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In Topic: Mccoist Resigns

Today, 13:43

Daily Mash is quality.

In Topic: Old Stadium Pics

Yesterday, 21:43

The capacity changed several times in my lifetime. I remember it being as low as 6k at one point just before McD opened and as high as 17500. Biggest crowd was 29 thousand odd.  Edit to add - it was used as a neutral ground for Aberdeen v Killie Scottish Cup semi final in 1970 - crowd was 25k odd

My dad was at that. Shambles by all accounts. Don't think either set of fans covered themselves in glory. Think the football specials from Ayrshire got wrecked.

In Topic: Rangers In Crisis

Yesterday, 18:25

Are Rangers the first team to commemorate playing in a semi final ?  Will they be adding another star to their jersey to mark the occasion ?

Think we had T-Shirts vs Ayr at Hampden.

In Topic: Rangers In Crisis

Yesterday, 16:20

Sales of this will sort them out...

They'll have half and half scarfs next

In Topic: Improving Scottish Football - Suggestions?

Yesterday, 12:22

I'm reading that St. Mirren are building a beer tent outside the ground for fans before their game this weekend.


If true I approve.


Where abouts?


One good thing about Killie games at home is that here is a pub in the ground,