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  1. It is looking BLEAK!!!
  2. I hope he improves. Reports down here said he lived on his xbox too much and just wasn't putting the effort in. There was talent there but nothe enough pace and wasnt physical robust or fit enough. One cracking goal but don't think he finished 90 mins the whole time he was at Brighton under 23s
  3. It was a good move sadly he just isn't good enough. Brighton are doing pretty well without him and they have a superb record in promoting academy talent.
  5. Robertson got 79 mins tonight. Good to see him back.
  6. Robert Snodgrass Scores for Hull.
  7. My wee boy came in on the Saturday after the Scotland game and asked me, "What was the score" I told him and he shrugged and said "are Scotland Rubbish then?" I said, " pretty much son." He still, by choice put his Scotland training top on for his Saturday morning football. We live in England, I was almost hoping one of the parents or coaches would make a comment but none of them did. They are a good bunch. 2 things, 1st My wee boy cheered me up no end, he played really well and It was nice to see someone in a Scotland top play well for a change. We have this saying about football, it's not about who lost ore won it's about having fun, that works for 5 and 6 year olds. (Wait for the comments from some on here as he's born in England! Watch the space for a Jimmy McCann in a Scotland squad) 2nd Most The English folk don't care about beating us. Were just another wee team to them. PS We all now have Irish passports because of Brexit, Thanks to my Dad being Irish and his Mum is Welsh.....
  8. This is how f&%king dumb I can be at the end of a work day. I just googled one of them, found him on Wiki as I wanted to see how old he was.... then went and did the same with the other one to see his age. Duuuuuuuh! Funnily enough they share the same birthday, what are the chances of that?
  9. I was there tonight and from what I saw I can’t agree about Philips. He was ok, scored but he defiantly didn't have an excellent game. Morrison was extremely good. Fletcher did well on the whole but kept giving the ball away. Burnley were awful, hard to judge to much from this game.
  11. Glad to see Morrison back playing and scoring. He has been lacking game time, still think he is a key player.
  12. Sorted. Thanks for all pm'd help and offers. Looking forward to Friday now.
  13. I have that feeling n'all. Shades of Burley's end V Wales.
  14. I rate Russel, criminal that he has so few caps.
  15. One ticket required. Scotland or England end. Bought and sold on here plenty of times so if anyone can help me out much appreciated. Will pay for postage etc. Thanks in advance.