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  1. 1,200

    Fekk. I thought I had 7 points
  2. The patience of a saint.
  3. Windows 10

    I'm with you ZB on the annoyance. I admire Fringo's calmness. This fekkin' annoyed the paps off me, so automatically have a bias against Win10 (...or Windows 8.2 as it should be known). I installed it on an old PC to try to give it a go and liked it less. PC = Personal Computer, they told us, so don't like bing bullied by Microsoft. Free? Upgrade? For goodness sake. Win10 is spyware. (Have you seen The Lives of Others? --> Windows 10 sucks ) That blogger may be even more paranoid than me, but I followed one of their links... ...and have been running the script that removes and tries to block the Microsoft Stasi's telemetry. Err, I don't seem to be able to login to msn/hotmail (since lots of others have this problem, I don't know if this was the cause) , but fekk 'em. The script does stop the nags. Up to you.
  4. Some of my favourite bars reek of pish, ...though that's not what I like about them . They could probably be improved by fitting an Xpelair blowing in the right direction.
  5. The Kempock in Gourock is the one
  6. Bratslavia to match return coach

    That's me: "Grim Jim" Thanks again watershed!
  7. My browser has started telling me his blog is a "reported attack site" and is blocking access to it. Derek, if you read the TAMB, please note!
  8. Bratslavia to match return coach

    Cheers Watershed ! Thanks for organising.
  9. Bratslavia to match return coach

    HI Watershed, Would be grateful for 2 seats please, if available.
  10. Matchday Booze Cruise?

    2 interested here please.
  11. Meh. Let's get up to the 90's at least? Cause I'm praying for rain And I'm praying for tidal waves I wanna see the ground give way. I wanna watch it all go down. OK, not pop. Sorry
  12. Tempted to Google, but sounds like Squeeze, or more likely Ian Dury & the Blockheads.
  13. Don't forget a wee step ladder.
  14. Some say he had a bit too much influence on you Heuch! There were a lot of Ziggy mullets around when I were a lad.