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In Topic: Glasgow Hotel - Ireland Game - Fri 14Th Nov

Today, 01:21

I've no idea, but i take it the Bellgrove Hotel is a homeless shelter?

It's not the funniest joke i've ever heard, but there's no need to go taking inferences about Scots and their sense of humour from it Helen :wink2:

It's a smack den.

In Topic: Dons V Motherwell

Yesterday, 23:09

If it makes you feel better Rossy, I'll buy you a beer prior to Killie game at Pittodrie in December. I presume you'll be in attendance?

In Topic: Dons V Motherwell

Yesterday, 23:04

I meant f u k off.

Worst support I've seen in 37 years of going to the Pitt. Even worse than killie, Morton or clydebank.

Just as well winning football games isn't dependant on how many fans travel eh?

In Topic: Irish Thinking They Will Have A Massive Support At Parkhead

Yesterday, 22:42

I think it has always been that way.  I hate when the genuine fans can't get tickets but it is the way of the world.  I was able to beat the system a few times in Italy but it is difficult now.  That will mean more people getting Scottish tickets, won't it???

Genuine fans get tickets for Scotland away games.

I've been to 33 (I think aways) and only time I had to go in home end (Macedonia) was because there were fans with more away points than me and I lost out in ballot.

Sounds like FAI need to get out dark ages. SFA are a lot of things but loyal away fans get priority.

In Topic: Parkhead

Yesterday, 21:23

Depends on how many tickets we sell and on where the away fans would be.
It's not difficult.

You read the email I posted? Moved further round corner. One section round and it's all non restricted. There's not been any fans in seats above those sections all season.