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  1. Waste of time playing half that team. Start again, we won't qualify so start some young talent and drop the players that have so far failed to get us anywhere.
  2. Oh dear oh dear. We are seriously not qualifying with that lot. This is why I didn't renew my membership. I hope Burke does well.
  3. Was At Brighton Rotherham last night and Jamie Murphy was good for Brighton, also did very well in the cup and scored a brace last week. Scott Allen for Rotherham was poor from what I saw when he came on for the second half. Another great home fades in to obscurity.
  4. Leeds are after him apparently. Happily see him at Brighton.
  5. He's a good player but sadly he's also a total f@nny so I predict him imploding withing 15 games max.
  6. Burke was superb in the first half last night. Reminiscent of a young Bale. Built like a brick out house. Faded on second half but was by far Forest biggest threat. Extremely impressed with him.
  7. From Nottingham Post re 5 players that might make an impact this season. 2. Oliver Burke There was a moment, even on a comedically bad playing surface at Blackpool, where Oliver Burke caught out the opposition defenders in a manner that also bordered on the truly amusing. It would almost be only sporting if Burke were to mutter 'meep, meep' as a warning, in Road Runner fashion, before knocking the ball past his man and running at them, before disappearing in a cloud of dust (in a very literal sense at Bloomfield Road). With his mop hair and slightly awkward gait, many opposition defenders may underestimate Burke when they cross paths next season. But they are unlikely to do so twice. Quite simply, he is just very, very fast. The very epitome of an unpolished diamond, Burke is far from the finished article, but with strength as well as speed and the ability to fire in a precise cross or cut inside and shot, he has many exciting attributes. And it says everything you need to know about the product of the Forest youth academy that, at the end of the campaign, Freedman stated categorically that he would not be looking to sign another right sided winger. In Chris Burke, young winger Oliver has an experienced, quality player standing ahead of him in the pecking order at the City Ground; as well as a man he can learn a great deal from. But the former Birmingham and Rangers player will not be the only man looking over his shoulder for Burke, when the new season kicks off. Like Walker, Burke has stood out during the remarkable run in the FA Youth Cup, as well as in the Forest under-21 side. He may again initially find himself behind the more senior Burke in the pecking order, but if Oliver can continue his progress as he has done over the last 12 months, the number of defenders caught out will only increase. Read more at http://www.nottinghampost.com/nottingham-forest-young-stars-make-breakthrough/story-26549306-detail/story.html#pyjykvgCXYJtOzhe.99 5. . Alex Iacovitti It is not merely just his name that gives away Alex Iacovitti's Italian roots. The languid, cultured defender's calm performances for Forest's under-18 side earned him a handful of opportunities for the under-21s last season. A central defender who can also slot in at left back, Iacovitti stood out in more experienced company in that under-21 play-off semi-final against Swansea. Iacovitti has already represented Scotland at under-17 level and does not turn 18 until September, so patience will be required where the teenager is concerned. But he performed in the manner of a player with far more experience against the Welsh side, making numerous timely interceptions and challenges thanks to his astute reading of the game. Iacovitti, who does also qualify to play for Italy, only started four times for the under-21 side, but has made swift progress in the final months of the campaign, after making himself indispensable to the under-18 side. Comfortable with the ball at his feet, Iacovitti is more than capable of carrying the ball out of defence. And, while it is perhaps too much to expect him to make a significant impact on the first team next season, he is a player that is generating some considerable excitement behind the scenes at the club. Read more at http://www.nottinghampost.com/nottingham-forest-young-stars-make-breakthrough/story-26549306-detail/story.html#pyjykvgCXYJtOzhe.99
  8. Just seen, he is a central defender. Nice
  9. I was just looking Alexander Iacovitti up, looks like he played against Burton, only 18 and a defender. Do when know if he's a center back?
  10. Will be taking a first hand look at Burke for Forrest tonight when they visit the AMEX. Forrest supporting pall sees him as their great new hope.
  11. Cairney assist and I see Fulham have made him captain. Still won't get a Fu×king call up though and I'm buggerd if i know qhy. Also Whatever happened to Jack Grimmer?
  12. Tiz that time of year again when Fantasy Football is on it’s way and I am setting up a league for TAMB So here is what to do…. Go to http://fantasy.premierleague.com website · Enter the Free Version not the ultimate version that costs. · Go to sign up and enter your details · Pick your team, · You will have 100 million to spend on players so do so wisely!You can pick 15 players (11 that will start and 4 sub back up players) · Remember you get one free transfer a week so if your team is doing poorly after the first few games CHANGE IT! · You can choose your team any time up until 11am of the first game then you get one free sub per week · Wild Card – Once in the first half and second half of the season you can use your wild card, that means you can change as many players as you like in the week you use your wild card. Code to join this league: 272849-176150 If you have entered in the past I have just renewed the League so you should be back in there.
  13. Aye, glass half full..... Greer was injured and Brighton promoted Goldson from under 21s so they get a chance if there is an opening.
  14. Martin on his way to Brighton.