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In Topic: Mcgeady And Mccarthy

Yesterday, 21:12

The Scots could learn alot from the Irish, like how to get their Independence, we had to fight for ours,you lot couldn't tick a box. :-))  :-))  :-))  :-)) . Leinster should be playing Scotland next November as its hardly fair that the whole nation of Ireland has to play against a province of Britain. James and Aiden, Real players,for a real country.

There's aspects of irish history I'm glad we've not got.

In Topic: Scotland Flags

Yesterday, 20:17

Used barmy flags couple of times.

Charlie is a good lad. Even did a rush job when i needed an anti Michael Johnston flag in a rush last pre season!

In Topic: Parkhead

Yesterday, 19:56

Mottram? He robbed us in semi final 94 vs Rangers.


In Topic: Irish Thinking They Will Have A Massive Support At Parkhead

Yesterday, 18:37

Christ almighty. Please don't tell me you represent Ireland abroad.

Aye badly.

Surprisingly she's not as much a cheeky cow when she's looking to earn money.

In Topic: Mcgeady And Mccarthy

Yesterday, 14:59

You're the one that doesn't get it, Brown plays league one equivalent week in week out, why has no one ever signed him from Celtic? He's hardly in demand ffs, McCarthy is a classy footballer who will go on to bigger things than Everton I'm sure of it.

Oh and in terms of where Keane is now in his career I would take Naismith any day of the week presently.

Take the blinkers off some of you and admit that Brown isn't actually all that.

Mccarthy isn't either.

If be bothers turning up.