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In Topic: Nice Timing For Labour's Banff And Buchan Candidate

Yesterday, 20:20

It is interesting that this alleged offense happened last May and yet the still chose him as a candidate. maybe they are not as daft as we think?


This is the seat that Alex Johnstone (Tory) is trying to win from SNP. Eilidh Whiteford had a 4000 majority in 2010. If a fair chunk of the 5000 Labour votes from last time go to Tory and coupled with some of the 4000 LibDem votes from last time, this could turn out to be a very close seat. The Labour gut will still be on the ballot paper though. When this happened in Scunnered's neck of the woods last time, the disowned Tory geezer still got 7000 votes. Mind you that was before they dreamed up the idea of tactical voting. I could see SNP losing this seat.


I wonder if there is any dirt to be dug up on this Alex Johnstone fella? :wink2:


Surely the Labour voters won't vote Tory!?

In Topic: Nice Timing For Labour's Banff And Buchan Candidate

Yesterday, 17:01

They will be annoyed they couldn't blame the SNP's new drink driving limits

In Topic: Question Time Tonight

Yesterday, 10:56

Yep he's kinda bland , but when surrounded by clowns probably best. Better than Salmond in this scenario

He has actually really grown on me. I don't think he is really that bland.

In Topic: Paco Mcsheepie

Yesterday, 07:26


In fairness, it can be both. I think he's an idiot but I also think it's a massive dose of faux-outrage on the part of Labour and the press because they know it'll help hit SNP votes. 


It is much much more insidious than faux outrage.

In Topic: Tamb Running Thread

Yesterday, 06:50

Is it me or is this just a bit stupid. I understand the frustration and desire but is it really worth risking more serious damage that could make things a lot worse in the long run?