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  1. He is only on loan at Sheff Weds
  2. Archer made vital saves in The English Div 1 play off final for Milwall. One of their better players so My mate that has a season tickets there tells me.
  3. I think it was because it was against Huddersfield that he didn't want to take it. Sh!te excuse though!
  4. Normally I'd agree but I was there that day and second his sentiment. St Johnstone’s game plan worked but United’s didn’t and it was obvious that a couple of changes could have changed things but Jackie stuck to the same plan that wasn’t working. Better team won on the day is fair enough, they had a better plan.
  5. James McArthur linked with a move to Brighton this morning, along with almost every young Celtic player!
  6. Also the Andrew Robertson comparison isn't fair as Robertson is two and a half years older than Gauld so further on in his development. Good on the lad for taking the move to Portugal, looked right at the time. I hope he picks himself up and progresses.
  7. He's only 21, plenty of time for him to develop. I agree he needs to go somewhere he will play regularly. English Championship or another move within Europe. I can't see him coming back to Scotland until he has given it a crack elsewhere.
  8. Some nice kits out there for next season... And some not so nice ones n'all....
  9. Soon to be seen on loan and English Div 1 or Championship side.
  10. I'd buy it.... swoon
  11. Hello, Have folk had an email about the scheduled dates for season ticket holders getting access to tickets and then general sale?
  12. My Brighton & Hove Albion season ticket set me back £530 and my boys were £80 each. I did renew months before they were promoted. Considering that also includes subsidised Train, Bus and Park and ride travel I think it's very reasonable. About £28 per game for me and £4.20 each per game for the kids. Can also upgrade their tickets to adults ones 6 times a season for Mid-Week Games.
  13. John Fleck nominated for E league one player of the season. He is still only 25, looks like he will be in the Championship next season. Highest number of assists all season.
  14. Clueless. That was Canada we were playing, bloody Canada!!!