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In Topic: Pre/post Match Perties V Gibraltar

Yesterday, 22:39

we went back to the place next door to the shed. "Pig and butterfly" use to be the corona? I got turnt away by the bunny rabbit of a bouncer on the door. He asked how much i had to drink (i'd had 3 coronas, 2 hours before kick off) but apparently looked Pished. All i wanted to do was go tae the toilet and wait on oor minibus coming, no as if i was going to go in, fired shots doon ma neck and get bladdered Falling about.

In Topic: Best Match Missed

Yesterday, 18:12

i missed 3-1 win at home to ukraine because my son was born 2 days prior to it. Even now, it seems like it was the best atmosphere in many a while and i missed it. Also when my second son was due i missed macedonia at home and mcfaddens superb goal against them. always think that would have looked even better in the stadium than it did on the tele. All the best. :ok:

In Topic: Our Support ?

29 March 2015 - 10:00 PM

On a lighter note. We were down front of North and heard some daft chant about the rainbow... only in Scotland.

That has got to be the best chant ive heard in ages. "We love you rainbow, we do"

Atmosphere in the part of the north stand we were in was good, had a good laugh with folk around us. Best shout i heard was "run ya bunny rabbit" shouted at robertson. Only in scotland could that be a motivational shout.

In Topic: Plane Crash In French Alps

28 March 2015 - 10:36 AM

How is it even justifiable that they can print that? Even for the sun that is low. We are trying to make sense of this and what it means to all of us with regards to flying. But as usual the sun are going down the usual route of accusations based on people in society that they hate. Tommorows headline He was a peado.

In Topic: My Book

27 March 2015 - 01:31 PM

didn't realise that my name and that was given in the review. Good job i didn't think it was sh1t€. :lol: