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  1. Meh. Let's get up to the 90's at least? Cause I'm praying for rain And I'm praying for tidal waves I wanna see the ground give way. I wanna watch it all go down. OK, not pop. Sorry
  2. Tempted to Google, but sounds like Squeeze, or more likely Ian Dury & the Blockheads.
  3. Don't forget a wee step ladder.
  4. Some say he had a bit too much influence on you Heuch! There were a lot of Ziggy mullets around when I were a lad.
  5. Cecil Parkinson

    Lemmy was far too decent a guy, I'm sure, but like your thinking.
  6. Hiya Jen Yeah, I've had a couple of shandies. You've surprised even me with the 25yr average, though I'm beyond that (yeah, I work there folks). the service length just shows the lack of choice of jobs now - in what was a key industry for a time. I really feel for the younger ones though and even more for kids lacking opportunities in the first place in Scotland with the way things are going.
  7. Scotstoun = 9708, but is shut when it rains and the Warriors go (strangely enough) to Rugby Park. Can't see anything else over 5k.
  8. Walking Boots

    I'm still wearing a pair of Meindls I got 2-3 years back. Managed to get them in a sale. They look like Borneo 2 type. Still going strong. They may have memory foam in them, so you need to wear them around the shop for a few minutes to get comfy.
  9. Walking Boots

    Mind and budget for socks too I like double-layered ones which help reduce blisters in my case. I'd also go for boots that keep out water longer as even in summer our ground is kind of wet. A bit heavier unfortunately.
  10. Needs a video. Sounds like a box set to me.
  11. I'm from Hamilton and think you're right
  12. Looking back on the thread there's some interest on yon American craft stuff. Some years back Sam Adams was too bitter for me. Now a few taste buds down, I love it... the commercial stuff I mean. Not tried their "craft" stuff. I mind buying some American bottled stuff, thinking, "those are new and interesting labels". Without my reading specs, I didn't see the 9% badging ...which I might have handled if they were wee Belgian sized and not fekkin' pint bottles. I didn't get pissed though as they were just so bitter and hoppy I couldn't drink them Abject fail I know
  13. Like that Orval is not to my taste, but more power to your elbow!