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In Topic: Weekend Fitba

Today, 12:35


I'm going to Rugby Park on Sat , and with their defence looking (almost) as pish as ours I'm confident United will win 8-7.



I cannot wait.

In Topic: Weekend Fitba

Today, 12:35


I didn't even know there were at home until I was driving back down the road but credit to all those (dedicated to daft enough) who went to a game on Saturday as the weather was ###### diabolical


Wish I hadn't bothered.

In Topic: Hangovers

Today, 12:26

you're tee-total.


 I must have had about 40+ pints ove the weekend there, as I had 3 nights out.


Definately not tee-total!

In Topic: Parking At Cappielow?

Today, 12:25

I remember parking in the industrial estate next to Cartsdyke back in the '90s - after the match I noticed a good number of cars had been tanned - I've got the train ever since.


Not a rare occurance at Cappielow.


Morton-Killie games are always eventufl to say the least.

In Topic: Hangovers

26 November 2015 - 10:37 PM

Don't really get them.