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Today, 15:45

This. As good as it would have been good to see (instead of being dragged round f'king ikea) well done to clubs for trying to get a decent turn out at a decent time. Especially considering the distance both sets of fans have to travel.

In Topic: League Cup Semi

Today, 14:56

Aye bbc radio scotland

Beat me tae it ekcelt

In Topic: Self Induced Injury Nhs

23 January 2015 - 11:01 PM

That's fair enough IMO. If it's bleeding and doesn't stop then that's an A&E sign for me (although depends on the amount).

I had a nose bleed that lasted nearly an hour, my auld man told me i would be fine if i just kept pressure on it. But each time i took the tissue away from it started up again, Apparently you should really go to casualty after 30 mins of non stop bleeding. But who was i to doubt my dad, he did work with the ambulance service after all. :lol:

In Topic: Boobs Paps Breasts

23 January 2015 - 04:56 PM

That was around the time of my paperboy days. Letting a 14 year old loose with a Sunday sport,no wonder it took ages :lol:
On that note though,the same thing happened with Hannah Claydon (I think her name was) in either the sun or the star. Exciting at the time as a young wi seeing whippersnapper,but yes,so wrong to do that.
Almost peado like.


Mind the days of finding a mag in the bushes. I had the advantage of a big brother who wasn't great at hiding his either.

It always made me laugh that the sun would campaign against peados, then put on page 3 some lassy wi their paps oot who was about 16/17.


Oddly enough the Sun politics section is on Page 2. Bit of an interesting juxtaposition for about the only serious news page in the thing....

Was probably a ploy by the poloticians to turn and say on page 2 we are shafting yez, but here are some titties on page 3 to make you feel better about it.

In Topic: Self Induced Injury Nhs

23 January 2015 - 09:42 AM

I work in the nhs and the nurses and wards are extremely understaffed. Fair enough drunks that come in, are a bit of a pain in the back end and can be aggressive and abusive and the ones that are like that don't do your argument about entitlement any favours. That's the stereotype people have about drunks coming into casualty. But they are not all like that.

The people moaning about them would be screaming for an ambulance if they were on a night out and the heel on their stolleto snapped and they went over on their ankle.

Think whether people like it or not, we have a healthcare system that entitles you to free healthcare should you ever need it, no matter if yer drunk or sober, young or old, and whether ye have a sprained ankle or something stuck up yer bottom.

ETA: think whats grates people is the police end up getting involved and they are lifted out after a couple of hours, without having being treated and that is maybe a cubicle that could have been used for someone who isn't being a *@$#.