in the audience sorted Soubry out later.
  12. Right who's goin' ?
  13. Mibbes if ye'd said 'bem-vindo', we might have got him
  14. Aye, and I've been wondering what the photies contained ever since. What am I missing? I don't disagree with FE/Broonys' point though.