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In Topic: Songs For Independence

Yesterday, 19:59

Keeping in theme with the other thread how about billy connolly


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Yesterday, 17:23

USB stamp


In Topic: New Photo Thread

Yesterday, 17:15

How do you post pictures from an ipad on here?

In Topic: Songs For Independence

14 September 2014 - 01:42 PM

How about ebony and ivory by stevie wonder?

Mind you kaisercheifs i predict a riot would maybe be more apt.

In Topic: Post Referendum

14 September 2014 - 08:43 AM

After its all over and goes either way how do you think the nation will be, given that it is virtually split down the middle. Will there be a lot of tension or will folk make the best of it and try and get on best they can. Thankfully there has been hardly any bother up to now and seems friendly in most part.

It's going to be tough no matter what the result because in the first instance there is going to be a lot of bitterness that their side didn't win. But think once things start to simmer down it will be up to us as human beings to make the country work, to get on and be as friendly and civilised as we were before the campaigns began. Fair enough we weren't a perfect society or maybe even never will be, but we shouldn't let the result come between friends & family. That isn't the scotland i know.