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  1. Expect just to come up to the Premiership and beat the big teams? Pah!
  2. Street names do annoy me. Down our way there is a housing development called Georgetown. Is cool though as it's named after the local WW1 munitions works, in turn after Lloyd George, that kent ma faither.
  3. Forsythia. The things you learn on here!
  4. Saw him a few years ago and part of his routine outed and tore Saville to shreds before his death. Didn't realise every word was true.
  5. Maybe breathe again here as Aaron takes over, ...maybe? ...yeah, I know I've posted that before. Still.
  6. This is what it's about.
  7. Wife-beaters ridiculing her when she's still with them.
  8. I'm all for a loyalty system of some sort: If we ever qualify for finals, then of course regular fans should get 1st go of course. With some sympathy for low pointers (I'm middling myself), how about throwing 10-20% of allocation open to any member? As usual, I've not thought this through...
  9. Jeez, still playing catch up here as usual. Thought Gary S, you were starting a topic with an innovative suggestion: I only got a D- in reading, sorry. So it's real. Gary TA hits nail in 3rd para. IMO, promotes home games... even "diddy" ones, so makes money and hopefully atmosphere. Give it a go...
  10. American left post ~1946? Agreed, but that's not left. Mibbe third exit on a roundabout?