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In Topic: Paddington Bear

Today, 21:01

thats an f'n meerkat



In Topic: First Female First Minister

Today, 21:00

I fail to see where you can deduce that I want more men in politics?




That is because I didn't


It is to me though - by that I mean it didn't seem unusual 



The point is it actually was.

In Topic: First Female First Minister

Today, 20:38

Maybe it's just that it seems quite normal and not a big deal (which is surely a good thing) ?



It isn't normal though that is the point

In Topic: Nicola Sturgeon Gig

Today, 20:30

Stanley Odd's "son I voted Yes" gets me every time.  :cry:



In Topic: Christmas Present Suggestion Thread

Today, 20:15

A donation to charity