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In Topic: Closing Debate? Or Damage Limitation?

Yesterday, 20:44

When I think of politicians that I admire, the ones who come to mind are the Dennis Skinners, the John McDonnells, the Margo MacDonalds, the Jim Sillars and of course the Katy Clarks... And even current Tory Sarah Wollaston. Politicians who in a parliamentary or parliamentary committee debate will stand up and say when they disagree with the line their party is taking... They will give their view on why they disagree with the line the party is taking and if they're not a cabinet minister they will defy whip and vote against their party.

Under the SNP's rule the public will never know who has taken a stand against a party policy they disagree with, these talks will take place away from public eye, away from the people the MP's and MSP's are elected to serve. They'll not be able to say "that SNP policy is pure shite, but at least my MSP didn't back it".


And??? So what :unsure:


To be honest it isn't the way I would do things but I still don't see how changes all that much

In Topic: Closing Debate? Or Damage Limitation?

30 March 2015 - 08:39 PM

The party currently in government in Holyrood and that will soon hold the majority of Westminster seats in Scotland, passed a motion forbidding its Parliamentary team from showing dissent towards party line. That's rather significant is it not?

Patricia Gibson and Katy Clark will be at the RIC meeting next week. I'll put it to Patricia that our current MP will vote against her party line and speak out against them when their position is not in the interests of her constituents, and now it appears that the SNP have forbidden their parliamentary team from doing so.

But I'd say the motion mentioned goes deeper than that. On occasions in cabinet we've seen ministers vote through proposals due to Collective Responsibility of their government, but while doing so they've spoke out and said they don't personally agree with it. The above motions appears to forbid even that.


Ok tell me what difference it will actually make?

In Topic: Closing Debate? Or Damage Limitation?

30 March 2015 - 07:41 PM

Scunnered, why does it matter to you?

In Topic: Wings Over Scotland

26 March 2015 - 07:19 PM

For the absolute worst of Wings Over Scotland, check out his current reaction to rumours of Kate Higgins being a Special Advisor to Nicola Sturgeon. Total hissy fit and the very worst of his followers joining him. IMO, Kate Higgins oversteps the mark sometimes to be reasonable with certain opponents and journalists, but theres no doubting her intentions and qualities as a campaigner. I reckon it would be a great appointment. The reaction of Wings and his followers though, shows the absolute worst side of many in the SNP/Yes camp.



I can't find anything apart from posts which suggest he has taken a strop :unsure:

In Topic: Expected Attendance?

26 March 2015 - 08:05 AM

I was south upper so had good view. 18k my guess.


Did they not announce it as they usually do?