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      ATAC produced a guide to Bratislava and Trnava prior to our recent visit. If you saw this, did you use it? Was it of any help?
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  1. Aye right, we probably do need him. He played for Scotland under 19s then changed his mind. Seen him play a few times, looks good for a young lad. The SFA should speak to him again and see what he says. We need all the help we can get as were not exactly swimming in young 21 year old talent up front.
  2. The Scottish correspondent for the Guardian put Michael O'Neill’s name into the ring. He lives in Scotland, he knows Scottish Football and look what he has done with an even worse squad than our lot. Not sure if he’d come to us, worth an investigation in nothing else.
  3. OK, bit of a positive, let’s look at some of the players Strachan has overlooked or just doesn’t seem to fancy, for whatever reason, that will hopefully get back into contention after he goes. McCormack Rhoads Cairney Bardsley Anyone that plays for Aberdeen To name but a few, OK no world beaters there but there have been some odd omissions lately, I used to think in the manager we trust but that has been seen to be a silly thing to do as he’s clearly crap.
  4. Lewandowski last minute goal at Hamden did it for me, that was the last nail in the coffin. After that I didn’t renew my SSC membership. I had been thinking about it and the writing was on the wall and that goal just killed the dream for me. It was over by then but that was when I said it out loud, “that’s plenty”. Even typing it out now still hurts deep down. The Lithuania game was the first home competitive game I’d missed in ten years. It was spoiling my visits home to see family, the build-up was great, the excitement was great, the inevitable crap performance, poor football, worsening atmosphere and my sullen deflated moods were just not worth it. A nice break spoiled by 90 mins of turgid football. I worked out the money I had spent traveling up from England for the home games and occasional travel to away games and bought me and the Boy Brighton season tickets.
  5. Agreed, we need to use the word Bawbagged. Sums it up nicely. The little interest I had in the international team burning deep down took another dowsing on Saturday.
  6. It's another reason we are shite. Booing at half time when I don't think Scotland had played that badly was a just dumb. The crowd should be getting behind the team but every shot of the crowd was folk in Scotland tops with folded arms. From the TV the crowd was quiet most of the game unless they were getting at the Scotland players. Not sure how we fix that.
  7. He'd better get eating then.
  8. Wales have a weaker squad than us?
  9. This is why I didn't renew my SSC membership and have stopped going to Scotland Matches. Can't get excited about any potential replacements but some fresh blood.
  10. Strachan''s interview..... waffle, waffle, waffle. Oh dear.
  11. It is over, trust me it is over we will not qualify, we will not get 2nd we will be lucky to get 3rd.
  12. Discuss, it's all we can do because that's another tournament up the spout before it has even started properly.
  13. Could anyone be much worse?
  14. Strachan has to go if it stays this way. This is unacceptable, absolutely unacceptable especially at home.
  15. We are total complete and utter dog sh!t. Chris Martin ffs.