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  1. Going for a run?!? I was out walking up the braes earlier, but nearly suffocated, and hay fever kicked in big time. Thought I'd grown out of that. Then ffs, had to have salad for dinner.
  2. It's bilin' tonight: Listening to open-all-mics on mains power and thinking of switching it to a wee battery one to cut the heat. Already gave Mrs Grim a tellin' off for boiling the kettle
  3. Have to agree with you Angus, in that the Black Album was my entry level to Metallica after avoiding metal through the 80's, but grew to appreciate stuff later. You also brought up rap. I struggled with rap-rock at first, but didn't take long to get into RATM and many others. I think it must just be the way brains are wired by your early music, so it takes a wee while to change. Or as in other fields, I'm just a slow learner.
  4. Tricky that way round Barney, very tricky Soul and country were dismissed in my youth. Found a few nuggets now, but since I've never heard whole albums, I still can't answer. Same goes for Dylan. Got to an age that I appreciate him, but (since I hear songs by themselves) couldn't honestly say which album is great. But then there is a certain London TAMBer who showed me the delights in 80's metal before he went off on his strange modern ways. I thought 80's stuff a bit juvenile as I thought I'd grown up, but with hindsight there were some goodies like Slayer and this, which is a great after dark album (Sláinte ).
  5. Jeeez, remember how they airbrushed out the cigarette?
  6. I've forgotten who Valerie Leon was, so will have to spend the night googling instead of going through the old thread. Hai !
  7. Didn't Ireland have lots of kings (at the same time I mean)? Surely doesn't mean It was made of lots of different countries. Anyway, what would have happened if the dauphin did not die on our Mary?
  8. This thread because it's nearly Friday?
  9. Couple of things been nagging at me lately. I have a recent update in my tunes collection that I couldn't fathom. Sounds really popular and wondered if it is/was a smash hit in this millenium (I honestly would not be aware), plus found tonight I'd re-posted someone else's video. Re-discovered that the former is Emmet Sky's from silverbear (Cheers!). The later was originally from the OP (AvH) and seems I reposted it. Was bound to happen sometime <-- supposed to be blushing. Though this one I only got from a gig at the Garage so can claim as discovered sort of independently Yeah, I've just had a bleary-eyed Saturday-night-in watching Windows Update on a re-install (fock off MS!) while browsing 19 pages of tunes on the TAMB. Better than the radio at least Sorry no new tunes here. Nothing to see. Move along...
  10. Lifted these 4 off my pal's memory stick. He tells me he has better taste in music than me.
  11. So, cutting to the chase, are we saying that Israel is breaking up the EU?