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Yesterday, 17:48

Have the folk who are slagging him off actually read all his articles about the nurse?


If you have can you please tell me what you think is wrong with them.


As far as I can see, he is highlighting the hypocrisy and incompetence of the Labour party and the Record. He isn't having a go at the nurse. I am "astounded" at the amount of abuse he is getting on here for this.


Yes I have and there is nothing wrong with them factually but plenty to misrepresent - he gave them an open door which he didn't need to. It was obvious that this would be portrayed that he was hounding a defenceless nurse and that is what happened. Now the actual point has been lost and his timing was shit to could he not have left it until the Record printed their Smith apology.


On this occasion you can actually defend his point however but this isn't always the case and once he starts he just won't stop no matter how much damage he is doing.


I will however share his stuff because regardless of what I think of him he does some brilliant work

In Topic: Lived Long And Prospered

Yesterday, 17:35

Boooo :(

In Topic: Celtic V Better Together Fc

Yesterday, 13:02

the title amused me no end.


In Topic: Jim Murphy

Yesterday, 12:39

£32,255 raised already this morning so plenty of people - myself included - think he is doing a great job.



I think overall he does it is just a pity he has these big flaws. But as i said you probably wouldn't get the good stuff if he didn't have these flaws.

In Topic: Jim Murphy

Yesterday, 10:44

I think that Stuart Campbell is some sort of obsessive compulsive. His blog is all consuming to him and that is why you get such fantastic stuff from him but it is also why you get some extremely unhelpful shoot yourself in the foot stuff too: he is in a world where he knows best and ploughs on regardless. As soon as I read that nurse article I groaned as it was clear exactly what way it would go. Then when it does Campbell keeps going with it and won't let go.


He had a valid point to make in the article but the way he made it was always only going to be self defeating and end up detracting from the valid point he was making. Campbell can't seem to see the damage this causes.  But as I said to get the good stuff I think you are always going to get the bad stuff which is really unfortunate.