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Oor Big Pal Tony B Liar

24 January 2015 - 04:37 PM

So after revelations that Bliar shut down a criminal investigation into BAE cause the Saudi's said they'd allow terrorists to bomb us if we did. It seems the master collude® decided to give Libyas security services free reign with our own to go after dissidents who had taken "asylum" here. 


Some of the other treats include


UK intelligence agencies sent more than 1,600 questions to be put to the two opposition leaders, Sami al-Saadi and Abdul Hakim Belhaj, despite having reason to suspect they were being tortured.


Gaddafi’s agents recorded MI5 as warning in September 2006 that the two countries’ agencies should take steps to ensure that their joint operations would never be “discovered by lawyers or human rights organisations and the media”.


"Belhaj alleges that following one of these encounters he agreed to sign a statement about his associates in the UK after being threatened with a form of torture called the Honda, which involved being locked in a box-like structure whose ceiling and walls could be shrunk, provoking extreme claustrophobia and fear as well as discomfort."






In case any one is wondering Libya is a nightmare now after our "intervention" where the former leader was captured and sodomised with a knife before being killed..


"The central bank is the repository for Libya’s oil revenue and holds nearly $100 billion in foreign reserves. A desire for a share of that wealth has helped motivate the violent competition among an array of militias fighting for money and influence. They have carved the country into warring fiefs, destroyed its two largest airports, bombed and shelled civilian neighborhoods and burned down refineries and oil depots — driving the oil output that is the mainstay of Libya’s economy down to less than 250,000 barrels a day from as much as 1.7 million a day at its peak.


As a result, Libyans across the country endure electricity blackouts for hours a day, long lines for scarce fuel at gas stations, and shortages of cooking oil despite its vast energy resources.


But the central bank has sought to remain neutral and above the fray. It has continued to pay for fuel and food subsidies as well as the salaries of bureaucrats, doctors, teachers, local officials and millions of other public employees — often regardless of whether they showed up for work."







Joanne Calderwood (Undefeated Mma Fighter)

16 January 2015 - 10:27 AM

Not sure how many folk follow MMA, new weight division has been opened by the UFC and Joanne Calderwood is an undefeated prospect and pretty popular as well it seems. She's from Lanark i think. From what i've seen and read she has an excellent attitude and impresses everyone. I hope she gets her next fight soon.





"After an eventful 2014, Joanne Calderwood was voted the WMMA Press Awards “Fan Favorite Fight of the Year”. This was the only award that was voted by the public.

Calderwood took the award with 15% of the vote, with Tonya Evinger (11%) and Ronda Rousey (10%) taking second and third respectfully.

The Scottish standout was a contestant on “The Ultimate Fighter 20″ and is still undefeated in her MMA career.

We talked to Calderword about winning the award and her 2014."





Someone Holding Up A Cafe In Australia

15 December 2014 - 01:46 AM



So someone with a gun is holding up a cafe, making the hostages hold up some sort of "islamic" flag.


sydney opera house closed, another arrest with someone else with a gun etc.

Senate Intelligence Committee Report

10 December 2014 - 09:59 PM

Is out and it's grim as feck reading




Lying about information, using anal penetration with inanimate objects, just hoovering up anyone with no real evidence of crimes. threats of rape. Secret detention centres (rendition through Scotland we were lied about that at the time) so the rule of law could be subverted.


Basically what was happening in Abu Ghraib prison, these techniques are normally reserved for "Foreign country A" in the "family of democracies"





The US journalist who broke the Abu Ghraib scandal told the programme his sources confirm the presence of Israeli intelligence agents in Iraq.

Seymour Hersh said that one of the Israeli aims was to gain access to detained members of the Iraqi secret intelligence unit, who reportedly specialise in Israeli affairs. "






So seems the same practices used in Iraq have continued for years afterwards.

Antikythera Mechanism

30 November 2014 - 02:14 PM

Been following this since i knew about it a few years back, it's so interesting in what it reveals we do not know about history, we hardly know what the Greeks knew in respect to astronomy or mathematics as this predates algorithmic trigonometry, and appears to be using Babylonian techniques to predict ellipses in orbits etc. 


It is something they found in a shipwreck back in 1901, basically a metal computer of gears and mechanisms to predict the motion of the planets precisely and accurately. Made in the 3rd century BC. Remarkable.


An ancient Greek astronomical puzzle now has another piece in place.


The New York Times reported the new evidence today in a story about research by James Evans, professor of physics at University of Puget Sound, and Christián Carman, history of science professor at University of Quilmes, Argentina.

The two researchers published a paper advancing our understanding of the Antikythera Mechanism, an ancient Greek mechanism that modeled the known universe of 2,000 years ago. The heavily encrusted, clocklike mechanism—dubbed the "world's first computer"—was retrieved from an ancient shipwreck on the bottom of the sea off Greece in 1901. The new work is published in the Archive for History of Exact Science.