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In Topic: Yes Or No Debate On Stv Now

Yesterday, 23:03

Ruth Davidson being trended on twitter. She did quite well. Pity Eck is playing the Tory card to frighten voters.Despite being told is a mon part political campaign.

Did well? Aye no bother Vladimir.

In Topic: Murphy Stops Soapbox Tour

Yesterday, 22:46

Please, all decent posters ignore this troll.
He's just looking for a reaction.

Is he not a thistle fan? He'll be used to getting the hole ripped out him.

In Topic: Murphy Stops Soapbox Tour

Yesterday, 22:45

Deny. Attack. Ignore. Democracy suffers as aggressive tactics continue by nationalists.

You are a comedian.

In Topic: Murphy Stops Soapbox Tour

Yesterday, 22:40

Jonny been on the adult lemonade last night. He ignores the SNP neo-liberal economic policy. The planned cut in corporation tax. The tax freezes in Scottish Parliament. Also the UK is recovering better than the majority of Eurozone countries.

Open debate, discourse and campaigning has been damaged by aggressive and intimidating Yes supporters be it street debates or meetings. Even on this board it's not pleasant at times. That is an unfortunate example of nationalism in any politics.

As it the last night of the proms stuff you like?

In Topic: New Video! Scotland Euro 2016 Preview - Germany V Scotland

Yesterday, 22:36

Brilliant video as always. Can't wait for weekend now!