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Butterfly Rebellion

03 October 2014 - 04:41 PM

I have not really been following the appearance and development of the Butterfly Rebellion but dipping in and out. The first thing I saw was some letter to MP's I think and the whole tone was at very best unhelpful in my view. I have since seen a number of equally concerning posts and just today was reading their confrontation with Yes Shetland. 


Having read what Yes Shetland have to say I pretty much thought they were spot on but just not too sure about the accusations that they might be Better Together in another guise or MI5. However I do think there is something very odd about their appearance on the scene and the tone of their communications.


I find it odd that a mere 30 hours after the result they appear not as some sort of small movement which might grow into something but what seems to be an already well established ready to go set up.


I just wondered what others who may be paying more attention than me think?

Lord Smith Seeks Views Of Groups On Both Sides Of Independence Campaign

30 September 2014 - 04:18 PM

Doe anyone know what groups are being consulted?



Watching Tv Through Catch-Up

28 September 2014 - 04:35 PM

We have binned our licence fee and already have a smart TV and a freesat box we can use to watch the catch-up channels so thought we could just disconnect the satellite to avoid any issues. However the freesat box is a nightmare to use to search for programmes. I was wondering what the best options people could suggest for easily searching and watching on demand?



Post Indyref Reflection

26 September 2014 - 09:49 PM

Posted this on FB but thought I might just post here too. I have been so touched by messages from people who voted Yes because of things I said and information I posted and I am so impressed with myself that I actually managed to do some canvassing which put me well outside my comfort zone. I have had such an amazing experience and was so devastated last Friday. But anyway......



Well it has been a week. I have spent the time trying to process everything and now am in a position to say how I feel without the high emotion of the immediate aftermath. Sorry for the length of the post but I have a lot to say – this is only half of it really.


I will start off by saying that I have had the best time of my life during this campaign, I have met so many people, learnt so much and done things I never thought I would have the confidence to do. It was absolutely fantastic to be a part of a truly inspiring campaign full of positive visions and hope for the future and how we could make a better society.


It is going to take me a long time to get over this because it has been such an integral part of my life. To be honest I thought all along it would be a No vote but that doesn’t stop me from being devastated that it was. The main reason for feeling so broken is really the way the campaigns were run. I felt such hope and saw the huge opportunities we had to make this country fairer and to break the stranglehold of the political and corporate establishment which holds all the power which was clearly seen throughout the campaign but the might of it was seen in all it’s glory in the last week.


The Yes Campaign was a bottom up movement which I witnessed grow. I have met a huge number of absolutely fantastic people the vast majority of whom had had no previous political involvement and the vast majority all had pretty much the same motivation and vision for Scotland. I spoke to no one who had based their decision to vote Yes because of their own personal circumstance. Every one bar none recognized that that in order to improve things for us all all the citizens need to be treated fairly and this isn’t happening and there is no chance it will under the current self-serving establishment. We all recognized that this a wealthy country but that wealth isn’t used to the benefit of us all and there is not a thing we can do to change that so long as the power stays where it is


Anyone involved could see the strength and determination and the sheer numbers of incredibly smart energised people who were itching to build a better society. I truly believe on Independent Scottish Government would have had an easy ride with this massive movement of people determined to get the society they wanted


So now for the other side and the reason I am so very angry and upset by the result. I will not mince my words the No Campaign used utterly despicable tactics. They spent the entire campaign trying to scare everyone. Even Blair McDougall who ran their campaign admits that they risked losing if they didn’t try to scare people. So if they thought they couldn’t win by telling us how good the UK was or what they would do to fix the things that weren’t so good does that not tell people something.


Tying to scare people is bad enough in itself but what was utterly contemptible was the large scale co-ordinated campaign of lies to the Eastern European community and pensioners. To tell people that they will be deported if there is a Yes vote or tell pensioners they will lose their pensions when the exact opposite has been guaranteed by the DWP is just sickening. I can categorically say that if there were any lies being told by the Yes campaign this was not co-ordinated, or a deliberate attempt to knowingly lie. One final point when it comes to despicable key messages coming from the No Campaign were the claims being made those who voted Yes were in some way disrespecting the War dead. This was a shameful claim and an insult to all those who lost their lives both from other countries who fought alongside ours and those who died who actually supported independence for Scotland.


Then we have their attempt to smear and demonise the Yes Campaign which came right from the top. I could list off examples of intimidation and shocking behaviour by the No Campaign (I have personal experience of it too) which they tried to ignore and rarely condemned. It did not get anywhere near the same coverage as the bad behaviour on the Yes side so people believed it was all one way.


I never wanted it to become a tit for tat argument about who was worse – that is playground behaviour. The point was it was a small minority on both sides and I know for a fact that the Yes Campaign was an inclusive, friendly, intelligent, hope-filled campaign full of fantastic ideas and amazing people and I am sickened by the No Campaign’s attempt to demonise all of these fantastic people.


I know that I can hold my head high and be proud of the campaign I was a part of I also know that if I had been a part of the No Campaign I couldn’t do this. So we lost the referendum but we won in so many other ways and for that I am exceptionally proud.


A lot of people expressed disappointment and sometimes anger at those who voted No. I have spent a long time thinking about how I feel about those who did and I do not feel anger or disappointment with anyone who spent time doing their own research into all the arguments and decided as a result that they would vote No. I also don’t feel anger towards anyone who doesn’t have internet access because it would have been just about impossible to get the information needed without it. Those I am angry and disappointed with are those who did not engage at all and did no research into all the information that both sides put forward. This was too important for that.


Now to the future. Throughout the campaign there were attempts to shut down the debate and these continue with demands for us all to shut up about it now and move on because the majority have spoken. But when is it right to be told to stop expressing your opinion because you are in a minority. We believe what we were campaigning for is right so we should continue. We should also get involved in anything that puts pressure on the government to make the social changes we think are needed and also to demand Home Rule for Scotland as promised.


I still haven’t come close to being fully recovered and still fell pretty low but I am so encouraged that all those people who worked so tirelessly over the 2 years are still so eager to stay involved. I was so heartened that around 300 turned up to meet to discuss the way forward in Aberdeen. This is so precious and to all the people who said there shouldn’t be a referendum at all I hope they are now admitting how wrong they were. We have come so far and I am looking forward to seeing where the journey takes us now.

Common Weal

26 September 2014 - 01:14 PM

I am getting just a wee bit excited now about what the plans for the future might be having read the announcement by The Common Weal. We need to pull together but we also need to cover all the different views that were expressed throughout the campaign.


I was already a member of the SNP and now intend to go to their Conference. However they are not really my party of choice. I just believe in party political terms they will have the most power to get us where I ultimately want us to be. I want to play as active a part as I can in making the SNP continue to realise it isn't all about them and put pressure on them when they start to go off in what I think is the wrong direction.


The Common Weal however will provide a much broader umbrella vehicle to try to ensure that we all pull togther. The board has a a wide range of people so most of us will relate to at least one of them.


We all need to support their efforts and keep in touch with what they are up to - and feed into the process. I am sure there will be other projects too but I am particularly excited by this.


I also intend to join Scottish CND and I think that this is a great way to show what we were fighting against that we are serious about what we said and that we will continue to push for the things we want to make Scotland a fairer society and a better place to live. I will look out for other things I can do to that also will help those more disadvantaged in our society that I feel we let down by voting No.


We had a fantastic turnout in Aberdeen at a Yes Aberdeen organised meeting. There must have been around 300 people turned up just desperate to o something which gave me great hope for the future. 


A week on and I am starting to dust myself down and get back on my feet.