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Yesterday, 08:33

The whole point of playing house at Holyrood for 4 years was to show people that Scots could do a good job managing Scotland. They did it so well the irony is despite the No the SNP could increase its majority and have a breakthrough at westminster. But what is the point of being in government now? We are going nowhere for a while and the game will be rigged to force the SNP into making choices that will steadily erode their support.


Let labour and the tories and the liberals form a minority government, we saw how they are all one voice anyway during the referendum. Why should we constantly accept the rules set-up by these arseholes. refuse to work in the box they want to put us in, put them in it. 


We can't go back to the way it was in the years running up the vote. Make no mistake we are now taken as a serious threat going forward. I do not see a strategy at this point... 



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Yesterday, 08:24

It wasn't until Flat Earth started reading Andy's books that I really had any understanding. I haven't actually even read any of his books but follow him on twitter and have read Lesley Riddoch's Blossom which uses some of Andy's work and makes many of the same points.


Land Reform is such a massively important issue for us all

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Yesterday, 07:50

The issue of land ownership runs deep in people's lives and most don't even realise it. House prices are affected by who owns land and affects local people's ability to stay in their area. This has lead to increasing depopulation and more land doing nothing.


It has lead to increased homelessness as there are so limited housing options because there is a stranglehold on housing supply and this is just the start. It matters immensely that so few rich people control our land. Ask yourself why they hold onto it - it is of massive value!

In Topic: Who Owns Scotland?

Yesterday, 07:45

73% of Scotland's land mass is farmland, what do you suggest local authorities do with that? Run their own farms and crofts?


Community ownership.


You also have to ask the question of why is it all farmland and does it have to be used for that purpose

In Topic: 92,000 Snp Members

Yesterday, 07:42


Can you really imagine yourself walking into a polling station and voting Labour?



Not really but they are the ones that wanted this so should be responsible for showing us how great it is