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  1. Pick up

    Yup. I've seen folk get a spare ticket at the collection point at a stadium before. I've volunteered for pick-up myself today as was touch and go whether they'd get to me in time. Pick-up instructions are pending. Now the question is if we can all get there in person with the disruption
  2. French Railway Strikes

    That's me covered then. Got trains booked Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
  3. Cannae see Mr Ihsahn's lips move in this.
  4. Both kinds o' music! Ella and the Ink Spots do Country and Western...
  5. My only favourite Morrissey song by one of my favourite bands. Not saying it's any better, but I love Natalie... Grungy/stoner version of Four Horsemens' already retro tune...
  6. Staying with gothic, got sent this today...
  7. Scandanavian noir? One of Anna's more accessible tracks perhaps.
  8. Some good new stuff. I'm enjoying this most. Will soon spoil the easy vibe if I can though
  9. Windows 10

    I feel invisible :-( Lobey, you sound like you know what's what though. If I've been posting pish I don't mind being put straight as I'm a hammer chewer.
  10. Windows 10

    spot on.
  11. Pool Q, for the 1st bit of that, I thought I was in the Best 5 Pubs thread. Oh dear
  12. My son's charity haircut

    Well done son! Good effort in growing that hair. Wish I could
  13. Windows 10

    I posted earlier a link to with a script that turns off MS telemetry (i.e. spying) and Win10 nags, and the bug I mentioned was fixed by Aegis v1.17. However, if you just want to turn off the nags, then this Windows update would seem to enable you to do this (clicky)--> kb3050265. I've not tried it myself as I'm blocking everything with the Aegis script, and everything now seems to be running ok for me. Sticking with Win7 where I have to (all versions of IE uninstalled too), and Linux where I don't.
  14. 1,200

    Fekk. I thought I had 7 points