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  1. Scottland Player Transfer Gossip

    Huddersfield play some nice football. Lots of possession but no end product. There not a hoof and hope style club by any stretch of the imagination.
  2. I think we did that before for Leeds V Swindon but that was back in 2003 (Paul Robinson header to make it 3-3 in league cup Leeds won on penalties) my memories are hazy of the parking situation and I didn't drive back then. Will probably park at the ground then.
  3. Scotland Players In Action

    Starting to pay off that massive transfer fee. That point takes Boro top, 90min + 3. Jordan Rhodes He Scores Goals!
  4. Off to both grounds next week, any tips for where to park. Happy enough with a mile or two to walk.
  5. Scotland Players In Action

    He did, been mince in last 5 games sadly.
  6. Scotland Players In Action

    He has been on the bench during his last come back then injury set back.
  7. Scotland Players In Action

    James McArthur is out for the rest of the season with tore ligaments. He and Morrison are big misses for us. IMHO.
  8. Scottland Player Transfer Gossip

    Saw them play at Brighton and Boro were by far the best team I have seen in the Championship this season. Rhoads will only improve that.
  9. Chelsea 2 Leeds 1 liverpool 3 Alloa 1 Hearts 4 Hibs 2 Arsenal 2 Man U 1 Brighton 7 Norwich 2 Bristol City 1 Bristol Rovers 1 southampton 1 Portsmouth 2 Celtic 3 Spurs 2
  10. Scottland Player Transfer Gossip

    McCormack hands in a transfer request apparently on the move to Middlesbrough. Can't blame him.
  11. Fletch and Mr Barrowclough from porridge.
  12. When you say the cast.... do you mean the whole cast? Alot of zombies in there my friend. Not sure I want them to rescue me.
  13. Scotland Players In Action

    Possibly. He had a good game and had a hand in all Vales positive moves.
  14. Scotland Players In Action

    Kennedy with an assist for Port Vale. Only his second touch.
  15. Scottland Player Transfer Gossip

    Ooooh, I'm off to see them play Doncaster tomorrow. He looked like quite a prospect not that long ago. Hopefully still time to develop.