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  1. Transfer gossip

    He'd still walk straight into 95% of SPL clubs starting line up.
  2. Scotland Players In Action

    Chris Martin was shocking v Brighton. Slow, slow and slowthe defenders were rarely bothered by him at all.
  3. After the way the Celtic fans were toward him I would be surprised if he went there. Saying that money talks etc. He's a way off the running for that job for a while any way.
  4. Congratulations, getting Wigan back to the Championship first time is to be admired. Not bad for a first time young manager who never played at that level to get promotion in first season. They probably still had parachute payments to spend but you still got to spend them properly.
  5. Scottland Player Transfer Gossip

    Just got My Brighton and Hove Albion season tickets for me and my boy. Free entry to under 21s games. Hopefully Harper will start to break into the first team.
  6. highest level

    Depressing reading. Between top 3 in English Championship there are 3 Scotland players (not including Boyd and Arfield) in Murphy, Rhoads and Greer. English Premiership...Morrison, Fletcher, McArthur, Richie, Hutton, Naismith, Martin, Whittaker, (can't get im the squad)Dorrans (can't get a game) Adam, Kingsley, (getting the odd game)Anya (rarely starts) Hendre (unlikely to everget a game) Living down south I don't get to see many of the Scotland based players so can't pass much comment. The SPL will hopefully improve with Rangers getting back in but what I have seen hasn't inspired confidence. Look at the age of this lot, not many spring chickens in there. Sick as it makes me I honestly think our player pool is getting weaker rather than stronger. I can't see any Youth that excites me. All youngsters I expected to kick on are either cutting it at a lower level or stuck in the reserves. The state of of things isn't improving and is looking pretty bleak. I only hope I'm just being pessimistic and am proved wrong. this HTML class. Value is
  7. Scotland Players In Action

    Fulham were shocking tonight.
  8. Scotland Players In Action

    Cracker for Jamie Mackie
  9. Premier Sports

    Daft. Will just listen on the Radio on line if even possible.....
  10. Scotland Players In Action

    Both teams badly out of form in last 5 matches. Adraw would have been a fair was so bad it almost deserved to be nil nil.
  11. Full Adidas Range

    There is a 57 quid rain jacket on jd sports site.
  12. The Two Squads

    I also think Jordan Archer would have been worth a call up for these Friendlies if we are taking a look at young players for the future.
  13. The Two Squads

    No Cairney, no Rhoads and No McCormack. Slightly bizarre.
  14. Scotland Players In Action

    Bannan was arguably the best player on the pitch for Wednesday v Brighton. Had a couple of good shots saved and looked lively alk night. Not a great game in the Pissing rain.
  15. Scotland Players In Action

    Will be watching Bannan play for Wednesday v Brightontomorrow and will report back.