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In Topic: Andy Robertson For Arsenal Or Man United?

Yesterday, 23:37

I have nothing against Utd and don't support Rangers

I don't like Thompson, few non Utd fans do.

Utd's poaching of QP players is well known and they are trying the same with Rangers for Telfer, hence the tribunal.
your inability to be impartial is the most obvious thing in this thread

I like Thompson.

Would have him as our chairman in heartbeat.

In Topic: Ryan Stevenson

Yesterday, 23:34

An Ayr bunny rabbit.

Vastly, vastly overrated player.

In Topic: Rangers In Crisis

Yesterday, 12:20

Mexican Wave at Parkhead tonight seemingly.

In Topic: Northside

Yesterday, 00:04

State Bar.

In Topic: Arthur Montford Gone

26 November 2014 - 11:24 PM

Sad news.

Met him on train years ago. We were on way back from Pittodrie and he'd been at Peterhead with Morton.

Lovely guy.