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Yesterday, 20:13


See here's the thing.  It's an important issue, and the West Lothian question has always needed to be addressed...  However Yes товарищs are getting WAY over excited about this, the average electorate member has no idea this is even an issue, and the ones that do won't really care.  Active Yes & No campaigners will be swayed on issues of fairness like this and will fight their corner, but that's about all.  I've seen people make post after post on this on Social media and their товарищs will like and share, but the average Joe/Bella will scroll past it to get to the latest "When I saw what happened next I couldn't control myself" shite.


That is a bit insulting to the general electorate. 

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30 June 2015 - 08:26 PM

Hope it isn't going to last.

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30 June 2015 - 08:24 PM


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29 June 2015 - 07:04 PM




without dredging the depths of Twitter or the DM website I think the way to judge this is to look not at what ordinary keyboard jockeys do, but what to those in a position of leadership or responsibility say, this sets the tone I think for those that follow.. 


Darlings - 'Blood & Soil' nationalism

Currans - 'wouldn't care if someone ran Salmond over with a bus'

Lamont - nationalists are a 'virus' 


not to mention Ian Smarts daily nut-job rants that believing Scotland should make its own decisions makes you a Nazi, then the whole slew of other prominent people from Starkey to Stephenson calling us Nazis - a Professor at Edinburgh University calling a 19 year old student from Glasgow a 'slut'..  should we go over the list of Scot Labour MPs who have been abusive and threatening ? at least 2 Davidson and Murphy launching threatening verbal assaults on SNP  MPs...  


The problem is they are dehumanising SNP supporters. I was threatened whilst leafelting a leafy middle class suburb in Edinburgh by an old angry man (who thought better of it) - why was he angry, why did he threaten me ?  Because of the language and behaviour of these people and newspapers. It saddens me that their case is so weak they can present no arguments just fear and intimidation...  


this could get much more unpleasant and I think thats what they want. I would love to see a similar example of this kind of behaviour on the SNP side ? 



In Topic: Labours New Dodgy Dossier

29 June 2015 - 07:09 AM

Just read the dossier - is that all they have got?  :worried: