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  1. Some deedle deedle guitar stuff. Pish videos sorry
  2. FFS who the heck plays a gig in Edinburgh
  3. S'awright, but I still wouldnae touch Jack an coke. Neither o' them <-- spittin' oot emoticon?
  4. Apart from Rick's speech the ending has all these quotes... "Here's looking at you kid" "Round up the usual suspects" and my favourite, "We'll always have Paris"
  5. Not your first time in that position though?
  6. Barney and y'all have me exploring... Yeah that year could have been enjoyed on my big sister's mono record player... but mine is a wee sister, but hey. So, in actual fact she had had Quo, Trex and The Sweet (before moving on to David Cassidy for some reason), but I digress... So we agree that I'm far too young to have any tune released in that year, but there are a few I missed out on, like... Donovan : Sunshine Superman / Season of the Witch Ike & Tina Turner : River Deep Mountain High James Brown : I Feel Good Jimi Hendrix : Foxey Lady / Hey Joe John Lee Hooker : Blues Alive (at the Cafe a Go-Go) Les Fluer de Lys : Circles : !!! copyright TAMB thank you :-) Lorraine Ellison : Stay With Me Mamas and Papas : California Dreaming Simon & Garfunkel : Scarborough Fair / I am a Rock Troggs : Wild Thing Wilson Picket : 634-5789 / Midnight Hour / Mustang Sally Yardbirds : Over Under Sideways Down ...and I like Paint it Black and Boots are Made for Walking too You can decide which are cool (I don't care, I just enjoy them all), but at any rate they're more interesting than fitba' that year...
  7. Often it's better that way, so you don't have to suffer naff lyrics
  8. Great! Dunno if I like our new badge though.
  9. Going for a run?!? I was out walking up the braes earlier, but nearly suffocated, and hay fever kicked in big time. Thought I'd grown out of that. Then ffs, had to have salad for dinner.
  10. It's bilin' tonight: Listening to open-all-mics on mains power and thinking of switching it to a wee battery one to cut the heat. Already gave Mrs Grim a tellin' off for boiling the kettle
  11. Have to agree with you Angus, in that the Black Album was my entry level to Metallica after avoiding metal through the 80's, but grew to appreciate stuff later. You also brought up rap. I struggled with rap-rock at first, but didn't take long to get into RATM and many others. I think it must just be the way brains are wired by your early music, so it takes a wee while to change. Or as in other fields, I'm just a slow learner.
  12. Tricky that way round Barney, very tricky Soul and country were dismissed in my youth. Found a few nuggets now, but since I've never heard whole albums, I still can't answer. Same goes for Dylan. Got to an age that I appreciate him, but (since I hear songs by themselves) couldn't honestly say which album is great. But then there is a certain London TAMBer who showed me the delights in 80's metal before he went off on his strange modern ways. I thought 80's stuff a bit juvenile as I thought I'd grown up, but with hindsight there were some goodies like Slayer and this, which is a great after dark album (Sláinte ).