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  1. Oh dear, there's a surprise! Time for the TA to take a hard stance, either that or we just accept we're no longer a footballing nation. Anyone for Tennis?
  2. Straight to wastebasket!
  3. Clean sweep required, all Blazers and coaching staff cleared out, time to start from scratch.
  4. Scottish FA vice-president Rod Petrie has defended Gordon Strachan, saying he has done "a good job" as national team boss. The Hibernian chairman gave his support to the under-fire Scotland boss following criticism in the wake of the poor start to qualification for the 2018 World Cup. Friday's 3-0 defeat to Wembley leaves Scotland second bottom of Group F with four points from as many matches and increased calls for Strachan to quit. Asked if Strachan retained his support, Petrie told STV: "Gordon Strachan is the national team manager, yes. He's done a good job." When quizzed over whether or not he wished the former Celtic boss to remain in charge, Petrie refused to answer. The Easter Road chief also defended those at the governing body running the game. Clueless, head in sand attitude we are to expect from those in SFA!
  5. Rangers bus vandalised at Ardoe House seemingly. http://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/scotsol/homepage/news/7239895/We-are-probing-report-of-vandalism-Vile-Ibrox-disaster-slur-scratched-on-Rangers-bus-ahead-of-Aberdeen-clash.html
  6. The Scottish Professional Football League will REFUSE to let Rangers to allow their season ticket holders in for free to the Premiership play-offs. STV understands the league's board have taken the stance that the clubs must abide by rules, which the SPFL believes prevents free admission being given. It is believed the board also canvassed the opinion from other member clubs before arriving at their decision. The decision leaves Rangers and Motherwell, who have also publicly stated their wish to allow free entry if they finish 11th in the Premiership, with a decision over whether to press ahead and subsequently be in breach of the regulations. If a rule breach can be proved, clubs can face any number of sanctions. That includes a financial sanction, which would seem the most likely given the SPFL would stand to lose out on cash if season ticket holders are granted free admission. The row stems from rule C26 of the league's regulations. It states that clubs must give 50% of the gross proceeds from gate receipts to the SPFL by means of a levy, with all sums "paid or payable" to be directed to the league. STV spoke to a sports lawyer this week who says he can see a legitimate case for both sides of the argument, but warned he could see no explicit rule which forbids clubs from giving out free entry to season ticket holders. Neeraj Thomas from Burness Paull LLP said: "I think the SPFL are basing their argument on rule C26, which basically states that money "paid or payable" for play-off matches. On that money should be a 50% levy paid to the SPFL as an organisation. "There's a counter-argument to that in that there isn't a clear rule which says you can't let in fans for free for these play-off matches. So I think that's probably where the tension is coming at the moment. "The fact they do mention 'or payable' I think is what the SPFL are going to hang their hat on and say whether the money is paid or not is really relevant. The fact is the money is 'payable', so it is due. "So if Rangers or any other clubs don't want to charge their fans for that, the money is [still] payable so it should be paid by the clubs to the SPFL in lieu of the fans not actually paying their own admission fee. "The clubs are saying if there's no actual rule saying we have to charge season ticket holders into these play-off matches, then they are obviously saying they are free to do what they want. "But it is clear there is some ambiguity about what rules apply and how those rules are going to be interpreted. "It is very difficult. It does purely come down to interpretation of rule C26. The club view would be that the money hasn't been paid, therefore they are free to not charge their season ticket holders into this match. There is not a specific rule which says they have to." It remains to be seen whether the clubs will now press ahead with their plans. The clubs' plans Earlier this week, Rangers outlined their "intention" to let season ticket holders in for free to all play-off home matches. "The club believes supporters who bought tickets for the entire season should not be asked to pay more," they said. "It is fundamentally wrong to ask supporters to pay for season tickets and then, at the end of the campaign, expect them to pay again to watch what will now be the most important matches of that same season." Motherwell have said they will let season ticket holders in for free for their home match if they finish in the 11th position in the Premiership. Hibernian are yet to publicly state their intentions, while Queen of the South say finances mean they will have to charge their season ticket holders for entry. The Hibernian precedent The SPFL didn't rule Hibs to be in breach of league rules last season when they let in season ticket holders for free to their play-off final match with Hamilton Academical. Sports lawyer Thomas believes this could lead to conflict. "The Hibs issue definitely has caused a significant problem for the SPFL," he said. "When it comes to the enforcement of these rules, they have to be enforced consistently. "In a situation where it is all a bit vague what happened with Hibs last year, but it seems to be the position that they didn't charge their season ticket holders for entry into the play-off matches. However that was decided, it was the decision was made they didn't have to charge their fans for that match. "The problem now for the SPFL comes when they insist other clubs have to charge their season ticket holders for that match. "The other clubs will obviously say 'what about Hibs last year? They didn't charge their season ticket holders, why is it we are having to charge our season ticket holders now?'".
  7. Now sold, thanks
  8. I've got 2 adult spares for West Stand - Area B2 for sale, £32 face value each, open to offers. Ideally pickup in Aberdeen area but can post next day delivery for additional cost.
  9. Cheers Redfraz, PM sent to you.
  10. 2 spare tickets together available for Govan Rear GR4, Face value £42, will sell for £25 each. PM and reply if interested.
  11. Never knew Rangers fans support Scotland!