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Today, 12:03

To be fair, Scunnered is an obviously intelligent chappie by dint of his club allegiance - he is, however, surrounded by stupidity regardless of how they vote up thar in 'North Ayrshire'. (By this I'm talking about anywhere north of Stewarton).
The only places with stupider-type people in Ayrshire are up the valley and Kilmaurs. Maybe Saltcoats too........

In Topic: Polls

Today, 12:01

What would make another 19th out of interest? -40 seats? -30? Murphy returned?

My sole interest in this election is Clark returned, SNP can take 58 for all I care. If clark loses I'll be disappointed, I'll be disgusted by the sheer stupidity of my fellow constituents, but it won't come close to the heartache of Indyref.

Sorry pal

In Topic: The Well V Killie - Friday Night

Today, 09:44

Can't flipping wait.

We're am absolute embarrassment.

In Topic: Ryan Jack Away To Everton ?

Yesterday, 08:42

If that happens then I'll see Percy Pig flying.


Do you only rate English players that play for Scotland? He's a cracking wee player.

In Topic: Jim Murphy (Again!)

01 May 2015 - 04:13 PM

Snp still 4/5 to get less than 51.5 seats.

Great odds